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We are here
at the Mailroom bar talking all things
season eight. Now, this season was
so jam-packed that we have a bunch
of funny stuff that we couldn’t even fit
in the episodes. Take a look at some
never-before-seen footage. ♪♪ Here…we have… Q, this is an orpal. This is, uh, the orpal. ♪♪ It’s the skin of an orange
but the flesh of an apple. Once again, science has made
nature its bitch. [ Laughter ] This is the skin of an orange,
the innards of an apple. [ Laughs ] Why wouldn’t I
just eat an apple? I feel like our generation’s
kind of, like, weird about, like, the GMO thing. This has got all the GMOs,
though. -Yeah, exactly.
-Yeah. Oh, that’s
not a good thing? -Not a good thing.
-No. [ Laughter ] You know how you pick up
an apple, and you’re like, “Oh, my God,
who’s touched this?” Yeah. That’s good-ish. Yeah, but then, you have
to pull the apple — You eat the apple, though. You eat the apple. The orange is
a protective layer. Do you know how oranges
have that white, like,
flake thing in between? Is that replaced by
the apple skin? Probably, right? This isn’t a real product. [ Cheers and applause ] I was impressed by it. The orange
and the apple. What other fruit would
you wanna have, like, connected to each other? Oh, a biwi. Banana kiwi, right?
A biwi. Like, the most annoying thing
about a kiwi to eat is the [beep] skin.
People, get on board. The biwi would revolutionize
kiwi’s existence, right? Can I have a biwi? Raise your hand if
you’d like a biwi. You can’t see them,
but all their hands are up. There’s 400 people
with their hands up. [ Laughs ] I feel like we could
do something with
an eggplant, right? [ Laughter ]
Right? Like, it’s just so unruly.
It’s big, it’s funny, it’s an emoji now.
The shape of it, yeah. Everyone laughs at it. What do we combine it with
to make it more palatable? An eggplant and raspberry. An ebsblerry?
I don’t know. It’s an eggsberry.
James, I can’t hold your hand for this whole thing,
James. Eggsberry. Talking about all these fruits,
very interesting, but you know what,
here’s another product that didn’t make the cut. Check it out. ♪♪ So, here we go.
[ Clears throat ] “Say hello
to baby Velcro.” Ooh! Say hello to…baby Velcro. [ Laughter ] I like her already. It’s a onesie
that comes with Velcro built into
the actual fabric. “And our parental
hand units.” And it comes with
parental hand units… [ Joe laughs ] …to never have to worry about
dropping your newborn infant. You can just easily
grab the baby. [ Laughter ] Alright, there’s Velcro
on the wall that you could just
hang the baby on the wall. ♪♪ Added bonus —
you’re on the phone, you’re chatting
with your mom, there’s too many things
going on, you can’t put the baby on
the ground to crawl around, all you have to do is… …keep it in place. [ Laughter ] Right?
The baby is safe. The baby can’t fall
if it’s stuck to the wall. You see what I’m saying?
Like, it’s very, very versatile. Murr, there’s Velcro up
elsewhere in the room. Look up. [ Laughter ] Let’s say you have
to change a light bulb. Let’s say the crib is on
the other side of the room. You don’t know what to do. You could just stick the baby
right to the ceiling. [ Woman gasps, laughter ] ♪♪ [ Laughs ] It’s a prototype. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Wow.

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Reader Comments

  1. Bhumik Gangwani

    Be careful to not shout โ€œCan I have a Biwiโ€ in public in India cause โ€œbiwiโ€ is a Hindi word meaning wife.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You donโ€™t wanna seem desperate Joe, do you?

  2. Suzy Valentin Realtor

    A BIWI would be revolutionary! I would enjoy peeling a kiwi like a banana, they're delicious but just so darn messy!

  3. Big country's poundcake

    These guys will be so old one day and will have to retire, itโ€™s sad.. unless they soil their underpants and film it but even then I donโ€™t know how funny thatโ€™d be.

    Oh wait, Sal did that one time Lmao

  4. Jay Smith

    Murr: " I feel like we can do something with eggplant right"?

    I've Loved these guys sense there First Episode.

  5. L G

    I just realized I guess this is extra footage from that older episode with tooty bird, so that's why I remembered at least the middle guy in the last half

  6. Alexander Hirst

    i dunno if im remembering the face wrong, but the guys who does yhe presenting reminds me of the ufc ref "Big John Mccarthy"

  7. Mix N

    Iโ€™m in the top 50 for kills on Apex Legends and I make videos this oneโ€™s my latest
    Please check it out and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.

  8. Gregg Velarde

    Is there any way to collaborate with you guys, ill be glad to join the team if you guys need another. How would i be able to join if i could?

  9. El. Football1

    I swear the guy sitting on the right.. he looks so much like Pablo Escobar.. i mean as if its hos twin or brother.. same look same eyes .. idk such a huge resemblance.. ๐Ÿค”

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