Introducing Raymond Warner SIGNATURE ENVY AOSV5 Scooter Deck!

Oh My god ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this looks really dark I’m sorry, hang on before we get this video started up I want to let you guys know that the official Black Friday sale at ring Warner. Comm is Officially going on. So if you guys wanna save up to 70% on your order, oh do WWE Morecambe link will also be in the description below click that link got the new hats in. We got sticker packs There’s glasses There’s all kinds of goodies for you guys if you want it So go to WWE Warner comm get yours while you can as many of you guys have probably heard I’ve been riding a new deck lately and so many different Theories were kind of being passed along some of them were correct some of them weren’t and today I’m here to answer all of the questions that you guys might have about my all-new Raymond Warner Envy scooters signature. Ayo Sv5 deck scram load that up a little bit Poe shouldn’t set it in that order But you guys don’t exact that I’m talking about right now And yes, I was riding this tack for about a month before it came out. I was riding it I was testing it and everything like that getting a couple clips in there and I’m here to show it to you right now and Here it is Ladies and gentlemen, this is my all-new. Ayo, sd5 signature deck by Mb scooters There are two different sizes this year – so for those of you guys that like Dexter a little bit wider We do have a 5.1 by 22 inch version and we also have the deck size that I always ride which is a four point seven five wide by 20 point Two five inch long version both head tube angles are 83 degrees Same exact one as my AOSP 4 because I love that headtube angle The color of this deck is a blue But it’s a little bit different than last year last year’s was just a straight like electric blue color this year It’s got a little bit of a gold flake in there so you can see it at different angles and things like that, especially When you have it in the sunlight this thing pops out like crazy. So I’m extremely happy with the color how it turned out I definitely wanted to do Blue because it’s my favorite color and it’s kind of turned into like my theme in the scooter worlds Like every knows that Ray has blue stuff that’s this thing. This GTR is gonna be blue eventually blue everything That’s me. The main difference that you guys can see on the deck isn’t gonna be the head tube The head shape is a lot different. There’s a massive cutout in the top of the head tube So I’m not personally used to looking down and seeing the actual floor through the head tube, but I love it I’ve gotten very used to it and it takes out a lot of weight in the front end So this thing is a lot lighter than the AOS before was Also got the same cut out idea in the bottom of the deck So again saving weight They’re the cutouts on the side of the head tube are a little bit different as compared to the AOSP for not a lot But enough to where you can actually see a difference when you look at them side by side You’ve got the AOS v5 logo printed onto the side of the deck It’s actually like imprinted as opposed to just being etched or like a stamp or whatever. It’s actually imprinted So it’s actually really cool. You can feel it and everything obviously an integrated headset head tube So you’re gonna run the exact same bearings as you would have in your AOS before or? Pretty much every other scooter deck on the market today for that matter another thing It’s a little bit different about the AOS c5 as opposed to a OS before when it comes to an actual Graphic is my name is actually printed on to the top of it A lot of you guys have probably seen this kind of design on like prodigies you saw them on the Colts I believe they’re on the Colts and B ones had them so I think it’s really cool I’ve cut my craft tape out when I wrote it on the top. I didn’t want to cover up my name It’s completely up to you. You don’t have to leave the name exposed I liked it because obviously it’s my frickin name kind of like a bubbly kind of lettering Because it kind of matches The design on the bottom of the deck which we will get to here in just a second The extrusion of the deck is very similar to the AOS v4 deck You still got these side rails on the bottom of the deck to make it easy for you to lock into any kind of feeble Grind or 50/50 or whatever. It’s very very simple with that extrusion with this extrusion You can still use the exact same of nylon inserts on the front of the deck as well as the rear So if you guys like riding the Fox ends, it’s it’s not my personal preference But if you guys like riding and that’s totally fine and that will fit perfectly inside your arrows v5 deck just like they did in your iOS before now that obviously does change if you’re trying to put the 4.75 inch wide nylon answer into like let’s say a 5.1 inch wide jack like my other deck. That’s you’re gonna have a problem It’s gonna look weird. I wouldn’t do that but if you’re trying to get the exact same deck size and put those down on inserts and It’ll work as for the break on the AOS t5 It is the exact same nylon break as you guys are used to using on the AOSP for same exact top insert So if you guys will just slide it in there bolt it down good to go Although there is a very small difference with the AOSP v when it comes to the break insert There is a small groove on the top of the deck this time So if you used to put your break and he used to kind of wiggle side to side You’re not gonna have that issue anymore because this groove is the exact same width as your break so it’s not gonna be able to actually move around because it’s gonna be stopped by the walls on either side of that groove the Small subtle detail but it works and it makes your life a lot easier You’ve also got the AOS v5 logo on the side of the deck You also have it on the nylon insert on the front and the rear has the well-known and beloved on the back end So you’re not gonna forget what deck you’re riding Not that you would anyway just in case As for the bottom of the head to where he had two ties into the bottom of the deck where it’s welded All that good stuff. It is a little bit bigger So