Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Cat?

Please don’t try this at home. Do it at your parents’ house! No, don’t do that, either! Okay, no, don’t do it! Hi, everyone! This is Cat, and I’m your guest introducer for
today for “Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This?” And today, the guys have told me that they’re going
to be microwaving a cat! Hmm… Cat, roasted cat! So, I hope you guys stick around and watch them microwave a cat! A white cat! And yeah, so maybe, it’s an electronic cat that… Yeah… *theme song plays* Jory: It smells like victory! Jory: All hands to the deck! Jory: Nobody likes roasted nuts! Jory: Let’s get outta here! Jory: Ventilation is key! Jon: What’re you doing?! Put that out! Jory: Stopping, stopping! Jory: The masks- they do nothing! Riley: The tin foil shield- it actually worked! Jon: Does it still work? Jory: You’re dumb! Jory and Riley: 2.6! Jory: Is it a good idea to microwave this? Let’s find out! Here at the Jory Caron Laboratory, safety is
that thing that we rarely even look at anymore! That’s why we hide behind this giant tin foil shield. It’s
to protect our nuts, because nobody likes roasted nuts! We’re united by this pussycat! It’s the only thing that keeps us
together, and it’s provided by Zephorah14. Let’s go and microwave it! *cat meowing* We also have these fans, to circulate the air, and, as always, our Panasonic microwave, Penny. She’s lived
for an awfully long time! She’s been through hell and back, and that’s why we love her! Jon: (meows like a cat) Or should I say “pussy”? Riley: (making angry cat noises) Jory: Meat! Jon: Put it in there for five minutes, eleven seconds! Jory: Meat! The default’s just 25 pounds! Who wants 25 pounds?!
Can 25 pounds of meat even fit in there?! Jon: No, wait- 2.5! Jory: Oh, okay! Jon and Riley: (meowing like cats) Jory: Does your cat have a hairball? Do you want
to just burn it out? Use a microwave! Jory: You know that story about the woman who gave her cat a bath and had
to dry it off, and she stuck it in the microwave and it died? Jon: There was a bad urban legend at my middle
school about one of the teachers who did that! Jory: Do you think this is what actually happened to the real cat? Jon: Yeah, the sparking from inside! Jon: Why do we assume that cat is a girl?! Jon: ‘Cause it’s a pussy! Jory: Do you think the cat now is in a CATatonic state? Jory: This is going to be a CATastrophe! This is gonna be CATrific! Jon: This will be pussy galore! Jory: We should CATalogue this under “success”! Jory: Okay, we should probably turn it off. Riley: (whining) No! Jory: Flip on the fan, at least, for God’s sake! Jon: A lot of the cat is on fire! Jory: Let’s stop this! Riley: Come on! Let’s just run out the clock! There’s 35 seconds left. Jory: No, there’s 44 minutes left! Riley: (laughs) I meant go to the nearest minute. Jory: Oh, okay, we can do that. Jon: Now, I know it’s tough to say, but if your cat ever dies, this is a much cheaper way of cremating them! Riley: I agree! Jory: The Cat in the Hat is now The Cat in the Microwave? Jory: Going in! Jon and Riley: (meowing in pain) Jon: Its face looks totally fine, Jory! Look how… Aaah! Jory: Usually, cats sit on top of fences and scream. This one now
has a reason to sit on top of a fence and scream! Jory: It’s like those gremlins in that movie… “Gremlins”… China? (laughs) Jory: What cut of meat do you like? Jon: I prefer well-done, mostly in the ass region! Jory: So, you may be wondering, “Why do you guys keep microwaving things like that?!
They’re just gonna burst into, like, flames! Is it even a good idea?!” Jory: No, it’s not a good idea! Jon: No, but it sure is fun to watch! Jory: It sure IS fun to watch! Jon: So, if you burn your pussy, is that
considered gonorrhea or just another microwave experiment? Jory: No, no… Riley: It looks like a night with Riley McIlwain, if you ask me! Jon: That’s a rough night with you? (laughs) Okay, that’s about it for “Is it a Good Idea
to Microwave This?” I’m your host, Jory Caron. *end credits play* Jory: (singing to tune of “What’s New, Pussycat?”) Pussycat,
pussycat, I love you! I’m gonna microwave you!” That’s a strange definition of love, I think. Let’s just microwave it! Riley: (gives a meow of screeching pain) That’s good, ’cause I couldn’t microwave anything with those
eyes looking up at me… Yes, I could! Riley: Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Jory: I don’t know if I wanna be a part of that! Did I ever say if it was a good idea
or a bad idea? What did I say? “Bad idea.” Oh, okay, well, there we have it!

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Reader Comments

  1. Lexie Alexander

    Look I love kittens and cats so much they are so cute. Some of you idiots need to notice that it is fake!! I mean come on really? "Poor kitten. You guys should go to hell and dieeee!!" Really? I am a huge animal lover but it is a fake animal. Grow up people. They didn't do anything to a hurt a real animal. So save all the dumb complaining.

  2. Mem

    Dogs are for protection, entertainment and a good friend nearby.
    Cats are slightly more entertainment, slightly less good friends and poop in boxes.

  3. RavenTsun

    Catrific isn't the first girl in the history of the show. I believe there was a Season 1 episode with a girl commenting in the background.

  4. Dylaxius mccoy

    ive seen some pretty stupid arguments in the comments section of youtube, but there are literaly people in this comment section who think this was a real cat! i would point out how mind blowingly stupid these people are, but why point out the obvoius?
    and how the hell did anyone think it was a real cat? it looks fake as fuck, sparks when microwaved, and was filled with wires. stupid morons.

  5. EpikGamerNerd 560

    the story with the cat being microwaved was actually a do n the 1980's, unless there was some other event from the stupid lady who did it

  6. A Gaming Zebra

    the comment section is amazing on this one. There is literally a 50/50 split of people who loged the video and people wh call jory and the crew abusive.
    1st the cat is a TOY
    2nd it was donated by someone else who watches this
    3rd they did a dog and did you all cry on that? nope
    4th…i like the number 4

  7. Julie Nordstrom

    Why, for the love of God did you microwave such a cute cat?! I KNOW, IT'S ELECTRONIC! But, why did you dumb, lazy, brainless retards do this?!


    Cat: Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! (Please don't microwave me!)
    Excuse me YouTubers, I'm speaking cat for this video. Right Jogwheel.
    Jogwheel, is my comment funny, or is it inappropriate?

  9. Eli Loechel

    As long as it's a fake cat I'm fine, but if I see a news report that some dipshit put a REAL cat in a microwave and it died, I get TRIGGERED.

  10. Jonah Severance

    9 year old plush youtuber: i don't give a shizz.

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