Jaime Pressly Admits Why She Has Serious ‘Mom Guilt’: ‘I Don’t Think It Ever Goes Away’

>>How cool is that? “Mom” is back tonight on CBS. Joining us now our friend Jaime Pressly. Good to see you!>>Jaime, I remember you posted something like that.>>I did. That whole story line for my character came over our hiatus, I was going to the gym quite a bit and I — my trainer would always post these great videos of them doing different stuff with equipment that we use all the time but trying to find new ways to use them. Because I get really bored at the gym. So there were these great videos. And I would post a couple of him, Mike Jones, and some of the other girls I work out with that are trainers. One of our writers, Warren bell from “Mom” called me out on Instagram and said great, you’re posting all of these other people doing it, when are you going to do it? I was like oh, okay. On a Saturday when the babies were taking a nap I went over to the gym and we made our own video. The writers came back to work and they literally had me doing the exact video re-created in that’s where that all came from.>>That sit-up one, you know how hard that is!>>She’s an athlete.>>I love working out. But I always say, I do it for sanity, not vanity. Part of the sanity is just getting the hell out of the house, away from three boys, four if you include the 41-year-old.>>Speaking of which, congratulations. Desi, your oldest is 12 of the the other two boys names –>>Leo and Lennon.>>About to turn 2.>>Yes, this month.>>Look at that!>>That house has got to be chaotic. I have two boys and a girl.>>It’s a lot. I’m happy to be here right now.>>Jaime came in early, we had breakfast.>>I came in real early.>>He we were laughing speaking of twins, who do people tell you you look like? They’re saying your doppelganger, Margot Robbie. I thought it was the same person. I saw the film, and –>>It’s amazing. That particular one, when I saw this particular split screen, I was like wow. I was pretty amazed. I got to meet her because she did not that long ago — maybe a year ago at the premiere of “I Tonya” because Allison Janney won the Oscar for it.>>Yeah.>>It was the first time I had been out actually so it’s been a little over a year, it’s the first time I had been out since the twins were born. So I’m not feeling fantastic. And I’m trying. And I’m clearly in all black as we do. We get there and she comes up to me on the stand with Allison and she goes oh, my god, I have been the biggest fan of yours since I was 14. Immediately I’m 80. But she was so sweet. I could be her mother technically, but yeah. I would like to play her older sister and call it a day.>>That’s an awesome split>>It was.>>What about Halloween, what are you guys doing this year?>>The little ones you can still dress up, it’s so fun.>>Desi loves to dress up. He’s always loved Halloween, my 12-year-old. And he just recently — yeah, the little guy. That’s Leo on the left and Lennon on the right and they don’t look a thing alike, have you noticed? One has brown eyes. One has blue eyes. They could not be more different. And I have not picked out what they’re going to wear yet because they’re growing like weeds so I will just wait until the last minute to get their costumes. They’re big boys, like dad.>>I love that.>>My back hurts. And Desi, I’m not sure what he will be, probably based on a video game character.>>Do you still dress up?>>I do not. I have to take the time to dress them. Look, I cut my hair because I don’t have time to do anything.>>You barely have time to you were literally in the trenches, both of you, with the little bitties.>>Even though the babies are both the same age, they have completely different needs because they cannot be more opposite than each other. Desi, obviously, they’re all ten years older than they are.>>You got a little nanny.>>A Manny?>>I have a Manny. He’s fantastic. But they have so many different needs. And then I have a full-time job and the 41-year-old and they’re all a lot.>>Tough balance.>>There’s not going to be any dressing up.>>Do you have any mom guilt.>>I have tons of mom guilt.>>It just lives with us.>>I don’t think it ever goes away. We have to learn do deal with it because it is what it is. Momma needs to work not only because I have to but because I need it for myself. I like working. I have always been a workaholic. That had to slow down since becoming a mom. But need to be productive with my day. I’m a better mom. When I go and do thing that’s are productive and I get to be creative, I’m a better mom with them and I believe quality over quantity.>>I heard the best things from mom, don’t apologize for going to work. Be excited. Mom’s got to work. I will see you when I’m home.>>If you have to go out to dinner and have a girls’ night or whatever, I will see you guys in the morning or I will see you when I get home, whatever it is, I’m happy to go to work and I want my parents to see I have a work ethic because my parents had such a great work ethic and that’s why I have a great work ethic.>>Lead by example.>>Yes, lead by example.>>Good job.>>Come back and play with us any time!

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