Inside Borussia Dortmund’s Yellow Wall: Is This The Most Fun Place to Watch Football In the World?

My name is Boris. By day, I’m a student at Dusseldorf University, but when the weekend comes, I become a member of Borussia Dortmund’s mighty Yellow Wall. And when you’re on that Yellow Wall, you’re part of something much bigger. The Yellow Wall is the largest single terrace in Europe, it holds 25,000 people. I’ve arrived at Westfalenstadion. It’s time to meet up with my friends and have a few beers. Cheers. Cheers. Bratwurst, beer, Borussia: That’s what it’s about. Mario Gotze! There are guys on the Sudtribune that certainly are like the orchestrators. They’re the heart and soul for the Yellow Wall, and everybody follows. We’re all there for the love and the passion for Borussia Dortmund and the game of football, and it’s the one thing that unites everybody. A vital game this evening for Dortmund, as they entertain Bayer Leverkusen. Sancho whips the ball in, and it’s finished off by Zagadou! That’s the start they wanted. Leverkusen trying to get right back into it. Volland with the shot, and it’s sneaked in at the near post. Abdou Diallo on the left hand side, hangs up the cross, Sancho! Come on! When we score, there’s no better place to be. Gotze! Surely now, that’s three points for Dortmund. All of my friends say the same; when you’re on that Yellow Wall, you’re part of something much bigger. It’s certainly the heart of Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund march on. This incredible season continues to produce great drama at the Westfalenstadion. That was a close one. As you can hear, I lost a little bit of my voice. Really, really happy, drained, exhausted. But whatever happens, win, lose or draw, we’ll always be behind our team.

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  1. MrGumbwit

    How are those fans able to bring gigantic flags and bright flares into the game. Is there like a special entrance to the stadium specifically for those fans where they can bring them in? Someone Explain.

  2. n3m3z1z

    "Is this the most fun place"?
    Ask yourself if it is fun to spend your time with uneducated nazis. The yellow wall is surely impressive, but Dortmund is a disgusting city and the fanscene of Borussia is a melting pot of scum.

  3. Abdul Moen عبد المعين

    Look Al ITTIHAD
    A team in the Saudi Pro league their main color is also yellow
    But they are way greater than borussia dortmund
    See Al ITTIHAD vs Athletico Madrid

  4. عبدالعزيز BvB

    I'm so proud to be a loyal fan for this club and I wish that one day I can fulfill my dream to attend a match for this great club with such a superb atmosphere that is surrounding the players to give them the proper energy that they need!

  5. Vinny Chiep

    I would love to go!!!

    From New York

    I've been following since 2013 and they have been my favorite club since 2013 I watch every game possible I love this club 💛🖤

  6. Felix

    Als Bayern Fan kann ich sagen, ich bin echt neidisch auf eure Fans. Ich wünschte wir hätten so geile Stimmung. Auf 'nen spannenden Fight um die Meisterschaft.

  7. Mike Jimenez

    I became a Dortmund fan when Klopp was managing the team. Everything about them from the fans, training, to the team chemistry is what football is about.

  8. caos one

    Been there twice, even tho both games were kinda bad it was one of the best experiences I ever had. Would love to go again, but it just is so freaking hard to get tickets..

  9. Peter Neuhaus

    I‘m sorry but in the German fan scene Dortmund fans are seen as overrated. Clubs like Dynamo Dresden, Eintracht Frankfurt and Magdeburg have much better fans.

  10. Monk Killedababy

    So many people saying they want to go! We’re in opposite boats, I guess:

    I’m legit trying to find someone to go to Dortmund with, who’s a fan of bvb. I’m not a true fan, but I want to go on a trip and the place I picked is Dortmund in August or September. All based on going to a game or two. The teams I support, I’ve seen (Celtic in Glasgow at park head, and arsenal don’t have an atmosphere worth traveling from Canada for). So I decided I wanna go to Dortmund, I have some German heritage way back, and the signal iduna is calling my name. And I’ll probably end up having to go alone, but feel free to proposition me if you’re actually interested in meeting a person just to travel to Germany with them….? Yeah, I know it’s weird but I thought it was worth a shot

  11. dayna j

    Heading there for Borussia Dortmund v Schalke 04 match in a few days from Vancouver, Canada. Can't wait to see Dortmund destroy them.

  12. ON_FI_RE

    Eeeeeee oooooooo eee ooooo lal la la la la laaa laaaaaaaaa eeeeee oooooo eee ooo la la la la laa laa laaaaaaaa eeeeeeeee ooooooo eeeeeeeee ooooooo

  13. Frane GRANČIĆ

    As Bayern fan I can tell you.. you guys will never be Bundesliga Champions. But it wont change my oppinion that BVB has best fans ever excisted in history. Respect.

  14. Kaiser von Preußen

    As a Bayern fan I just cant seem to hate Dortmund it such a beautiful club. Bought a Dortmund shirt but still we are rivals, so I put Lewandowski 9 on it. But really always a special club, they have a special place in my red heart

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