iCanConnect Tech Minutes: iPhone Text

I’m going to show how a person
who is deaf-blind using braille might send a text message using
a braille display and an iPhone. I happen to be using
a full-size braille display, and I wanted
to demonstrate this one because it can be used also to
read what’s on a computer screen because it has 40 characters
on the display. I’m going to go
to my text messaging area… PHONE VOICE:
Three unread messages. Messages: three. And I have the speech turned on
for demonstration purposes. I’m going to compose a message. PHONE VOICE: To: text field. I’m going to send it to myself, so I’m going to type “Jerr”
in braille. I’m going to go over
and select myself. PHONE VOICE:
Jerry Berrier, mobile. Now I’m going to go
to the message area. PHONE VOICE: Jerry Berrier… (listing options) …iMessage. I have to get
into a special edit mode, and now I’m going
to type “hello.” PHONE VOICE: Hello. And now I’m going to send it. PHONE VOICE: Send. Jerry, message received. “Hello,” from Jerry Berrier. There it is. The same type of technology
can be used to do email, browsing the Web,
instant messaging and other forms of communication
right from the braille display.

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