JerryRigs’ Rig – How the Epic LED Wall Mounted PC was Made

What’s up YouTube. I want to show you my most
recent project. My wall-mounted, water-cooled, super powerful rendering computer. I had a
ton of fun making this video so I hope you enjoy it. Go ahead and click the link in the
bottom left-hand corner if you want to see the list of parts that I used to build this
computer. So what I’ve done up to this point is I’ve kind of figured out how much space
all the components take up on the board, and then measured my board accordingly, and now
I’m kind of just drawing all of the outlines. The power supply goes here, the SSD goes here,
hard drives go here, sound card, video card. And when I sketch out kind of the basic placement
of it, I also sketch out where the wires are going to bend down into the holes as they
go underneath to kind of keep it more clean. Because with each of the wires, I’ll take
kind of the biggest example, when this plugs into the motherboard, it takes a second before
it can bend again, and so I have to compensate for that bend so that it’ll go down in this
hole. So I kind of spread it out just a little bit so it’ll allow for a fold in the wire.
Same thing with all of the different power cords here. You have to space the hole out
far enough so that you don’t kink the cable too drastically as you can see like that.
Anyway, relatively simple. Just kind of lining everything out right now. Fabricating and
figuring out how the acrylic is going to work. I took this board and cut the sides at 45
degree angles so that the light from the LEDs would shine through better on the sides. So
that’s kind of like my rough cut. And then the SSD will sit just right on top of that.
And so when the LEDs turn on with the acrylic underneath, it’s going to shine through the
edges. And so now that I’ve kind of made that I can start with the acrylic and make the
real mounts. And so the base is going to be here, the LEDs are going to sit there, acrylic’s
going to sit on top of that, and that’s kind of how it works. All right, so I started with
the biggest piece of acrylic first, the one that goes for the motherboard, and you can
see the rough cut on the edge there that the table saw left as I was cutting it. And then
as I set the motherboard on top of it, you can see that it just comes out a little bit
on every side so that the LED lights can shine through it. Pretty sweet. Now to make the
rest of them. Here I have the LEDs. And I started off, I cut a bunch of them up, and
I was planning on soldering them all together but that is actually an extraordinary amount
of work, especially because each of these little strips has five solder points on it.
So I’m going to avoid soldering that much by taking that roll and rolling it here underneath
the wood, just kind of doing one big long continuous strip all the way through the whole
box and that’ll save me a whole lot of time I think. Drilled myself some pilot holes with
the drill. And now I’m going to cut them all out with the jigsaw. Then I’m going to build
a frame around the backside of it. So I’ve already put on the two sides as you can see
here. Basically I just put a thin strip of glue along the top, and then drilled holes
for the sides. And I’m being super careful with this hard board right here, to not split
it, so what I’m doing is I’m taking a large bit, pre-drilling just a small little hole
on the top, and then taking smaller bit for the shaft and drilling that down inside where
the top hole has already been sunk. Just so you can see how the frame is put together
this is the back of it, and I have wood glue in the seam there, as well as screws along
the top. So this is all the acrylics in place, they’ve all been mounted, I’m just going to
kind of go through a little bit and tell you how I did things. This is for the graphics
card. So I have these two screws going down into the plexiglass and then this one and
this one kind of coming out to hold it in place. Then this line in the center is actually
a groove, it’s a v-shaped groove so that LEDs come up into the groove and then shine out
onto the edges which allow the light to shine around all the sides like you’ve seen before.
This is for the audio card. Same thing. These go into the card. This holds it down. This
is for the hard drives. These four screws come up into the hard drives into the pre-mounted
holes that come with the hard drives. And then for the SSD, there was no really good
way to hold that on so I just used some industrial velcro, which is good for 20 pounds, and the
SSD weighs like a third of a pound, I don’t know. Super small. Power supply. I have some
pretty hefty brackets on the back that come in and screw onto the power supply and then
this piece of velcro just kind of help hold it so it doesn’t twist downward at all which
is kind of nice. And this is for the fan. Comes up and then these keep it elevated so
there’s enough circulation underneath for it to allow–and I can always change the elevation
depending on how big a screw I put in there. This is for the motherboard. I have one-inch
standoffs. Lifting the motherboard up and away from the plexiglass. And then these screws
hold the plexiglass down into the board. And then I’m also going to have three screws coming
from the motherboard underneath the wood as well so that’s how that’s going to be mounted.
Anyway, pretty straightforward. I’m just going to go through and kind of clean up these holes
right now before I put the sticker over the top, the carbon fiber sticker. And we’ll go
from there. So now that the sticker’s all on, I can go ahead and mount the acrylic pieces
and all of the components back where they belong. So the six terabytes of hard drive
are actually pretty uniquely mounted. I put the screws in first, and then I screwed the
acrylic onto the bottom of the hard drives afterward. That way my screws are all ready
to be slid down inside of those holes. I put a piece of electrical tape over the top of
the screws to that the PCD boards don’t ground out having a piece of metal so close to them.
So hopefully that electrical tape will keep enough insulation between the hard drives
and the screws themselves. It still has that same little line right there to help guide
the light into the outside edges. Mounting the power supply is a little bit trickier.
What I ended up taking is some of these framing brackets and just put some screws through
the frame of my case here and then screwed it into three of the four power supply slots.
And I think honestly it’s pretty sturdy. I’m not worried at all about it coming off. This
is the motherboard now. You can see I have the one-inch standoffs kind of sticking up.
Three of them are replaced by just normal screws, they’re going to go and hold the motherboard
to the mount itself. So all the standoffs are going to have their own little screws
as you can see like in that corner and stuff. And then the other two screws will just come
all the way through and there will be a little bit of a gap right there where you can kind
of see that light shining through. The CPU fan is a little bit different. It’s kind of
mounted the same way that the hard drives were. I have these screws coming up from the
bottom of the plastic piece. And then I have three more screws coming through the back
of it as you can see right there. And then we have the same little v-shaped slit in the
plastic to help disperse the light. I did it a little bit different on this one though,
I cut a hole out in the center, and I also put the same carbon fiber stuff over the top
of this, and I put a hole in the center so that when it’s lit up, you won’t be able to
see the LEDs from straight down, but the light will kind of emanate from around the edge
of the fan. Hopefully. So that should be pretty cool. So here’s my workstation where I’ve
been the last couple weeks. I’ve been waiting on a shielded PCI cable which is this guy
right here going down to my graphics card. The daisy chain one that I had before wasn’t
really working out. Sometimes the error code on the motherboard would pop up that the display
wasn’t reading. So I figured I was getting some kind of interference. Probably where
the PCI cord comes down close to the motherboard. Getting some kind of signal interference there.
Anyway, it’s mostly all put together right now. Here’s a view of the back of it, I still
need to do some wire maintenance back there and then make sure that the LEDs are in the
right spots. Basically I’m just going to tape those in, probably with duct tape and electrical
tape. I’ll do another shot as soon as I’m finished with that. I was going to mount it
right between my 4K TV and the shelf that I built last year, just sitting right there
on the wall, next to my monitors. Should turn out pretty well I think. So here’s the back
of the computer. I have a lot of duct tape covering up the LEDs as they loop around underneath
the acrylic so that the light doesn’t bleed out and then come out through the cable slots.
I want those to kind of be darker than everything else to not take away from the LED effect.
All right, we’re making progress. I moved the shelf over a stud, that way I had room
for the cables, obviously we need a little more cable management going on. Need a new
power cable for the power supply, that one’s not quite long enough. So those are ordered,
they’ll be here in a couple days and then I can finish up my videos. So one thing about
this setup that I’m not super fond of is that the heat from the motherboard is rising up
underneath the fan, and so it’s heating it up and it’s running about ten degrees Celsius
hotter than than it was before. Well, more like seven degrees Celsius hotter. So what
I’m going to do is I’m going to pull it back off the wall and extend this out about another
inch and that should give me a little more airflow. And then hopefully it’ll just run
quiet the whole time. Thanks a ton for watching, if you have any questions, make sure to leave
them down in the comments below, don’t forget to like if this video helped you or if you
found it interesting and don’t forget to subscribe. It does mean a lot to me. Thanks for watching!

