Italy’s Mediterranean Mass Grave: Europe or Die

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  1. VICE News

    VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson arrives in Italy as the only extensive search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean is replaced with a border surveillance mission, effectively leaving thousands of desperate migrants adrift in the sea.
    NEXT: The Mafia Is Targeting Refugees In Sicily –

  2. Kish Jnr

    I think the best way to stop this poor immigrants from dying is the smugglers to reduce the number of people in the boat. At least per each plastic boat should have 20 people

  3. matt newman

    I thought lybyains had Egyptian skin tones these boat people are all so dark not like Pyramid builders. I guess the tan white Muslims in Lybya don’t want blacks in their country and put them on boats I guess

  4. Roman Darius

    Vice News is the ENEMY of the white race. Hey, Vice Crap, do these blacks have a country? Are whites welcomed in their countries? Then they need to stay out!

  5. Rabbid dog

    Although the humanitarian crisis is in need of serious attention we have to look at the bigger picture.
    There has been wars, corruption by their governments and poor life with many starving we have to draw the line somewhere.
    There has always been wars in their countries. With the trillions the likes of the rothschilds make and their ilk by forcing countries into debt we should stop paying those bastards.
    We can run oil over thousands of miles why can we not run water, water for villages and help grow sustainable crops. The modern countries are guilty of not doing enough. We still need to help our own countries poor starving children out of poverty before we help every other person. It's a horribly devistating circle. No child should be starving in today's society in any country.
    These people decide to jump into the boats knowing the risks. Why should we be made to feel guilty?
    The fact these bleeding hearts try to push the poor children agenda is lacking one thing. It is all military age males they show here with minimal amounts of children.
    Take the mothers and children or actual families and send the rest back. I certainly will never lose sleep over someone else's choice to risk or lose their life!!

  6. Legio XXI Rapax

    This ONG's have some agrements with the smugglers to took migrant in Italy. Again Sea Watch 3 is parked ar one marine miles from Italy with the excuse that they entered in Italian wather cause was a storm at sea (but now the sea is calm why they don't go away?). When the truth (italian magistrates investigations revealed it) is that the Sea Watch
    captain refused to dock in Tunisi (safe harbor) as it was ordered to do, to enter in the storm and reach Italian coast (otherwise the sugglers will not pay the Sea Watch).
    There's no woman or children upon the boat (official Italian Government bulletin)
    Italians are right, it's all a human trafficking!. It's not Italy that is a mass grave for Migrants, it's Europe that IT'S USELESS.

  7. Luis Sousa

    You are saving life's and creating a problem by bringing this infestation into Europe.
    The ship you are using is good enough to drop them off to the port where they started their journey. Are you stupid not to see that.

  8. call me mr Tom Reagan

    These immigrant is wrong color had they been white πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦³πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦³πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦³πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦³It would been no problem getting in to the country πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»!!!!!!!

  9. Cosmin Popescu

    If they come to Europe with the purpose to find a job, let them in otherwise no. I've been to Sicily and was shocked to see that many black people on the streets doing nothing.

  10. saxywale2

    This is why France, UK and the US need to leave Africa and the middle east alone. When you go around bombing and sponsoring coups in Asia and Africa, you end up with lots of immigrants flooding to Europe.

  11. Barskor1

    Learn what the Cloward-Piven strategy is @t it is the method to destroy nations by importing people like this. They are not simply people they have been made into weapons of mass destruction.

  12. Tamu Audwodia

    I have a Eritrean friend in class. How did he get to Norway?
    – They went to Sudan lived there a couple years, then signed some papers, and then flew to Norway. Entered legally, even if they were fleeing from the wars in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  13. mega lodon

    You can thank the homosexuals President Barack Hussein Obama and the Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for bringing us the Line in the Sand and the Arab Spring. especially the EVIL Whore Hillary Clinton " we came we saw he died"

  14. Alex T

    Wow they being disrespectful even tho they being given help and it's not true Italy does nothing for them, the point is all these ppl come to country's like Italy thinking they would just sit on they're asses and get paid for that and expect to drive around w fancy cars like they seeing TV. I'ts disgusting the behavior xxoof these Young men

  15. Jim Cummings

    north african states are in freefall these days… only morocco isn't disintegrating into criminal anarchy, though sisi in egypt casually machine gunned 900 muslim brothers in one afternoon to keep the peace, gotta keep the suez free for western interests or else no one would give a shit about egypt, boats look ready made to sink…

  16. Jim Cummings

    what will all these single young men do if they enter europe? start working in grocery stores and waiting tables to work their way up? some will, others will sling dope and go into petty crime, or drive over a crowd in a busy market, most people don't want that sort of migration…

  17. JMW

    So.much of this is propaganda! Soros and our corrupt government's are behind this and it's genocide of the white races.

  18. Paolo Tangini

    WHO IS PRINTING AND CHECKING YOUR OWN MONEY DOES NOT HAVE ANY INSOLVENCY PROBLEMS! Japan ,U.S.A. Iceland, Switzerland will have no problems repaying their public debt because they finance themselves! THE EUROPEAN DICTATORY UNION EMPOWED THE REAL DEMOCRACY TAKE OUT OUR SOVRANITY !, which are now being blackmailed by you, from the financial markets! european central bank is private, euro is private !! ALL MONETARY CURRENCY = public debt! you rating agencies are the scum of the world, you are the slaves of the perverse neoliberalism, blackmailers OF DEMOCRACIES! every state must check their MONEY! HOW DARE TOU TO BLACKMAIL THE ITALIAN DEMOCRACY WITH YOUR RIDICOLOUS RATING ! YOU GAVE TRIPPLE A TO THE TOXIC TITLES! YOU GAVE AAA to leman &brothers !! shame on you !!!

