Icebreaker Games: Block Your Eyes!

what’s up event planners my name is
Jordan with the elevate team and today I’m gonna show you a fun icebreaker game
to engage your audience and get them fired up at your event. I’m gonna show
you how to play block your eyes and this icebreaker is sure to build event goers
excitement. Ice breaker games are a great way for you to develop relationships
with your team members or event attendees. Playing these games make
people more comfortable with each other and it gets them excited for the
activities to come. This game is great for encouraging trust and communication
with any team large or small and to get you started we’re gonna give you a free
resource with tips on how to engage a crowd of any size. So stay tuned until
the end and I’ll make sure you get it. All right, y’all ready to play? Let’s get
started! Now before you start you’re gonna need at least five building blocks
for each team playing the game and a bandana or another object for a
blindfold. If you don’t have a bandana get creative with how you blindfold your
teammates. Now you’re going to want to choose one person at your table to cover
their eyes with the bandanna or the mask. Make sure that they cannot see through
it at all. Next you’re going to want to place an image of the block stacked in a
specific order. Place it so that everybody can see it. You can do this
with your phone or an overhead screen or anything else that will allow the whole
group to see the image at the same time. Now when that image of specifically
ordered and connected blocks is shown, you’ll communicate as a team to the
blindfolded teammate how to accurately stack and order the blocks by telling
them where to move their hands – how close they’re far away the blocks are from
them – or any other way that you might think it’s helpful to make sure they
build it correctly, but no touching! Thirdly, when you’re blindfolded teammate
has completed the structure accuratel,y all team members must quickly and
energetically get to their feet show that they finished. Encourage those playing
around you to have fun with this step and make sure everybody gets up and
shouts. Now with this game there’s gonna be three different rounds, so every round
you need to choose a different team member to wear the blindfold so that
different people get a chance. Now the team with the highest amount of points
after three rounds is the winner. No matter how old your group is watch as
this game builds excitement and helps players
learn how to work together as a team. One way to personalize this ice breaker game and to add a fun twist bonus round. So you pick one team member
to cover their eyes and another team member to give directions. Now all the
other team members should heckle the builder – just gather around and try to
confuse them. It’s a good way to teach your team that obstacles are inevitable
and not everyone will be on your side all the time. Now if you’re looking for
ways to stay ahead of the curve and access even more event planning and
icebreaker tips we’ve got a free resource for you. The link is in the
description below – sign up for this free content and once a week you’ll get event
best practices to help you think through even better approaches for planning your
next event. Now be sure to subscribe to our Channel and take a look at our other
icebreaker games on our video playlist for more tips and tricks on how to make
your next event or group gathering a success. And also if you have any
questions about icebreaker games just drop a comment below and we’ll make sure
to get back to you. Alright if you liked learning how to
play this fun new icebreaker game then go ahead and click the thumbs up on this
video and have fun playing block your eyes. Y’all ready for this – okurrrrr! okay ready? – quiet on
set – let’s get started! alright are you ready to engage in this
game? *sings “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”* alright you
ready to play? let’s get started *voice in background* “can you look towards me”? *Jordan* “Yes! Can you… look towards me…?”

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