If Mobs Could Be Arrested – Minecraft

lets go :music: :Dangerous Music I feel like what we’re doing is really rude… Maybe we should stop… Are you crazy? I’m having so much fun! I don’t know… I feel a bit guilty… Come on, keep griefing! It’s fun and we can’t be stopped! We can’t get punished we’re just mobs, not players! :Rapid Drumming: :Star Wars music with ghast fireballing in background: Those ghosts are getting out of hand… :Star Wars music continues: You, the two ghasts! :Music softens: Put your tentacles in the air! You’re under arrest! What?! This doesn’t make any sense! We’re just mobs, not players! The legislation recently had a change Page 249, line 6. It now says that both mobs and players are eligible to get imprisoned Well… This is bad… :Jail cell locking: If Mobs Could Go To Jail Made By Orepros Remember to lead a ‘like’ 😀 :Joyful music: Congratulations on making it to the police force! remember… your job is to catch mobs or players breaking the rules. Got it, sir! Just to be safe… can you give me a list of the r- maybe later, my cakes are done! cya! wait come back! ugh I guess I’ll just have to improvise… freeze! your under arrest for stepping on the dandelions! they didn’t deserve it! what a nice day! your under arrest for leaving your door open! your under arrest! you can’t park here! your not allowed to hiss that loud! your under arrest! what?? but nobody has ever complained… Bob… you’ve made an impressive 296 arrests today… which seems kind of suspicious.. BUT WHO CARES?! YOU GET A PROMOTION, BOB! Thanks, Notch! I’ll get you, Notch… And your little Bob too! You got us into this mess… You’d better figure a way outta here. wow… So you blame it on me?! You seemed to be having fun back there too… Pffft, lies… WHEEEEEWWWW!! You came up with that! Are you calling me a liar?! IS THAT WHAT THIS IS?! YES I AM! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?! Joe, pause for a second… Look around you… lololol Are you down for a round 2? 😀 But this time don’t lie about who takes responsibility… ARE YOU CALLING ME A LAIR AGAIN?! They’d need bedrock cells to make this happen 😛 (drumming music)

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  1. Heart touching by Raadhe

    What's the hell villages to it so stupid police that involves but they don't break the rules for why they it so stupid police what are the water shit

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