Installing a Picket Fence : Knowing Measurements for a Picket Fence

This is a 24 foot long picket fence. When
you have a very lightweight fence you can put your 4×4 posts 6 foot apart. This is non-load
bearing so 6 foot would be fine. Now we have used pressure treated posts here. At your
local lumber store you can go and purchase 8 foot pressure treated 4×4’s, cut them in
half and you will have exactly 4 – 4 foot tall, 2 feet down into the ground and 2 feet
above for your frame. Now on this picket fence the frame, the bottom and the top are pressure
treated 2×4’s. Now since this is a 24 foot long fence we will need 6 – 8 foot 2×4’s.
Now when you measure for your top frame piece make sure that you measure from the center
of your 4×4 post to the center of your next 4×4 post. This will give your frame here a
nice anchor and support. Now on the bottom portion of the fence, on the bottom frame
you measure from the inside of your 4×4 post to the inside of your next 4×4 post. The other
materials that you need to install your picket fence would be your exterior screws, don’t
forget your drill, your backup battery, a plumb line, and a framing square.

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