If Lava was Harmless – Minecraft

[music playing] Definitely Not A Trap My trap is finally finished! I can’t wait for someone to fall into it! hehe!>:) [music changes] Later… Awesome! I found a cave! Finally I can go mining! Sweet! 😀 Ha! You fell into my trap! hi WHAT’S GOING ON?! ARE YOU USING A POTION?! WHY ISN’T THE LAVA HURTING YOU?! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO MAKE THIS TRAP?! 15 seconds [funny troll music] lol If Lava was Harmless, Made By Orepros, Please Like My Video woohoo! 😀 Diamonds! It took me so long to find them! like 30 seconds But it was worth it! But there’s lava… How will I reach them? lol free diamonds HEY!! THOSE DIAMONDS WERE MINE! why did you mine them with a stone pickaxe? Meanwhile… Welcome to Minecraft I’ll teach you a few things about it First of all you need to collect wood Then you use it to craft a pickaxe And then you mine some stone But… NEVER DIG STRAIGHT DOWN! You’ll end up falling in lava… wow.. He probably fell into lava… He’ll respawn any second now… Any second now… What’s taking him so long? … lol you’re wrong! lava isn’t even hurting me! I quit. Meanwhile in the nether.. lololol We’re in survival mode! And we swim in lava! But we don’t get hurt at all lol … Harmless lava would be weird lol I take requests! Subscribe!

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