  19. Paolo Tangini

    This is a phrase that I invite you to copy and paste everywhere!

    European union (regime) is based on 3 columns:


    2) ARTIFICIAL IMMIGRATION TO lower workers' salaries


    The ECB is PRIVATE the euro is PRIVATE



  20. RicTic66

    The best way to prevent deaths at sea is to kill the worthless, scrounging, disease carrying scum while they're still on the land. These people offer nothing to Europe only more racial and religious tensions bringing their homegrown blood feuds and religious conflicts with them. They'll expect mosques to be erected everywhere they reach. And as their numbers increase they'll abuse and attack the indigenous populations until they get their sharia courts and are allowed to settle in no go areas where white European women and children can be sexually assaulted and the government's are too scared to say anything for fear of being called racist. It sounds harsh but these people are vermin and will bring about the downfall of European culture, values and civilisation if countries adopt open border policies. Look at Sweden and Germany they are regretting their soft approach and the far right are gaining huge popularity. People have had enough.

  21. Roman Darius

    To look at the future of the White Christian Race, all we have to do is look at the genocide of White People in South Africa! Over 80,000 whites have been murdered and the government is telling white famers to hand over their farms or watch their children die! (of course they went around about way of saying this)
    France 24 has not condemned this! Vice News has not condemned this! CNN has not condemn this!
    Only you white people are being made to believe that you can't stop this invasion!

  22. Roman Darius

    In the 1960,s the Africans wanted to get rid of European Colonists and they had a simple slogan:
    Now it is our turn! Since we have been pushed out of Zimbabwe and are now being pushed out of South Africa, GO HOME BLACK MAN!

  23. Roman Darius

    Vice News just recently received 250 million dollars to push this African Migration to Europe and America, and who gave them the money:
    Jewish George Soros!
    And is Israel taking in any of these refugees?
    0! Nothing! Their sign reads: Keep OUT!

  24. Dallas

    Kiss Europe good bye if these bastards overrun the place. They will turn it into the shit holes they fled from. It’s not the land they leave it’s the culture these bastards bring with them that will end up destroying the wonderful place it is.

  25. Im not there See ya

    Many of them talked about how terrible Libya is but people don't realize people bring themselves to Libya to board vessels to get to Europe many of these people are not from Libya originally

  26. Kid Carlomagno

    Don't risk your life just for a welfare dream; stay in your country, don't act as a victim, be a man and defend your land, make it productive

  27. John Doe

    How about staying in your own shithole and try to fix it yourselves you lazy fucks? Why do you have to come to our homes with your shithole ideas

  28. gbd 2480

    the only reason people are going to Europe is because Europe exploited all of Africa's resources and left African nations dry with barely anything left for them to stay in Africa therefore you can't complain when your countries caused this.

  29. Project AcuHope

    I would never imagine going to a nicer neighborhood in my town and knocking on the door of a nicer house than I have and say: Hey, things suck in my house, let me in, feed me. I want to live well like you.

  30. S P

    To those in Europe who want to help those immigrants, let me ask you a question: What will the country win from accepting these people

  31. Raymond Pockett

    Your choice sink or swim. So many bullshit sob stories you couldn't make it up. Or could you. No sympathy what so ever. 🚫🚫🚫

  32. Cilcito 58

    The real reason for this human tragedy is Islam. Because without a brutal dictator in control the various sects feud. Thats why a democratic government cannot be installed successfully. America has failed to understand that Islam and democracy don't mix. One brand of Muslim, doesn't consider another brand as a Muslim, unlike Christianities various sects.

  33. M.A.P Productions

    Shitstain, I mean migrant boats are only ever at risk of sinking when they spot a rescue boat and they burst / hole it themselves, that is the time for the rescue boat to turn around and let the fuckers drown, every damn one of them.

  34. Tom Ortale

    the scene starts out the guy saying boats sinking an ther wer no life what u want somebody to buy u a life when u arrive on shore a bed an shower/tv/ a meal/clothes/transportation//yata-yata…..

  35. Regina Fontenot

    Let them all drown. Their deaths are their own. No one is asking them to come, so no one is to blame if they die. Thw obly ones to blame are those who get in the boats or rafts.

  36. Peter Fox

    The problem is not that the countries are poor. The main problem is overpopulation. Africa has drastically increased their population over just a few decades. The number needs to come down. They have lived there millions of years, but now its just way too many people. FN and the world needs to concentrate on to get the births down, perhaps with birth control programs etc.

  37. Erik RBR

    Morocco is the only designated safe nation in North Africa per the US State Department: not at war, no roving drug gangs, crime on par with most European nations, rapidly developing economy, life expectancy on par with the US β€” in other words, you are an economic immigrant from a font of stability, not a refugee. Nations have an immigration system for that purpose.

  38. Beverley Lumb

    It's one thing to rescue boats off the coast but to pick them up when they set off is another thing and they could be said they were encouraging them in the first place

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