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Today on BCpov I ride a half-pipe trail Sick! I ride a really deep half-pipe trail Oh, wow, this is crazy! And I ride a half-pipe trail at sunset Sweet Oh my god, these trails are so good! Today we’re riding with Yamabushi Trail Tour They’re located on the Izu peninsula They provide guided tours on ancient trails they restore themselves Well, we’re just here with Yamabushi Trail Tours And we’re just about to start on a what they call the epic ride Ya, I’m stoked! First NS Rack I’ve seen in Japan So be careful, wire This is Matsumoto-san He’s the founder of Yamabushi Trail Tours And he’s our awesome guide for the day Apparently there is a wire up high that that I’m not supposed to jump into Oh, okay, what is it? So Matsumoto-san said that cable was for transporting oranges up and down the mountain There’s a lot of orange farms in the area Aw, I love these They’re calling them half-pipes So cool Oh, I can go this way? Whoa! Ha, that’s cool Ah? Try! Yup! So we’re just heading up for the 3rd lap now And we’re gonna go 9 kilometer ride 9 kilometer trail along a ridge Over the mountains here And apparently there is a really old temple up there Should be good! Should be fun! That’s not bad! It’s a pretty good view Oh, there’s a little town in there too! It’s an old temple Is this old grave stones? What is? Oh, those heads Oh, they have small faces So Matsumoto-san was saying when they were cleaning up the half-pipe trails They were finding a lot of these little Buddhas along the trail and they decided to bring them to the temple here It’s not every day your ride includes a ride through a temple It’s pretty awesome This is too nice to ride on! So why do these ancient half-pipe trails exist in the first place? Matsumoto-san was saying that they used to use these trails to transport charcoal down to the coast and they way they did that was with horse and sled They would need a fairly flat path to drag the sled through So in order to level out the trail they would dig out the high spots and create these half-pipes But when fossil fuels became the norm, these trails became disused But in 2012, Matsumoto-san started Yamabushi Trail Tour and started to revive these old trails and now we get these awesome half-pipes to ride! Ah, sweet Oh, a torii gate! Love these natural berms! Oh ya, this spot Ah, its beautiful in here It’s really muddy Mud, oh its slippery here Yup, good Yuka: Ya, I don’t like it though Oh, it’s not that bad Oh, that was fine Oh, he had a bit of a moment there! Oh, wow this is crazy! This valley is massive! That was cool! Ya! Almost crash! Big hole! Ya! That was cool though, big! Ya ya ya, so Big canyon! Maybe water is coming in Just taking away Did you crash? Yuka: A little bit Yuka: Just my front tire stuck in there.. ooh, yes Ya ya Ya, when I saw you, I was like “oh, maybe that’s not a good idea” Sweet Cool! Nice Okay, going here? Yup Last trail Last trail! Yuka: Can we do one more lap? Yuka: One more lap? Okay.. Sweet! So cool! Cool! You should get off the bike here Yuka: Got it I have to walk? Yuka: You don’t have to Ah, I can ride that So one more lap? Hrm? One more lap? One more lap? Lap Ya Lap.. Alright, we’re in for our last lap It’s so good in here Sick! Loose! Ya, it was good! Berms are so cool! Yuka: Ya! So it’s gonna be tight again Yuka: Oh, yes! Tight? Yuka: Tight Good Tight and fast Oh, cool! Oh, switchback! Tight Tight! Tight! Ah! Nice! Fences, rock Whoa! Did you see? Sweet! Sweet! Rock face! Rock face That was good, it’s beautiful Really cool! Maybe that’s the best one! Ya, I really like that one Yuka: So fun! That’s a good one, huh? Yuka: It’s really a good one Ya Did you see the big deer? No! No Yuka: No, where? Like… this big Yuka: Oh, where was it!? Cool! In front Yuka: Waaaa, I wanted to see the deer! Was it a Sika deer (Japanese deer)? Yes, a Sika, but the biggest one Oh, really! Wow, I didn’t see it at all! Yuka: I wanna see… Okay, so… there are rocks… There are houses below here Those rocks might fall on to them So could you get off the bikes and walk carefully Oh, ya, okay Cool! That was a good one Good? Good. Yep. Yuka: That was fun Ya, that was great Yuka: I wanted to see deer, that’s the only point Yuka: I’m so sad You have to go faster so you can be in front Yuka: Yes Yuka: Did you see it? No, I didn’t Yuka: Ya, see, you’re not fast enough No, too slow Oh! Yamabushi Trail Tour! It’s a really nice office! Ya, thank you! So that’s all the trails from the mountain you showed us is all here Yuka: I like the smell, it’s so nice Yamabushi-trail-tour.com Mountain bike x ancient trail That’s totally what it is Epic ride, which we did Fun ride for intermediate and easy ride for beginners Thank you! Thank you very much! Have a nice trip Let us know when you come to Vancouver Well, I gotta say, that ride was one of the coolest I’ve ever been on I just wanna thank Yamabushi for an amazing day And Matsumoto-san for giving us an awesome guide And Matsumoto-san, thanks for the extra lap it was the best one Next week, Yuka and I head back to Nagano To ride the pristine trails, built by Trail Cutter That video will be available right now for patrons

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