Jacqueline fences for the World

Hi my name is Jacqueline. I work for the
City of London Corporation and I have just qualified for the World veterans
Fencing Championships. I think it is great that the City of London is hosting this exhibition fencing here at the Mansion House. I’m an administrator in the Occupational
Health Service at the City of London Corporation. The work at the oppression
health services in relation to the health and well-being of the staff at
the City of London Corporation. I started fencing seven, eight years ago at adult learners week, the City Corporation
was running. I went to the taster session and continued from there at the
beginners classes and I have stayed at the city fencing club over the years. One
good thing about this sport is that women and the men fence together. There’s no separation of gender. So I go to many competitions, friendlies against other
clubs, women fence men. We are just as equal. In preparation for the World
Championships, I have been working on specific techniques with my coach going
there expecting to have a lot of fun and enjoy it. Hopefully, do my club proud and my coaches, all that they’ve taught me because they have brought me this far and just hopefully do my best. Off course it would be good to come back with a medal. Jackie is one of our oldest and dearest club members and we are delighted that she’s actually made it through. She has improved so much over recent years to actually make it through to World Championships. We are thrilled for her, happy for her and we hope she is going to do well. My colleagues at the Corporation are very supportive and I’m really grateful for that. Been very
supportive, very excited about what I’ve achieved. They’ve seen me in Occupational Health. They’ve seen me over the years progress through my fencing and
reach to this stage of the World Championships.

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