If Mobs Could Build – Minecraft

[mobs are in a cult meeting] Pig: I’m so bored being a mob is so boring… What should we do? Anyone got any ideas? Horse: I got an idea!! It’s a really good one! how about we stand still and do nothing? [mobs agree in silence] Unknown: did you guys hear that? Horse:lets see whats going on mobs stand in line like the spark in the russian revoloution players make fun of mobs the czar prepares himself to die. the czar has an idea Oclet(wife of czar): oh no

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  1. Ethan Soria

    Bravo for the Enderman they take the pieces that they have picked up from recent teleport they're using it to build leave a like if you actually want to see in German build this is going to be a long. is it a secret for DanTDM you are the best YouTuber ever I like it when you do videos especially the Minecraft ones keep on doing Minecraft videos and don't keep on liking those videos goodbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee

  2. Jakejdjmdj Heuahdhejehjen

    That’s the guy from “if a noob went to school” in the pros vs noobs building contest he said “quack”

  3. Ray

    ???: Did you guys hear that?
    Cow: n o
    0:35 <——————————-

    Horse: I GOT AN IDEA!!!
    Ocelot: o h n o . .
    1:12 <——————————–

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