“Jazzy Note Blocks” Sheet Music (& Piano Jam by Aaron Grooves)

Cymbals (glass block) Bongos (glass block, stone block) Drums (stone block) Bass (wood block) Guitar (wool block) Melody Flute solo Xylophone/Bell Solo Stop Time Drum Solo More Flute solo Outtro Hi everyone! Im Aaron Groves, composer of the jazzy note blocks music! If you liked that sheet music video, you can go to MuseScore.com/AaronGrooves You can find the score online listen to it online, navigate the score, you can even download the sheet music and print it off if you like all for free! Your welcome! And also thank you all so much for the incredible enthusiasm around this music. All of the likes, positive comments, positive emails, purchasing the track on bandcamp.com, Some people even donated extra, and I can’t thank you enough for that! If you haven’t seen the original avm episode 5, you can check it out right here. Umm, by the way, working with Alan Becker was such a tremendous privilege. I’ve been a fan of his since the early 2000s, way back before youtube even existed, when he first started making animation vs animator videos. So to be able to work with him on an actual project, collaborating back and forth was truly a dream come true. And I also generated a lot of musical ideas which we didn’t even use! Like this one playing in the background. And some were just as good or even better than Jazzy Note Blocks even! (but don’t tell Alan that) So i’ve decided to take some of these outtake music clips, and release them on an album. And that will be done hopefully within a week or two? It will be availble on itunes, amazon, spotify, pandora, etcetera etcetera. I’ll post a link in the description as soon as that’s done. And also some people have asked me, How did you make the jazzy note blocks music? And it was a really interesting process, playing Minecraft, first of all, to figure out the limitations of note blocks, getting that music out of the game and into my DAW, creating a virtual instrument so I could play the sounds with a keyboard, sequencing them on a sequencer… It was really fascinating stuff. So, umm, I’ve decided to make a “making of the note block music” video, and when that’s done you can check it out right here. Hopefully in a month, If I’m lucky. And…I think that’s about it. I shall send you guys out with a little note block piano jam! (jazzy piano jam)

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  1. Charleston, The Garbage Mobile Player.

    I don’t think wool, gold, clay, and packed ice is a real sound in bedrock edition.
    The lever isn’t even a thing.

  2. GalaxyOfReeses KIng

    "Jazzy Note Blocks" – Aaron Grooves
    "Marble Machine" – Wintergatan
    "Pipe Dream" – Animusic

    Ahh yes, the holy trinity of programmed music.

  3. _Lemon

    Hey Aaron i love your songs and this one is my favourite song. I am trying to learn the whole melody on my keyboard without the notes and already got the beginning make more of auch good songs like this

  4. Tracker HSYT

    Dose the Fl. stand for a flute? Im pretty sure my school has all those instruments and the talent show would love this! I can hook up my friends with the sheet music and we could finnish before the ts!

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