If a Speed Bar was Added to Minecraft

”Which” Seriously?! Music will stop at 0:48 :/ Notch please don’t add this feature! REALLY?! (Into music or whatever…) *fast forward time* Full speed bar? That’s NOT the case! You’ll get kicked for disrespect! Noob: Herobrine is ugly. ?? *noob runs really hyper* *insta-kill* Random player: Hey, I got all these emeralds I don’t need. Villager (surprised): I’LL YOU GIVE YOU ANYTHING FOR THOSE!! Random Player: How about a stack of diamond blocks? 🙂 Villager: HERE, HAVE IT! Because villagers are NOT players. (Action music) (Witch laughs) *people fighting* *noob runs up to the diamonds* *people chasing the noob* Noob: I’m going slow again… I guess I’ll just say it again. Herobrine is ugly PLOP *noob runs hyper* GIVE ME MY DIAMONDS BACK! Other: COME BACK HERE! They’re not even your’s Noob: hehe, I got away so easily. I LOVE THIS UPDATE! Herobrine: I heard what you said back there… YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT! NOBODY CALLS ME UGLY! Herobrines mom: You’re ugly. Herobrine: Well, except my mom. You’re done kid. *lightning strike*

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