Jaw Dropping Jon Boat Discovery – Custom Casting Deck Build

There we go!! Hey!! Vinnie G back at you with another project video. I want to, first of all, thank my dad for helping me for the past two months working on this but this thing is awesome!! I’ve tested it out with him and I’ve tested it out with my brother Austin we did catch some…. (fish) But today I want to talk about this build I do have a lot of footage from the garage but it was so loud and noisy and we were busy. Just talking, hovering over this thing and trying to get this trolling motor mounted to it in the best possible way Without drilling any holes in this boat! That’s that’s what’s awesome about it – It’s removable… and I’m gonna make a removable deck…video! Because I’ve never actually taken this off by myself yet and I just want to time myself doing that. And see how long it’s actually gonna take to get this thing off. So when I went to Home Depot, I actually didn’t even go to Home Depot first.. I looked online to see what they sell. They sell marine plywood. I went with 3/4 inch because it’s stiffer and I wasn’t really worried too much about the weight. I got this online through the website… After I Google searched Home Depot’s marine-grade plywood and saw where it was produced. I got all the specs on that. So that was really important to research before because.. I’ve never done this before and I know there’s a lot of controversy out there as far as using wood on an aluminum boat.. But if you do it the way we did it. I think this is going to last 10, 15, 20 years. We fiberglass the crap out of this. So there’s no way water’s getting in. It’s waterproof everywhere. Everything’s fiberglass resin coated. It took a long time and we got high off of it in the garage. It wasn’t very smart to do but it’s smart to do for a very long lasting fishing boat. This is my get home safe battery. And this is my use until its dead battery. And I have a switch that I can turn it on and get home if that one dies. This right here is my MinnKota Terrova Heading Sensor. It is always on. It’s actually connected to this battery, but it’s not always on because we made a switch… Now it’s on! So now it pairs with the MinnKota Terrova. Now it knows the actual orientation! This thing this thing is so much fun! I can’t wait to keep using this… We have to talk about this… I know I’m not supposed to give my license-plate number away, but… Check this out! It’s pretty cool thing for a license plate… I’m probably gonna have to move it if I get a motor. It’s right in the center… It’s cool, but it may have to get moved or I’ll just.. I don’t know. I’m sure…it’ll be fine. Back, here we have… In here we tried to make everything as clean as possible. My dad found a PVC pipe… That actually was the same color. We didn’t paint that. All the wires all run through there We rigged this up in parallel circuit. If I want to turn this on… It pulls from both of them in 12 volts because that’s a 12 volt trolling motor over there. So I don’t know how it drains I don’t know if it drains one and then the other?? I think since it’s just current I think it just drains both of them slower At 12 volts, which is really cool so… I never have this on, because like I said it’s just a backup battery. The first time I drove this down the road we didn’t have this board. Which is also carpeted and Fiberglass Resin Coated. So these were all over the place and they were really pulling on these cords… And I hated that! It just really pissed me off so I had to get that fixed immediately. So my dad came up with an idea! We put some aluminum underneath here. 1 inch aluminum square rods. Then we screwed screws through that. It’s actually flush from rib to rib, it goes straight across here. And then we got foam in between here. Like a lot of people do on their boats. It doesn’t bow down. This is actually strapped underneath the board. So there’s no screws on the actual battery. It’s just one strap underneath the board, through the slots. I’m on a dirt road right now and that’s how I got here. And these are still in the same spot. So that is pretty cool. That’s an SAE connector. We just connected it to this battery on its own, so I only have to plug it into the SAE to charge both batteries. So that was the idea behind these boxes We want to charge them and never take these off because taking these off is a real pain in the ass. Especially the one with the switch! We got our 4 gauge wire with zip ties and then siliconed each one of those ribs. We pulled them really tight and then stuck a couple zip ties back here to lock it in on this rib. So it can’t go back and loosen up. Then if you notice those straps around the bench.. That was another great idea my dad had. He’s pretty smart! The whole idea behind this hatch was to not stub my toe… I found out I actually can’t stub my toe if that is left up like that. I don’t think that’s gonna happen very often, but if it does… I’ll uhh, I don’t know. I’ll switch this out with something that can possibly lock maybe. We got some hidden hinges. Alex Jones, I think…no, Anthony Jones on YouTube! Dude your videos are awesome!! I got a lot of my ideas from you. I mean the color of my boat is the same and he has an awesome YouTube channel. It’s all about Jon Boat