IP Video Surveillance Smart Guide

How are you going? My name is Simon Hall, I’m the author of the IP Video Surveillance Smart Guide, this is a new interactive ebook that includes audio tutorials. It’s very, very unique in
the security industry and it’s designed for non-technical users who are seeking or looking for a
new security camera system for their home or business or looking at upgrading an existing analog system to a more advanced megapixel camera system. Or maybe you’re new to the security industry and you’re looking for more information to expand your
knowledge base on the latest in IP-based video surveillance technology. If any one of those scenarios describes you then you’ve come to the right place. Once you’ve downloaded the Smart Guide from the Apple iTunes Store it will appear in your iBook reader so
you can read it using an iPhone, iPad, iMac or Macbook. For this
presentation I’ve opened the Smart Guide using the iBook reader on my iMac, but the navigation is similar within all Apple devices. Throughout this book there are 27 audio tutorials which can be played by clicking the
audio icon, and I’ll play a sample for you in a moment so you can get an idea of how that works. The key to the Smart Guide and what makes it stand out from any of the other CCTV and Videos surveillance guides is that it presents technical information
in a non-technical way so that any decision-maker can read it
and very quickly grasp the key concepts which will help you find the right
solution quickly. You can see in the introduction we’ve provided 7 key
questions which on the surface may seem obvious but if you take the time to go through each chapter and listen to the linked audio tutorials
provided at the end of the 7 questions you’ll certainly be ready to start
comparing systems and making an informed buying decision. At the beginning of each chapter I’ve
included an audio tutorial so I’ll click on that and let’s take a
quick listen… “Of the seven questions we’ll cover in this guide surprisingly this one is the most
commonly overlooked. Our objective in this chapter is to
simplify the process and help you see the benefits taking the time to work out what you
want from the system, but not only that, we’ll also provide you
with an overview of what the latest technologies can offer so you can work out if your objectives can be met. Once your objectives have been defined then you’re ready to start designing
your system in terms of selecting camera types and marking out camera locations and so on. Okay so let’s take a step back and first examine the reason why you’re
buying a surveillance system. In 9 out of 10 cases”… If I tap on the audio again the audio stops playing. Most of the
pages contain interactive elements which when you tap on or click on provide you with additional information. And at the top of the page you can see there’s an audio icon which will play a new tutorial related
to this section. I’ve put together a balance of graphical elements, text and audio so that the information is easy to
understand. Embedding audio tutorials in the Smart Guide has allowed me to explain complex
subjects in a clear concise and meaningful way without using a lot of text. The Smart Guide is available right now for download from the Apple iTunes Store and I’ve provided the download link in
the video description below. Once you click the link on the iTunes
page it will launch the iBook app on your Apple device and you can access a free sample if you wanna check it out before
downloading the full version. Once you’ve downloaded the publication you can
access it using the iBooks app.

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  1. Jeff Esper

    After reviewing the smart guide, how will I know which system is best for my needs? It would be nice to have a way to narrow down the numerous products out there.

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