If School Was In Minecraft

This Video Is Made For Fun And Should Not Be Taken Seriously! (Music) What’s Wrong Sir? I Was Mining For Days! But I Couldn’t Find Enough Diamonds To Make A Diamond Pickaxe I… Just… Need… One… More… Haha. Really? That’s It? I Can Help With That! It’s Easy! Here, Problem Solved! (Awkward Silence) Really? Are You THAT Dumb? You Need A Education! You Stupid! What’s 2+2? Umm…. Uh….. Oh, I Know! Dirt! Really…. Dirt!? I Knew That You Need A Education! NO!!! ME NO WANT SCHOOL! IF SCHOOL WAS IN MINECRAFT BY OERPROS Remeber To Leave A Like! Comment, And Subscribe! BOOM BOOM! Hello Everyone! Welcome To School… IDIOTS! That’s Right! School Is In Minecraft! So… YOU WILL BE COMING HERE FOR 200,000 YEARS!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Let’s Do Math First! Hey You! What’s 1+1? Me? Is It…. 10?? Wait… Are You Trying To Trick Me? (YELLING) CAN SOMEONE FREAKIN’ HELP MEH? 28 Hours Later NO, IT IS NOT 10! FOR THE 12,000TH TIME! IT’S NOT DIRT! NOR DEADBUSH, IT IS 2!!!!! GET OUT!!!! YOU FAILED ANYWAYS!!!! Please….. Just….. Please Don’t Kick Me Out…. I WANNA STAY (CRYING) PLEASE!!! I… SAID….. GET….. OUT….. NOW!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 YAY!!!!! I OUT!!! Stupid Teacher!!! I DON’T HAVE TO COME BACK HERE EVER AGAIN!!! Stupid Teacher!!! AHHAHAHAHHA! MEANWHILE… You Get An F! WTF! Terrible, Just Terrible F-! YAY I FAILED!!!! I ALWAYS WANTED TO FAIL SOMETHING! YOU GET F! DIE THEN!!! BWAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!! THE NEXT DAY WaKe Up!!!! Why were you sleeping?? Did You Hear The Minecraft News?? TIME FOR SCHOOL!!! GO TO SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!!! NOHOOHHOOHOHOHOHO!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T WANNA GO!!! YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! Fine Mom… Geez… (Mumbling) MOVE IT, CHILD!!! Here’s Food For Lunch! Ok now… GO OR I’LL BEAT YOU’RE BUTT WITH A BELT! Good Boy! 🙂 A HOUR LATER ONE… MORE… STEP!!! (PAINTING) FINALLY! YOU ARE LATE!! EVEN YOU’RE SEAT IS TAKEN! hi I’M SORRY I WON’T BE LATE AGAIN WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER SO I CAN CALL YO PARENTS NO PLEASE NO Yep… Luckily School isn’t Actually In Minecraft, LOL Captions By DominicDaBst2002 dark shield Helped Us With The Idea! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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  1. Asi Hammou

    school is easy I got A+ that guy there is me that black one is me lol
    and I saw tnt guy there I trolled him and 10 traps at him
    lol his mean I saw movie that he killed me he trid to troll me so I killed him so mean TNT GUY XD

  2. Debbie Andrade

    3:35 I found Herobrine on so much of videos. I know than the next part its him, but he is hidden on that noob house…

  3. Dani Platenkamp

    that with the houses was fun that needs to add in minecraft i hope it will but i think not 🙁 and my house wil be a f im always making super old littel houses i like that 🙂

  4. megaGamer 235

    If school was in Minecraft
    I have a creeper, I have a TNT
    Creeper TNT
    I have note book and a teacher
    Creeper TNT, school
    My biggest dream

  5. Real Oderless635gnat

    In 0:09 the I heard that song from sb737 video hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo volo hohohohohohohohoohohohohohohohoh ahhahahahahahhahahahhahahaha the song was funny

  6. obsidianmode gt

    when your teacher go to your server
    teacher:hi student I want to say tha-
    every player expectteacher:"quit"
    teacher:I just want to say tomorow is april fools so prank your every friend in scholl

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