John Deere mower deck repair

this is how you kind of read the signs
of a piece of equipment I bought this for 200 bucks because when you engage
the blades that makes a banging noise and I know I could fix that the guy
wanted 400 I offered him too when he took it it’s uh was it 110 l110 it’s got
a 17 horse Kohler command which is the good engine not the courage it’s got the
Kohler command hydraulic liquors really good engine good solid powerful engine
the wheel bearings are tight the kingpins the axles are tight this thing
has been left out and exposed to the Sun which is what makes it look so terrible
tires are dry rotted seats tore up and the deck has had the hell beaten out of
it and I’ve already figured out what the banging sound is there is a shroud that
go around the book okay and a phone call I was telling you about the shrouds
these here this is the bottom of the deck I’ve removed the blades and there’s
what the blades hitting on one of the little shrouds that help create lift and
vacuum so what I’m gonna do is cut this about
here get some vice grips or a clamp compress it down to this and weld it
back to plate yeah we got a Hills a rainstorm yeah I know that’s in the rain but it
through it’s through a ride the other day busted a hole in the crankcase and
I’m just going to pull a few cards off of it that I know I’ll need and get rid
of the rest of it throttle cable and carburetor and wheels you know this
stuff that you’ll eventually have to use new wait let me get back to this I’m
gonna keep this so I’m gonna use this on the new land that I’ve got because it’s
so rough over there holes and you know mowing that with a lawn mower is you
know borderline abuse so I’m gonna you know I gave 200 bucks for this so I get
a couple of years out of it I’m happy I’m fixing to buy new blades today these
bolts that held the blades on we’re so bummed up then I’m gonna go to the John
Deere dealer and see if I can replace them folks I had the hammer a socket
onto them and take them out with my air wrench and because of that I had a
hammer the bolts out of the socket so now that really bummed up and we won’t
put him back on I’ll put some anti-seize on there you don’t need to crank these
things down that say that’s it lays in this little groove here it ain’t gonna
plus it’s got a it’s got a pin here it’s it’s over and then two bolts it ain’t
going nowhere so do you don’t need a hammer on them with air right you type
them up with a regular box end wrench and you’re done
anyway by the end of the day this will be back together and running great and
then I got to get my Old Faithful the one I don’t want to use on that new
property the old Custer debt that I’ve had fourteen years now I got to get that
in here and clean the deck off and breech the bearings and
get ready for the rest of the summer it looks like it’s gonna be having lots of
green grass to cut I’m not complaining we had drought for like four years in a
row okay enough chat later oh I’m back to work get the lawnmower here my $200
lawn no I got into a whole bunch of poison ivy poison oak poison sumac on
the property across the street that I’ve been clearing and it actually made me
sick I got it everywhere so anyway
made me sick I kind of took to yesterday off and I’m not moving too quick today
but uh I’m gonna get what I can done I’m gonna tack this back I want to hammer
this back in place and weld it and got a new belt got two new blades I’m get it
put back under there adjust the deck and that will be done
there’s nothing I need to do to the motor it’s got a new filter a new air
filter a new oil in it and that was already done oh the guy I bought this
from took it to the John dealer the John Deere dealer and they told him that it
would cost four hundred dollars to fix this deck and he put it on Craigslist as
a non-working lawnmower he was asking for hundred I offered in two when he
jumped at 200 so anyway it’s really an easy fix if you got a welder and if you
didn’t have well there you know you could drill a hole through here straight
through here and you could just bolt this back up real hard and you know
there’s a way to fix stuff without a welder and even if you actually took
this deck off and brought it to a welder I bet you could have it welded for a 40
50 bucks all right let me get to getting this thing back together don’t get too
close I just welded that all right we got clearance I did not buy
bolts hold it on what I’m gonna do is uh put these on my sanding belt and clean
them up make them hexagonal again the threads are okay
but I got a knocked these things we’ve just been chewed up by people probably
not putting the right size wrench on there all right let me get that get
these two blades on get it turned over get the belt on get it on the lawnmower
well the deck is on the hood is owned now I’m back out here and the next clip
you’ll see is possibly of me mowing I’m not gonna mow much because the yard we
had two and a half inches of rain yesterday two inches the day before so
I’m just gonna mow a little bit just to make sure it mows see in a minute

