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  1. joshua jones

    alot of times my gaming laptop gets kinda hot cuz the graphics card gets hot when i leave my gaming laptop on for a long time

  2. What am I?

    A noob build a big fort to the sky, Noob: OmIGUD!!! There's a ghost! *disconnect *
    Noob: AAAAAAaaaaAaaAaAaaA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *die sound*

  3. Collins Family

    Operos do
    1. If you respawned as a mob
    2. If you had larger inventories
    3. If you could shrink
    4. If you could grow as big as a giant
    5. If gaurdians and Elder gaurdians could fly lol
    6. If ender dragons respawned in the overworld lolololol
    7. If villagers could speak
    8. If you could marry
    9. why you cant craft chainmail
    10. If food and mobs were RARE
    Like if any of these sound good!

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