If a Pro Turned into a Noob – Minecraft

its starting get popcorn! I said get popcorn! lol, noob you call this thing a house? this house is a dump! *boom* LOL! A dirt castle? who are you? the king of noobs or something? yush. … *boom* man, i love making fun of noobs! they are soooo bad at this game! i love bullying them! *throws cobblestone* Get rekt i liek dirt guyz dis deadbush is so butiful me agre inded hai guyz! wanna play hide deadbush wiff me? i’ve heard its rely fun! … R U CRAY?! Y WOOD WE DUE DAT??? We WouLD NeVeR hIdE a SaCReD DEaDBuSh! w8 a minute, he duh pro dat attacked meh yesturday! G3T H1M! as the pro dies he ated dirt *intermission* eh this village is ok the music is epic! omgziez a village! i wunna trade me emerald 4 dirt wit de villagers! hay, wunna trad- w8, come back! … o dang sun i guess that don’t leik dem emeraldz sum1 plez trade wit me! as the pro cries he ated dirt again what a loser u 2 wunna trade?? COME BACK!!! PLSSSSS!!! Villager: WE NEED SUPPORT! *intermission* if u see this comment “this took 1 hour to make!” We have to turn you back to normal. What happend? How did you end up like this? Idk… all i remember iz dat i wuz staring at deadbushez… &nd suddenly i gat hit. and den i had a hedache what?… Who hit you? a rdm fly deadbush hit muh hed… it taught me 2 admire deadbushez all day. N0W TH3Y H4V3 B3C0M3 MY L1F3! … i can barely understand you… you need help… Luckily, i have a solution! i can help you get back to how you were before. i just have to do the same thing that got you like this! the wicked dye dis dye iz so handsum… Soooo… are you back to normal? I SUDDENLY CRAVE DIRT EVEN MORE! THEY’RE SO AWESOME!! I WANNA TURN INTO ONE! *epic punchline* one hour for this! Did the popcorn already drained? omg i did not even ate yet! hah this is what they call music talks BYEEEE

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