builds. This is something else you can just kind of step on and not have to worry about. These little lips that the… Hatch rests on allows me to put all my weight on this and it’s not going anywhere. And it’s on every corner – just about a half inch to 3/4 of an inch on every side. I painted these… with some gloss… Rust-oleum paint, I believe it’s called, to kind of match the grey boat! (Opens Casting Deck Hatch) “Can you see me??? Can you see me?” This is also Rust-oleum painted. Two by twos and it’s bracing the weight on the weakest point of this casting deck. Which is right above it…Right here.. I know it’s really bright because of settings. It’s basically right in front of the hatch I just showed you. (Opens Casting Deck Hatch) Another cool thing about that brace the experienced man decided something during the build process. We used to have the two by twos one here.. aaaaaaannnd… One here! But he said “it’s plenty sturdy enough, let’s spread them out” Like they are now, which we did obviously and I said “hell yeah” and he said “hell yeah” And now I’m very happy that we did because I can use this as storage obviously. So thanks again dad! (Closes Casting Deck Hatch) Alright, so I’m about to show you one of my favorite things about the casting deck! Which I think is really cool because.. it makes this removable without having to do anything to the trolling motor. (Opens Hatch Again) I don’t know why I closed this… The sun has come out! I really thought we were gonna get rained on! It’s inside this hatch.. So it’s really hard to show you but I do have pictures that might help tell the story and show you how we built it. This right here is a circuit breaker.. and that right there is a stud for the negative. These two wires are all the way connected up to the…. Pardon the brightness here… There!! And they are cable connected and screwed through the board. So you just got a disconnect there and there and let those wires hang. Those are always gonna be there – these two wires. So that was another idea by the big man! This is a MinnKota version or.. I don’t think it is. I think it’s.. Marinco that I got on Amazon. It was a little bit cheaper. We had to drill a one-inch hole for this and it was very scary after we finished this because the carpet was actually flush. We figured we need a hole and that was the best thing we can come up with so that’s gonna plug there and then this is the RAM mount for my fish finder that I’m gonna mount on one day as soon as one adaptor comes in and then another adapter comes in. The Hook 2 Lowrance and MinnKota makes it really hard to make it work out. So this is a quick bracket that a lot of you big-time fishermen probably know if you have a bigger boat. I wanted to put it on this smaller Jon Boat because it is so easy to take off. And it also has this Pad Lock Hole. That bracket is locked down to the front box flush to the boat. This wheel was eight inches and this one was something like ten inches. So it was kind of crooked so I needed to get new wheels and tires Which I already knew before I purchased but I wanted to get bigger ones because now that I have 12 inch wheels. They rotate less on the ground when I’m driving in the highway or if I’m gonna go on longer trips It absorbs the bumps better and the bearings spin around less because the circumference or diameter I guess you could say of the wheel is larger. So there’s less spinning happening. So the bearing grease inside isn’t gonna spin and spit on the outside of the bearing casing as much. It’s still gonna do it because I mean it’s spinning so fast. But they’re bigger tires So I know I didn’t talk much about the carpet But I didn’t feel much of the carpet because it was a very sticky and messy job But basically we glued it on top of the sanded Fiberglass Resin coat. Anthony Jones did a great breakdown video of how to do this carpet. This was actually pretty cheap I got all this carpet and I have more that I’ve been using on my bunks… Under there if we could see them… No you can’t see them. I got plenty more basically.. and it cost me like $50 to get a 10′ by 12′ sheet of this outdoor carpet and it’s pretty good stuff. I like the grey color. If you want to see how I remove this casting deck. I’m also curious on how fast I’m gonna remove this my first time ever so I’ll leave the video link up there! I’ll see you in that video! I also painted some rubber grip on the back bench. And Austin that went fishing with me (my brother) he said it worked really good. I mean he had Crocs on so – rubber on rubber – I figured it was my one good idea!

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  1. Dejay Rezme

    Wow thanks for sharing, really nice project! Thanks for sharing!

    But wow were those voids in the marine plywood? Seemed like pretty shitty quality?

    Did you use epoxy to fiberglass the wood?

  2. Online Outdoorsman

    Dude you and your dad put a ton of thought into this project, it’s so easy to see that. Also you’re handy as hell 🤠 good work my man can’t wait to see you fish in it.

  3. Dan Heffernan

    Looks amazing and super clean layout. Nice work to you and your dad! Ever thought of putting a smaller platform over the batteries?

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