for those you guys that are used to that smaller kind of exact square Shape on the AOSP four head tube on the bottom of the deck. It’s a little bit different it’s more like an oval towards the bottom of the tie in where that welded sides are still obviously straight the top is Obviously straight as well, but that welds a little bit stronger It makes the head tube stay in there a little bit better So that should help some of you guys out They like to do big drops and things like that Now I gotta explain the actual graphic on this deck because a lot of you guys are really confused You guys are thinking like Ray. Why didn’t you do like something with a GTR? Why don’t you do something with full snare? Why don’t you do something like that? And there’s a very good reason for it well on the EOS before as well as the AOSP for Limited deck both the decks had the Bertha design on the bottom Bertha is my 1970 GTO. I love that car It’s very much. It’s a near and dear to my heart it kind of represents a lot of me and this and that right and I decided to go a different direction this time because I’ve done decks before I’ve done two now that had to design on the bottom of it that was things that I liked but on this one, it’s got a Oceanic kind of look to it It’s there’s a squid on the bottom and it’s got these wrapped around my logo with treasure on the bottom with he’s got seaweed There’s bubbles all over the place now. I don’t like the ocean at all. I’m not down now It’s not necessarily like I can go to the beach I can jump with the water I can play I can have fun, but I don’t like open water not even like a lake No, not interested so I figured why not put something that I’m actually afraid of on the bottom of the deck so that that way every time I Look at it It’s it’s kind of like a form of be facing a fear that I have and I know that when I’m on my scooter I scare myself a lot when it comes to doing certain kinds of tricks or riding certain kinds of ramps and things like that and It’s it’s just a way to me to kind of face the fear of dropping and in trying whatever it is I’m looking at trying and it’s something that I think is very motivational to me personally and hopefully it kind of gives you guys that Same idea too. So this deck isn’t just about the ocean. It’s not about squids. It’s not about my logo It’s not about the treasure. It’s not about any of that It’s all about you guys facing your fears and moving forward with your skill level in scootering or something else Like you cannot you can use this kind of an idea To move forward in any kind of other aspect in your life Whether it’s a challenge of yours that you’ve always not been able to overcome Some other kind of goal that you’re trying to achieve that you’re like a freight to whatever the case may be That’s what this is about It’s about you pushing yourself to that next level regardless of what might get in your way on the way now There’s one more thing that I want to touch on with this deck before I go The only reason that I’m able to have so many signature decks is because you guys are so awesome And you all support me if you guys weren’t around there was there’d be no way for this to actually happen So I want to say thank you guys so much as always for the amount of love and support that you’ve shown me throughout the many years That I’ve been riding my scooter Some of you guys have just been around for like seven eight nine years, and you guys are absolutely incredible. So, thank you guys So so much if you guys are wondering yes, these will be for sale on Warner com They will also be for sale at all of your local NV dealers So if you guys live out in Australia, you want to grab one of these tomorrow? Well, you can’t yet because they won’t be available until right around early to mid December So if you guys are wondering about that, there you go I’m hoping that they will be available on one or around the 10th as well as all other envy retailers So be on the lookout for them, I think they’re gonna be right around $1.99. There’s a lot that went into this deck I know that Envy has worked super Super hard for the past few years and getting over onto the AOSP 5 Because I know that a lot of you guys have been saying like we want a new deck because the AOSP 4 has been around for a while, but the aoc 4 is an Incredible incredible deck. So if you guys have an AOS before keep it because it’s seriously amazing I’ve been running my toes before forever and I’ve loved it. But this deck is just something new. I love this deck as well It’s a much different feel than the AOS before but there’s a lot there’s a lot of pluses with this thing And I’m so so excited to get a ton of sessions on this thing Take it over to the mega and just just have fun Just play around and have a good time on this one for the next couple years so thank you guys again so much for the love and support and I hope that you guys Really do enjoy the new at Raven Warner AO Sv5 deck so be on the lookout. Like I said, we got like another week and a half So get ready guys, get ready. Also, do not forget Black Friday’s tail is going on. Like I said earlier so if you guys don’t have merch and you want to snatch some but a WWF ramen Warner comm also restock shipments will be arriving around Early December 6 to 10th. I know the gloves are supposed to be here around that same time also So if you guys are looking for those gloves they are coming they’re coming I know it’s been a long time and I’ve been teasing them for a very long time, but they’re coming. I promise But again, thank you guys so much watching and have a great day. Later

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    Huge fan of your channel Raymond and just ya a curiosity question what size bars should I get my height is 6’6 and I’m having a issue figuring out bar size for height I’m trying to get back into scootering round the skate park

  3. Izac Reville

    I’m so getting that deck for Christmas when does it be released on scooter web sites or your web site love the vids Raymond ur an Inspiration to me love the vids and the deck is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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