Isolated village bordering North Korea transforms into hi-tech 5G community

at the UN General Assembly last week
president mange proposed a turning the heavily guarded Demilitarized Zone into
the global landmark a peace and of small town within the DMZ is trying to do just
that becoming one of the world’s first villages to run and a 5g mobile network
our Oh Sooyoung has the story this is perhaps one of the most secluded
and heavily guarded villages on earth past the bath wire fences and military
checkpoints peasant on freedom village lies within the four kilometer wide
Demilitarized Zone that splits the two Koreas but it has undergone a
transformation becoming one of the most connected high-tech places running on
the 5g mobile network and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure
traditional telescopes gave you a very limited view of the North Korean towns
across the border but using this augmented reality touchscreen you can
see the streets and the buildings our place and even watch people riding their
bicycles all in real time earlier this year KT corporation launched as 5g
village solution developed for isolated communities despite enjoying a high
level of income an exemption from taxes and military duties the 197 residents
live under a strict curfew and are required to stay in the village for most
of the air inside the villages solitary school some 30 students now learn by
using some of the most advanced smart gadgets and software on the market these
also help them overcome their physical limitations
I developed a VR program that gives you a tour of at his own dorm and one other
people to enjoy our villages and they can’t get here is Lee coding artificial
intelligence programs is one of the new classes offered on the school’s
curriculum sensors and IOT gadgets provided by KT are applied in other
classes too such as gemin class allowing students to interact with children from
other schools the village is also overcoming physical restraints and
farming its main source of income a smart farm solution allows them to
monitor their crops and water them remotely through 5g we used to be
escorted to the fields by a soldier but now I can control the switches or just
look at the crops from home or outside the village without
going through that process other smart solutions include sensors to boost
energy efficiency and air quality as well as an emergency response system
that connects all of the villages 46 households the smart LED light doesn’t
just turn on and off it has a speaker that gives announcements and disaster
alerts so if there is an emergency we can respond quickly it gives us a peace
of mind the mundane administration who used to transform the DMZ from a symbol
of division to a landmark of peace to break the decades of deadlock following
the Korean War I think today I saw and all of us saw what could be the future a
technology-based human friendly village that people can use effectively and for
peace just four hundred meters from the border the roads peace and prosperity
and one day a truly connected career begins writer in tears and on freedom
village was young Arirang news Paju

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  1. john schuring

    Needing a soldier to escort you just to do field work like right next to your house?…yeah to hell with that…may peace come soon for you guys.

  2. Escape From Zombie Island

    Bombarding the children with radiation? And this is the side of the border that supposedly likes them…? 🤔🙄
    How you say defect in Korean… ?

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