Joe’s Tips & Tricks – Railing Touch-ups

Hi I’m Joe with RDI, here with another
Tips and Tricks! Today we’re going to talk about making touch-ups on a damaged section of railing. Now we have two products we’re going to talk about that we offer today. One is a bottle and brush and another is an aerosol spray can. Now the first step in a touch-up is to make sure that the surface is clean and free of debris. I’ve used Windex here with a microfiber towel. I personally like Windex with vinegar it doesn’t have the ammonia in it. The first imperfection we’re going to deal with is this one here and we’re gonna use our bottle and brush which we can see right here. Shake well before use and here this is just like a bottle of nail polish where I can kind of brush off my excess and get a
nice thin coat over this imperfection Less is more here we can make multiple
coats if we have to so I’m gonna let that dry and we’ll see how it looks. The next imperfection we’re gonna deal with is this one here and you can see a couple in a row so I’m gonna use my aerosol spray can. Make sure you shake
that well and whenever you use an aerosol can you want to make sure that
you mask off anything that you don’t want to get overspray on. You can see
down here I’ve masked off my libation cup don’t want any overspray in my
beverage. Now when we use this spray can we want to make a sweeping motion or a dusting motion over the damaged area. Again less is more here. We want light
coats that we can go over again if we have to. Here you can see our paint is just about dried. Touch-up bottle and brush and aerosol can. I can’t see the aluminum anymore; it blends in really well. We offer this paint in three colors
our satin black, white, and aged bronze. For more information and answers to more frequently asked questions go to

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