Import video into Dartfish software

Dartfish is able to use video from many
sources and devices. Video on your computer can be accessed
from the library Until you are ready to use keywords, use the
folders view to browse your hard drive To get new videos, use the Importer. The devices listed here can be grouped into
three types… …and first we look at importing from those
which create video files – such as a
camcorder or memory stick Click the device or select ‘Copy Video to
Library’ from the Importer button’s menu You are guided through steps to import video.
First select the device you want to import from Dartfish detects files on some camcorders
and automatically displays the videos but for other devices, you must browse for the
folder which contains video files. In the next step, there is an opportunity to
rename the files as they are copied. This is useful as camcorders often give their
video recordings meaningless names! Finally, the destination for the video files on
your computer is chosen… After import, the videos appear in the Library
and shortcuts appear in the tray… Which gives immediate access to the most
recently used or imported files Double click one of these to immediately
review it in the Player. Many of you will be recording a live video
stream, perhaps from one of these devices. Below the video area, I can select my video
source. Iin this case a Logitech HD webcam. I enter a name for my recording.
Choose where they will be saved.
Then start to record and click the same button again to finish.
The new files can be immediately found in the
library. And finally, note that certain Dartfish Editions
have other live import tools. such as for live recording when Tagging or using InTheAction, which is the best tool for
immediate analysis and Feedback.

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