If Minecraft Was Shut Down

Sup everybody We asked you to come here Because we have an announcement After a lot of thinking We decided to… Delete Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally… We’re done! This castle took ages to build! It looks awesome! MINECRAFT IS SHUTTING DOWN! EVERYTHING WILL BE DELETED! *Crickets Chirping* *plats explosives* Meanwhile… I was mining for hours! But it was worth it I found so many diamonds! I’m so happy! πŸ˜€ BREAKING NEWS! MINECRAFT WILL SHUT DOWN! You’ll lose all your diamonds lol … Seriously? Are you kidding me? I spent all this time looking for nothing? 5 minutes later Meanwhile Fighting with noobs is to easy lol MINECRAFT IS SHUTTING DOWN! EVERYTHING WILL BE DELETED! What? no!!! πŸ™ I guess there’s no point of winning noobs anymore πŸ™ Did I say Minecraft will get deleted? I wanted to say deadbushes lol They’re so useless lol When the builders found out… You’re rebuilding it Good luck rebuilding it When the miner found out I HAVE TO GET MY DIAMONDS BACK! I HOPE THEY’RE STILL THERE! WHY AREN’T THEY HERE? That was silly, lol When the pro found out DID I JUST LET SOME NOOBS WIN ME?! Later that day… NO!!! DEADBUSHES WILL BE REMOVED! WHY?! Yeah… that would be weird lol

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  1. Michael Neal

    If Minecraft Was Shut Down [Made By Orepros] Remember To Leave a 'Like' ;D WATCH UNTIL THE END OF THE VIDEO BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS.

  2. Caleb Gabriel Garcia

    Can you do if Minecraft was changed into pacific rim craft cuz that would be awesome and every time you make a Iron Golem it would become the Pacific Rim robots because that would be awesome I like Pacific Rim because it's my favorite movie

  3. StickFiguresMaster

    it'd be awesome if Minecraft and fortnite shut down forever because their nonsense based games with no educational value to use with their content so in that case theres no way to understand realistically how a fires actually made, you just get the silliness of how their made fictionally though from people who spent laughably weeks thinking of what to code their game with as garbage they'd make their game teach the player where for Minecraft everything is covered in totally visible texture tiles through out the entire game though in 3D and HD quality which is a waste of time and money to make a game server with, you want to see a fire in Minecraft? its a pixelated entirely world of teenagers who are barely 10 to 15 years old playing a game that only uses a looney tune styled bit of monsters, I played the very first version of Minecraft the day it was released, and it looked interesting for a game seeing how everything at the moment was pretty simple, the graphics were simple as well, there was hardly anything to do in the game at all, and now in todays Minecraft game versions everyone is used to looks and feels like a waste of time, money and feels like your engorging on drugs to die real quickly while having a seizure from being high.

  4. Goldenpizza

    Stupi jeb builders buld your castle back don't builders jeb will
    Buld it miner jeb will give you diamonds back
    Pro you will kill jeb like if you aggre

  5. Collins Family


  6. miranda lacroix


  7. Hawkgaming2945 1

    Mr.Notch… I don't feel so good:
    When he saves minecraft
    Mr.Notch please don't go…
    You did it! We're saved

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