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    #TULSIGABBARD FOR PRESIDENT 2020 – she demonstrates the leadership & experience it takes to be President.

    She stands out from the rest, not power hungry nor out for her own personal gain. We get to have a President who is looking out for the America.

  2. Chupa Cabra

    That's because China didn't line their wall with lots of razor wire amid fields of land mines and they had no aerial surveillance! The Illegal aliens now in the US cost US taxpayers over $210 Billion just this year and will probably go over $300 Billion by the end of this year. We could have built a bunch of walls all the way across the southern border, land mines and razor wire between them for less money! You dopey libtards who are getting social services are just shooting yourselves in your feet and you will soon see that social services has run out of money. Who are you going to vote for then? LOL

  3. Bad Santa Impersonator

    Black is dark brown and some are damn close to being pure black. Hispanic is light brown or just brown. Some asians (like from Japan) are kinda yellow, not yellow yellow, but yellow enough. Whites are baige, but some are damn near solid white. Indians are not red, but what else are you gonna call them for a color?

  4. Arnie Boyd

    kinda a kick in the nuts ,slap in the face, come on really….. kinda comedy …he gives you just the exact amount of time to think about it…… thanks hmmmmmm

  5. oShane Kasper

    They didn't depend on the wall. They just shoot them. Always good to have someone who fled another country to tell us how to run this one.

  6. Andy Anderson

    Not a lot of diversity in China. The late show’s audience appears to primarily made up of aging, self-loathing white people. Wondering what he’d make of the protests taking place in Hong Kong today.

  7. Haternet

    I've seen his tv show a lot called " Is it true?" Usually like a science lab show to prove those rumors online are true or fake .
    And he talks jokes in the breaks.
    That show is casted on CCTV 1 (China Central Television First Chanel ) and I didn't know that he's immigrant already .

  8. sea monster

    Yes it did and they even built walls into the territory of Nomadic Steppe tribes, using them as offensive weapons. And China by en large is populated by Han-Chinese and was not ethnically displaced. Stick to attempting ‘comedy’. Having slit eyes and being born in China does not make one an expert in Chinese history.

  9. Thu Nguyen

    He and Maz Jobrani are two stand up immigrant comedians I like. The rest of Asian comedians try so hard to be white even their materials. One day I hope they'll realize no matter how hard they try they'll never be white enough.

  10. WowAround

    That jokes are actually deep smart, guys is that difficult to be humans? we are the same with the same goal so why the line and a competence to reach the moon?

  11. Ivar Losna

    Of course China would be interested in seeing their main competitor being converted into a third world country. Meanwhile, is China letting Stanis and Indians in freely? Oh, hell no…

  12. Jim Rr

    Racists voted for Obama because he is black. Sexists voted for Hillary because she is female. BTW Imam Obama's action hero "the great prophet of Islam" Mohammed traded black slaves like camels and married his favorite sex toy slave Aishah when she was six. Imam Obama's "holy Qur'an" and Sunni Hadith curse and insult black people, calling Ethiopians raisin heads and saying the devil looks like a black man. In Arabia black people are called SLAVE. Our Infallible Imam Obama, who is most wise, know his place in Arabia, and bowed to the Saudis.

  13. Jasen Ericksen

    Also immigration vs breaking in means that building a wall, tourism to the wall… that means money and tours… plus its not about immigration but illegally breaking in to the country and crossing boundires without being legal to enter.

  14. Chris Milton

    Thankx Stephen for introducing us to Wong! That's the first time I've seen a Chinese man kill a comedy show. He was great and hopefully there's more to come. THE PEOPLE WANT MORE!! THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!

  15. watchman316ly

    The wall in China did not work because it was corrupted from the inside out- just like in America here too. Enemies got in because a Chinese was bribed and so gave into the enemy. In history- all countries at their highest point crumbled to their doom was because they fail to sustain themselves due to becaming too rich, proud, and filled with moral corruption!

  16. Fabian Patrizio

    comedy nowadays has just become Trump bashing… z z z z z z z z z z z z give me old time stand ups who were funny, irreverent, and totally un-PC

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