Itoo Railclone plugin tutorial. 3ds max Introduction

Hello everyone! Andrew Krivulya Charly with you! and this is the first part of my course on Railclone. I’ll start this lesson with a brief overview of all features of this plugin. Let’s Go! And the first most important feature – is the versatility. Using in architecture. Create almost any architectural components, including floors, ceilings, facade systems, windows blinds and more. RealClone ideal for the linear structures, such as – road, bridges, street lights, fences, sidewalks, railway lines and more. You have an ability to use it in industrial design. Pipes, ducts, air conditioners, barriers, sidewalks and much more. With RealClone there are no restrictions on your creation. Unlike other scripts and plug-ins, designed by one type of models – In Railclone you can create virtually any parametric an object. Next feature – easy to use. Railclone uses easy-to-understand graphics Style Editor to create complex structures in contrast to other procedural tools – absolutely no Programming knowledge isn’t required. Styles are created by combining simple node. Because of this – you can create sophisticated treatment facilities ready to render in minutes Next feature – speed. With the instances – you can distribute and visualize billions of polygons with minimum expenditure of time to render. RailClone fully multithreaded and optimized for fast rendering. Using point cloud display mode and proprietary geometry shaders – you can create and visualize huge parametric Objects consist of thousands of parts with high detail. For example, in the scene – only 700 million polygons used for seats. And so – it looks like the whole scene. I think – no need to disclose the total number of polygons. Here – and all so clear. And here – a good example of using point cloud in the viewport. This is a very optimizes with complex scenes. Next feature – adaptability. RailClone converts, breaks and deforms the geometry for creating a seamless object Just set the rules of construction and all the strain used automatically – even on curved paths. The same rule works with complex geometry. Just set the build rules and all the necessary deformation will be applied automatically even with the complex curves. Advanced algorithm for creating objects – it Another of the main plug features. RailClone uses it to deform geometry, repetition sloping paths and surfaces. The slopes and uneven walls, stairs, handrails, balustrades, and stepped fences – is no longer a time consuming task to create in 3ds max. Also – there is a possibility to projecting parts on the surface. RailClone always fully interactive for quick modeling. RailClone saves you time. The PRO version comes with a than 350 predefined styles – including fences, railings, barriers, traffic, walls and more. Library browser completely customizable. You can add new categories, and model with one click and instantly share them with your colleagues. Let’s talk about the difference between Lite and Pro version. The first limitation in Lite version is only the possibility of creating a one generator. In the Pro version this number is unlimited. The two generators are based on RailClone array basis. They use rules to combining, converting, deformation cut, bevel, UV maps and mesh distribution. So, to create complex parametric models – one generator is not enough in Lite version The following restriction applies and the use of splines and deformability on mesh by the Z axis with the three adaptive methods heights. That is, with the Lite version – you again not in a good situation=) Another motivation – to buy Pro, if you want to create a very complex model. Next is a limit on the creation of objects. The so-called – segments. In the Lite version – you can create only three segments But complex models requires a far large quantity. Then, there is a limit on the conversion to Editable Mesh. Simplified library. No setting for it. And of course – useful RailClone Tools. I will analyze in detail all of this features in the following tutorial. This is the end=) Krivulya Andrew Charly will be with you. If you click the thumbs up button – I will be very pleased. After all, I’m trying to create this tutorials for you. Subscribe to this channel by the Subscribe button to not to miss the new releases. Share with you friends – through the button “Share” Do not be greedy – they also want to gain this knowledge. Also, if you click on the icon with the letter “B” You will brings to my tutorial group in Vkontakte. Write your suggestions, comments and questions. If – you want to see the previous lesson – In which – I analyze the Redshift render That easily click on the preview. If you want to see my Stores with models or my portfolio – So click on the icons – 3ddd, CGTrader and Artstation. By the way, you can follow the schedule of lessons in my blog. There I load a sample list of the future lessons. That’s all=) See you in the next lesson! Peace for everyone!

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  1. Anton Saveckiy

    Привет, пытался сделать простую черепицу для крыши в "лайт" версии, но не получилось(((. Хотелось бы еще понять как там с материалами работать. Конечно же хочется научиться делать свои ограждения и заборы, не библиотечные, в работе бывает очень нужно.

    PS: Классный обучающий канал, жаль только видео не часто выходят(( я по forest pack уже 2 месяца жду. спасибо!

  2. Igor Surgutskiy

    Спасибо, очень познавательно. Но хотел немножко придраться. ))) Слово "жалюзи" французское слово, а у лягушатников, как правило, принято делать ударение на последнюю букву 🙂 Кстати с фр. это значит – ревность ))

  3. Alexander Shmakov

    Спасибо! Побольше процедурного моделирования и не важно будет делаться в Railclone | 3D Max | Houdini | C4D | Modo и т.п…

  4. Maria Maria

    Здравствуйте) Почему вы удалили видео, где в ZBrush создавали Brick Wall? так и не досмотрела до конца.. буду признательна за возвращение материала)

  5. VitaGAME Channel

    При использовании railclone pro версии перестают работать модификаторы у моделей… Как поправить? Также макс вылетает.

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