“iPOLiS NW Design Tool v1.20” Video Guide (1/8)

iPOLiS NW Design Tool ~ UserQuick Guide
Chapter1. Common Setting Step 1. Connect
In this step, I explain how to change between pointer and connector easily. Default pointer setting is “Pointer”.
If you want to change your pointer to “Connector”, it’s very simple.
Double-click your mouse on empty space of diagram field. After change your mouse pointer, just make a connection as you want. Do you want to back your mouse pointer to “Pointer”?
It’s more simple, just click your mouse on empty space of diagram field. Step 2. IP Assign In previous version, when you want to assign IP address for each product,
You may use this pointed section and input IP address manually. From version 1.20, you can set the IP address for multiple products automatically.
Click IP Assigns button. All products are appeared on IP Assign window. Select all products or specific products. If you want set the location of selected products,
check the use button and input your own values. After input your own values, click [Simulate] and [Apply] button for submission. For more information, see the user manual of iPOLiS NW Design Tool.

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