Joker Parody by King Bach

Arthur, I have bad news for you This will be our last time meeting You don’t listen do you Every week you ask the same questions Hows your job? Do you get negative comments? All I get are comments on Instagram You shouldn’t smoke those, They’re bad for you It’s Steve Harvey y’all. Let’s show this next damn clip When I, when I was younger My mama always told me laughter was the best medicine Top five answers on the board Here’s the question Who the hell told yo ass to be a comedian (Laughter) Number one answer yo ass Number one answer yo ass Number one answer yo ass Number one answer yo ass You have a good show ya hear And Murry one small thing, What? When you bring me out Can you introduce me by my
maiden name? Yo ass out ya goddamn mind What I’ma call you is what the hell I call yo ass Understand me? You a joker man You a clown That’s what you are, iight Don’t you ever disrespect me man I’m from Cleveland Alright Fuck the show, I’ll whoop yo ass

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Reader Comments

  1. Muhammad Ibrar

    It's disrespect to a magical acts. Just for subscribes and views on YouTube, you're getting mad for it, King Bach. Running out of script and I feel sad for you. Didn't believe it that in such modern, fresh age this thing exists.

  2. Blacky

    Hey man. Why don’t you try to get a way to create an app to better manage your fan base messages? Ask Ryan Leslie if you need help if you prefer to manage it through an apple device. I think it could be better for you but the final choice is yours

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