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Reader Comments

  1. Charles Gillentine

    So I am getting interested in this. Would it be possible to run a wall mounted piece to a tower so I can increase my video card ability? My video card is so big it covers up two additional slots.

  2. Ghos1 Mate

    Were you able to have your power supply reach all the components with the stock psu or did you have to buy extension cords? That's my main concern that the PSU lines won't be long enough when I build mine

  3. Tom Brown

    Hi Jerry, sorry for the noob question but would the graphics card and had drive overheat if you install it directly to a piece of wood? Should I use acrylic plastic for safety on top of wood? I am making a custom PC case out of wood so I wanted to avoid using plastic since it is easy to break but I might try drilling it myself. I have access to a drill but not the tools you do like the saw and stuff. I have to do everything by hand. How did you fasten the graphics card to the board? Does anyone else know how to do this? Many thanks in advance!

  4. ShortyDP16

    Great video. I have ordered a bunch of stuff because I intend to do this to my rig. I have a traditional computer desk (door for the tower, opening for my monitor) .. I decided to use the empty space behind my monitor. Once I have it boarded up and mounted back there I am going to use finger screws to mount a sheet of plexiglass enclosing the entire thing. Should keep the dust down and the noise down.

  5. Ezra Shapiro

    Jerry, I really enjoy your videos – it's clear you invest a fair bit of time making them. I'm getting ready to build a computer and came across this video while contemplating building it without a case. 4.5 years later, how did that rig work out for you? One of my main considerations is that I connect and disconnect many SATA drives a week and I want to use the hot swap sata ports directly instead of USB docks.

  6. chris pudwill

    this is not me being lazy or anything like i dont see the point i got a family that dont give a fuck like ohh you got fucked get over it cause my dad has always worked in life and hasnt had shit happen to him minus his brother dieing from a tumor and that was natural right sooo he cant relate hes just like welll ljdlkajsdlkga9s8ue5oj23olkjsd f same with my mom and my mom comes from brokedom soo she supports fuckery and shit hence my sister have 4 kids all of which she pawned off

  7. Rickhard Hartmann

    I'm coming to break into your house and steal it while you sleep. I just have to afford the plane tickets from Norway first.. What is your adress btw? No I'm kidding ofc, that's a rad pc, I think I'm gonna give it a shot making that wallmount actually!

  8. Diabolous3x

    you went to all the trouble anyway, why not go the extra 15% and do all the cabling right without duck tape and why not just do the soldering on the LED strips. You would not get away with this in Germany lol except for maybe DragonLord.

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