Jag skulle ju göra film om det

Hello and welcome back! Today I will pick up a pig, more precisely our own breeding boar He has been away on a date And now we’ll bring him home The difficult part is usually to load this pig, so I’m not sure that I will succeed in bringing him home with me, but then I leave the trailer where he is and we’ll see if he dares to enter it We have a few days now when the trailer is not needed so it can stand there I actually have the whole evening until it gets dark to try to load him But he can, as I said, be a little reluctant. Last time he refused to enter their trailer but he entered ours which is a little darker on the inside I don’t know if that’s the reason, but we thought that we pick him up with ours instead of theirs 2 hours later From a movie perspective it was a real anticlimax I didn’t even have time to take the camera out before he was loaded Lets go home! Now you have to be careful because there are electric fencing over there Well, here we had planned for several days of work to bring home this pig, but … it was very easy after 5 minutes he had entered the transport and Lina had prepared a pen so he can be next to the other pigs with an electric fence between Here he has tried to impress the castrated boars They are not so cocky indeed the others So even if he actually entered this pen where the others were previously so it is he who is the king Now he has to be in a temporary pen next to the castrated boars, then he will be united with them. It usually works quite well to have a breeding boar along with castrated boars, because there will be more order among them when there is a boss nearby This was all from us, thank you for watching. Bye!

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