If You Couldn’t Drop Items in Minecraft

i love kfc I’ve had enough fighting Notch head on. The only reason he always wins because he’s so pathetic. I think I just end up feeling bad for him… BUT NOT THIS TIME! With this potion… Notch will finally be a formidable foe! This contains even more evil than me… SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR INNOCENCE NOTCH! *evil laugh* The Next Day… Hello fine imbecile! ERRR… I mean, sir! huh? You look pretty thirsty! Try this new flavored water! How is different from regular water? IT. HAS. SUGAR. Ooo! I love sugar! 😀 *drinking sounds* *ominus music and record scratch* guitar sfx Whoaa! I have so many items in my inventory! I just LOVE all of these items! Did I use the wrong ingredient? Why would anyone ever want to get rid of these items? I KNOW! I’ll make it so no one ever loses items again! WAIT WHAT!?!? MAN, I JUST ADORE THE WORLD I EVEN LOVE THIS COMPUTER CHAIR! If you couldn’t drop items Made by Orepros, remember to leave a ‘like” 😀 This will be an easy choice! *strike noises* huh? Why isn’t it working? I’ll try again… WHAT’S GOING ON!? I NEED THIS PODZOL BLOCK! Why can’t I pick it up?! I guess there’s only one way to fix this… … The diamond had to be left out… … Really?… AGAIN?! I HATE THIS GAME! I’M SO DONE! *pop!* I’m finally lucky again! I found a dungeon! Wow, seriously? I’ve been having some bad luck with treasure lately. i liek dert WAIT! DON’T BREAK THE- sigh… Great… Now I have to get rid of all this dirt… CANZ I HAV IT??? Umm… sure? I guess… WHAT?! AM I GONNA HAVE TO KEEP THIS DIRT FOREVER?! WHAT KIND OF UPDATE IS THIS?! lol>:) And that’s why I gave up on mining. I’ve been halding thises dirt blocks since that day… Look what I made for you! I was cooking this rabbit stew the whole morning. I put so much effort into making it! You’d better eat all of it… Bye sweety! I am not eating that stew… It’s horrible… I remember what happened last time I ate something she cooked… I’m not eating this thing… I’ll throw it away… HA, TAKE THAT MOM! I’M NOT EATING YOUR STUPID FOOD I’m doomed…. Later that day…. I need to stay calm… She probably forgot about it. Hey honey, how was school? 😀 Did you make any new friends? Oh no… I hope she won’t mention the food… By the way, how was the food? Did you eat my rabbit stew? Of course I did! Show me a screenshot of your inventory… Yeah, just a second… Here, look. Oh, nice! For a secon I thought you were lying. Silly me! Why would I do that? You cook so well! 😀 Silence… I know you’re lying… DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG MAKING THAT STEW TOOK? Here we go… YOU’RE THE WORST SON EVER! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF YOUNG MAN! I’M TELLING EVERYTHING TO YOUR DAD WHEN HE’S BACK! Back in Mojang office… X oh yeah right i forgot lalala ooo i love flowers! this update would ruin the game 😛 End song

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  1. Windows Vista , cozyaltboy

    #1 Get wood then make a chest/shulker box then leave it there for accept shulker box because when you put items in it when you break it everything is still in the shulker box

  2. Sean The Fox420

    Id say do one "if chests were removed" but, one, im sure you did already, two, I already know because I put all placeable things in my yard or rooms i don't use anyway….

  3. brijesh narayanan

    In mcpe 1. 0…….. you can't really drop items so every time I have unwanted stuff to be gone I can't just drop them in lava I have to put them in a chest, break the chest and burn the items 🙁

  4. CreeperKing 224

    I know how to get past not being able to drop items. You just put them in a chest filled with other stuff that you don’t need.

  5. Ellian van Wijngaarden

    and if dis update is gonna by real for one day than just make a chest put the items in it and break the chest problem done

  6. Ellian van Wijngaarden

    hmm maby notch is gonna ad a minecraft enchantment That You can't drop the item what is with That Enchantment

  7. Watchdog Wizzy

    3:50 why he doesnt stabd on block and then he clicks the diamond with mouse so he doesnt have to throw them but the block Will go in.

  8. Roseanne Shenton

    Wait when his or her mom gave him/her the stew she dropped to give it to her daughter or son is this an error or what pinned by Kyle

  9. Homie Charizard

    Place a chest away from house Put the stuff you dont want in a chest break the blocks around it and fill it will lava break the chest all the items fall in lava bam the itemz you don't want are gone yeet!

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