I’m Dating My Stepbrother

Hi, everybody. My name is Lindsey, I am fifteen and I am…
ehmmm… how should I put this… well, I am in love with my brother. Stepbrother, of course. Why, what did you think? This story began when I was around eleven
years old. And my stepbrother Jayden was twelve, he is
one year older than me. Well, no. Actually at that time we became a family,
but everything actually started before that – when Jayden’s basketball flew over our
fence and… arrgh, it’s an awful memory! It landed right on my doll table in the middle
of a tea party. Oh, my beautiful pink tea table! Overturned, breaking my adorable tea set on
its way. That tea set could’ve been the envy of the
British Queen! My friends (even if they were just my dolls…)
were very angry and upset, and refused to stop by for a cup of tea after that incident. And, finally, my beautiful dress, that made
me look like a real princess was all covered in mud. It was at that very moment that I found out
Jayden existed and realized that I didn’t like him. To put it nicely. We were neighbors – our two families shared
the same townhouse, my parents and I lived in the left part and Jayden’s family occupied
the right one. We were separated by a tall fence, which for
the children looked like the Great Wall. But it was not enough for me! My little girl heart had room enough for a
huge grudge against our neighboring bully. So I would’ve been happier if I never saw
him again! But, this was not possible. Our parents decided that they could be more
than just neighbors and became friends. They would visit each other every day, they
barbequed together, and did all that boring adult stuff. Thank God they didn’t insist that Jayden and
I become friends too. Jayden probably wouldn’t have minded playing
basketball together. But can you imagine me with the ball? Huh! And also I did not even want to talk to him. It was not only because of my childhood trauma
with the ruined tea party, but also the fact that my parents brought me up as a “little
princess” and I reckoned that it just didn’t suit me – to play with the neighborhood
boys. No way! But everything changed drastically when I
turned eleven. Jayden’s parents died in a car crash. My parents did not share the details with
me and I am not sure I should have known them. It was enough that Dad put me on his lap and
looked in my eyes seriously and attentively. At that moment I thought that I must have
done something bad and was frightened that he was going to scold me, but he just said
that he had to tell me something. Our neighbors were not with us anymore and
their son, Jayden, was left all alone. Dad also told me that we had to help him and
that he would stay with us for a while. At that time I did not realize what a tragedy
had just happened. I just thought: why should Jayden stay with
us if he has his own house? But I was so glad that this “serious talk”
had nothing to do with my behavior and just nodded.” Jayden got a separate room, but I braced myself,
thinking he would bother me. But you know… I hardly saw him. He was very quiet, he barely talked, and he
spent most of his time in the backyard playing with his basketball. “And later on Mom called for a “very serious
talk.” It turned out that Jayden did not have any
relatives in our town. Actually, the only relatives he had were very
distant and lived on the other side of the country. So, my mother started to prepare me for the
decision that she made together with my father. My parents… decided to adopt Jayden. Oh, my God! My parents managed to settle all the formalities
and Jaydan stayed in his room. The other half of the townhouse would stay
closed until my stepbrother reached adulthood. Yeah, I had to get used to the thought that
now I had a stepbrother. Which I could not stand! You see… I was the only child in the family, and it
had to stay this way. It might sound selfish, but it was my parents
who brought me up with the idea that I was their only beloved girl and they were not
going to have any more children. And suddenly I had joined a serious competition
in a struggle for my parents’ attention! And I couldn’t even begin to forgive Jayden
because he was little – he was my age! It made me mad! I was not ready to share my home, my family,
or my life with this guy! My parents, of course, tried to care about
Jaydan and protect him. They didn’t forget about me totally, but still
I felt a bitterness like I was being neglected. Anyway, I grew up and gradually I got rid
of these prejudices. It did not mean that I started to treat Jayden
with sympathy, I just basically didn’t notice him. For a long time after his biological parents
died, my stepbrother could not get over the fact that he had adopted parents. He became completely aloof for a few years. Only the psychological help and delicate care
from my parents helped him realize that he was not alone and that he had a family. A different family. That’s how we lived with Jayden – everyone
was in their own world. We hardly even saw each other, maybe only
at the dinner table and in the halls of our house, where our communication was narrowed
to hellos… if I was in a good mood. Anyway, it seemed that he treated me coldly
and kept his distance, and this never bothered me. Everything… well, not everything, but a
lot changed when I enrolled in the same school as Jayden. Our school was small, so now we crossed paths
much more frequently than at home. Well, you know, in school hallways, at neighboring
