Installing a Picket Fence : How to Install Pickets onto a Fence Frame

Now this is your picket for your picket fence.
It is a 3 inch wide by 1 inch depth. For ease of application what you can do is use another
picket as a spacer. Again this is 3 inches, you need 1 inch between each picket. Take
your next picket, put it flush with your picket that is already installed on your fence, take
your to be installed picket, put it flush to that picket that we are using as a spacer,
make it tight and let the drilling begin.

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Reader Comments

  1. JC Haywire

    Go ahead and thumbs him down, but Steveboy11's right–for an "expert" this contractor seems rather unfamiliar with how even to HOLD a regular cordless drill, let alone use the tool effectively. A nice job is done on the fence, but my confidence in this contractor is not bulletproof.

  2. jg8479

    i screw all of my wood fences. of course i use a collated screw gun that loads like a nail gun. it will smoke any nail gun too trust me ive done it. I use acq approved coated screws that will not bleed onto the wood like a galvanized nail does. screws have better holding power as well

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