I Will Build a Primitive Forest Village!

Unloading materials & prefabricated fences Heading out to Site A Setting up the Camera Jake just bought a brand new chainsaw & is super excited to use it for the first time! A good starting point is making the fire pit. You’ll need this to cook your zombie steaks. Does it have gas? The rocks will help keep the sticks in the fire & remind you to step around the flames. Have to Clear out a space for the hut. The worst thing to do is not build a shelter when Zombies are everywhere. If Jake can’t cut this tree down. We won’t have a long enough arm to cut up the zombies. We could starve or worse, be defenseless. Team work can be key to surviving out here. Starting with the primary supports for the hut frame. Working with sand isn’t always easy. Sand can very easily fall back into your holes. A great example of why team work is important to survival. The frame. Jake has given up on the chainsaw Securing the frame will help it hold up against the wind. What is a plane? The Tree has won this battle. A tight rope is a strong rope. Put some muscle into it. Jake is sticking to the basics. If he wants to survive against zombies, this is his last chance. Stay hydrated. Measure your materials twice, cut them once. A perfect fit! Survival=((man – tree) + build zombie cutter) * kill zombies Jake has won the war. Logs can be helpful for building. Remember to take a breath once in a while Hut is coming along The team is hard at work. Everyone has a different task. Teamwork will help you get more done in less time. The zombie killing machine is coming along! A productive day Yes there’s more Well, I probably wont see you again. It was nice narrating the build for you. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a blast for me! But seriously, they don’t let me out much. help me

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