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Reader Comments

  1. 2LateIWon/Organized Chaos

    You know our friend sixtyfiveford did a video of transmission fluid and something else (cant remember off the top of my head) and it will bring that plastic back to life. You may not want to do it because you dont care a whole lot about the looks but that oil might keep it from dry rotting and cracking. Nice mower
    On the broken one dont forget the coil!!
    Great video Brad

  2. Mark Thieme

    good job, nice find, hey take care of yourself dont want to get that rash n stuff infected, you'll be cleaning that lawn up in style now tfs!

  3. John Talbot

    What you can find if you look- able to get the stuff you find to run. Maybe a tractor next (!!) with a brush hog. Got enough land to be a gentleman farmer 🙂

  4. homesteadprepper

    Way to go with the mower!
    You gave me some flashbacks from my chainsaw induced poison ivy experience. An absolutely miserable experience!
    Get well soon.

  5. lsuman38

    Harbor freight got some replacement engines for that push mower. Bought one a couple tears back for about 80 dollars using a coupon.

  6. Mistyvalley

    Get better soon, I recently found out I'm allergic to smart weed. That's the only thing I have a reaction too, wish I could have been there to help you out with the poison ivy and other crap. Great job on the mower!

  7. 427 Elevating Productions

    thats certainly a good engine. However I like the looks of those L130's better with the upgraded with the 48 inch deck I believe it is and 23 hp kohler command vtwin. The single commands aren't bad though.

  8. Robert Culpepper

    I've got an L110A that's 13 years old with 820 hours.  Same Kohler engine you have and I love it.  To prolong the life of the lawn tractor you need to change the oil in the transaxle (about 2 qts).  The transaxle manufacturer recommends a synthetic 5W50.  Tuff Torq is the manufacturer.  Look around on the net and read about it.  There are some videos that show you how to do this.  Good luck.

  9. David Vowell

    This stuff works miracles I've used it before on poison oak that took me off work, it's over-the-counter and cleared me up in less than a week.

  10. Jason Burge

    keep an eye on the mower PTO engagement lever and cable, my dad had an L110 just like it, from New, after about to easy non abusive mowing seasons, the cable broke.

  11. whoolph

    Great deal on the L110 . . . . sorry about the poison whatever, I've been there, not any fun at all . . . . get better . . . 🙂 Rog

  12. TheDisorderly1

    The upside of getting poison ivy is that from now on you can instantly spot it from 50ft away and avoid it like the plague.

    Forgot to say, I used roundup for poison ivy and it seems to keep it mostly under control. At least for a year or 2.

  13. Thoghost O Thompson

    That was a great deal. I have one and paid 250 for a used deck and a new deck was over 500.00 from John Deer. I mow 2 1/2 acres and it is about 14 years old . Great motor and trans. Replaced a few spindles, plugs and filters and just keeeps on going with oil changes. Hate poison ivy too had to get a shot 3 years ago. Hope it gets better.

  14. Deep South Homestead

    I have a john deere lt 120 that when i use the electric clutch to run the blades it will kill the battery in just a little while.If i dont run the blades it stays charged with no problem.Not sure whats going on there.Nice mower though.

  15. Eric Corse

    I have basically the same mower Scotts L175 42. I think I bought it 02 and it has > 1000 hours. Very good mower, I have had to repair the deck anti scalp wheel fell off and was the top was cracked fixed that. Been fixed for >10 years no problem. I use it about 4 hrs every week during cutting season. I bought a bag of 25 or so blade bolts from McMaster Carr fairly cheap so I can change them at will.

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