tables in the cafeteria, we even shared some classes now. Jayden was only one year older than me, so
it turned out we had mutual friends, and some of the girls I knew dated guys from Jayden’s
group – in other words, we now had a pretty tight social circle. And you know… I saw another Jayden, not the one I saw at
home. I thought he was a gloomy, non-talkative,
boring teenager. But it turned out that he was popular at school! I could not even imagine that he had so many
friends! Moreover, he was even well-respected at school. I saw first-hand, several times how he protected
some outsiders from bullying. Jayden was a tall and physically fit guy,
so the bullies retreated just from his convincing talk with them.” “By the way, I always thought that my stepbrother
was playing basketball just because he had nothing else to do. But no! It turned out that Jayden was one of the top
basketball players on our school team and he possibly had a future in the sport. If only he didn’t prefer science. Oh, yes! I always thought that Jayden wasn’t as smart
as I was and I could not even imagine that last year my stepbrother got second best in
the schools science contest. Only several points kept his science project
from winning. So, after four years of living in the same
house I suddenly realized that my stepbrother was very, very cool. I was puzzled. And, for some reason, ashamed. I started to think about all the moments when
Jayden and I did something together: talked, hung out together, spent time with our, now
mutual, parents… I could count all these moments on one hand. But more often I either did not notice Jayden
or tried to hurt him in some way. In other words, I behaved like an idiot. And I decided to change everything. I wanted to establish a good relationship
with him, maybe to even become friends and hang out together. But you know what? Now Jayden had started to ignore me! I tried to chat with him at home and at school,
and even tried to hang out with his friends, but, at best, he reacted with a couple of
empty words. I sincerely could not understand why Jayden
was so cold with me. But I was even more confused about why it
made me so angry. And I became really angry! So I started a whole adventure in order to
melt this pile of ice that he put between us. Our school had organized an outdoor event
– a short camping trip to the nearest national park. You know, nothing special. Just one of those events that would help to
get teenagers off the internet and force them to breathe some fresh air. It sounded terribly boring, but I thought
that I could use this event to find a moment and take Jayden for a heart-to-heart walk. And then I would pretend that I twisted my
ankle… and Jayden the Protector-of-the-weak, simply couldn’t remain indifferent! It sounded like a plan! And at the beginning it all went well, I managed
to take my stepbrother for a walk, apart from our schoolmates… but I did not scout out
the territory properly. And I was stupid enough to take a walk alongside
a deep ravine. When I was ready to play the twisted ankle
scenario, I slipped up and fell down! I got really hurt when I was sliding down
the ravine. And Jayden rushed after me. He actually seemed really worried about me,
but I could not even think about that in the moment – I was trying too hard to not cry
from getting hurt. Jayden made sure that I did not break anything
and then took me in his arms and carried me back to the camp. And at that moment I forgot about all the
bruises and scratches, because I suddenly noticed… noticed how amazingly handsome
he was! This time it did not take too long for me
to realize something! I was in love. With my stepbrother. Oh, my God! You know, after a few days I just told him
everything. Because now his coldness seemed particularly
unbearable. As you might have guessed, Jayden was very,
very surprised. But I was even more surprised to learn that
he had been in love with me from early childhood. When we were kids, he would do his best to
catch the eye of the “blonde neighbor girl” who he liked so much. But I hated him! And when he became a part of our life, he
gave up the very thought of having any feelings for me – I became his sister. Furthermore, a sister who hated him. Well, I did not tell Jaydan the one thing
that I have told you already and that I am going to say one more time – how stupid
I was! We talked for a long time about the prospect
of being together. And you know, we did not find any reasons
why we couldn’t. We are mature enough to start dating, we are
not related by blood, and we are even nothing alike! He’s black and I am a blonde girl with Norwegian
roots. And well, I think we could make a beautiful
couple. That next day we told our parents everything. Of course they were a little bit shocked,
they had gotten used to thinking of Jayden as their son, but they really had nothing
to object to. All of this was a little bit strange, but
you know, there are many strange things happening in this strange life.” Well, this is the end of my story. Jayden and I started to go out together, but
we did not have time to tell anyone at school about this… but I think, it should be clear
to everyone just by looking at us Now it’s your turn to reveal something that
is hard to share. It’s exciting, and at the same time – very
interesting! And don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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