Installing a Picket Fence : How to Seal & Paint a Picket Fence

Now we are here today to talk about how to
preserve and paint your fence. When you paint a fence it has two primary functions. First
it looks good but the second is that it helps to preserve the wood, to keep the outside
from coming in. Now we used a soft wood here which is pine. If you use a harder wood, maybe
one coat of primer, one coat of paint will suffice being the fact that this is a softer
wood we have put on one coat of primer and two coats of paint. There are several different
ways you can paint your fence. Drop cloth, don’t forget a drop cloth. You can use a roller,
you can use a brush, and a handy tray is also a nice tool to have around. Now in terms of
the primer I chose a primer that has two different functions. The first thing is that it seals
the wood, a good thing to do in this damp environment and two, it allows the paint that
we are going to apply later to actually adhere to the primer. In terms of paint I chose a
water based paint. You can choose an oil based paint. The reason I chose the water based
is for the clean up. The oil based for clean up you will need your paint thinners, rags,
it is just a little bit messier.

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