Jorgē Plays Minecraft: Episode I – The Circle of Life & Other Invaluable Lessons

hello and welcome to episode 1 of
Jorgē plays Minecraft I have been playing Minecraft bedrock
Edition on the Nintendo switch for several months now but today I will be playing
the Java edition on the PC starting a brand new world in survival mode I’ve
been playing in peaceful creative mode on the bedrock edition so this is gonna
be kind of challenging for me kind of stressful too without further ado let us
begin Oh okay well hello we are in this new world
it’s a little weird getting used to the controls
because I am used to the bedrock edition on the switch first up I want to build a
house so that I am protected from the monsters
let’s go chop down some trees here here’s a little tree the first time I
downloaded minecraft the bedrock edition first time I played that I got stuck
between some blocks and I didn’t know I could punch my way out I don’t know what
to do I was just stuck let’s clear these weeds now
nobody wants weeds in their yard I don’t really want three of these but okay I
need a bed now I need to find a sheep that’s what I needed. Let’s go find
some sheep let’s let’s go shear some sheep with I don’t have shears right now
so we’re going to have to brutally murder a sheep so I can have a bed it’s just
the circle of life there’s cows and there’s pigs here so
there has to be some sheep how do I swim oh oh no oh no oh I don’t know okay I minorly panicked because I didn’t know what button to use to — okay give me
back my door my door oh oh oh I’m gonna drown — this — forget the door I don’t need the
door right now I have one too many doors already where are the Sheep oh is that a
sheep yes come here let me murder you this is a horror film I beat it with a door
that’s horrible There you are sheep I’m sorry It’s getting dark I’m probably
gonna get killed by creepers I’m gonna run back now if I can make it in time I
might just have to bury myself okay come on I’m burying myself I hear
scary noises I guess I just have to wait now until morning
wow this is going so great I’ve had to figure out how buttons work and murder
some sheep I’m off to a fantastic start It is raining but we have light now
back on the sheep hunt we need two more pieces of wool sheep hunting Gotta hunt
the Sheep gotta hunt the Sheep oh oh so many sheep
oh I have a lot of wool now where am I I don’t know where my little Hut went A
few inches later I have no idea where my Hut went one
eternity later I give up trying to find that house I’m
going to build a new house here building building building because I don’t
remember where my last house went wow this is such quality content I’m
living it up in here the next day I’m just going to gather some resources now of a bunch of stuff I hear — what am I hearing? I don’t like
noises it’s like now suddenly there are just a bunch of sheep
there are many sheep there are a plethora of sheep around where were they
when I was desperately trying to find some wool is what I want to know now
they’re just all out mocking me or maybe that’s not it maybe they’re plotting
revenge and trying to intimidate me for killing their friends that’s much more
likely I have insulted and dishonored them EGGS okay so I am going to be
cutting down all of these trees well not all of them but most of them I have
taken out quite a few trees I have I think enough supplies now for doing what
I want to do for now okay I lost where my home is again I will find it Before it gets dark please okay I believe
it is over oh ah that that scared me I’m gonna make it also I have not died
yet I’m very happy with that I’m going to try and see how long I can
go without that I’ve gathered a lot of wood already and I’ve got some other
supplies – I’m gonna go to bed what I want to do next is I want to make a
wheat field I guess here would be a good place so I got those growing here is a
sheep I wonder if I can just like convince the sheep to just walk in
willingly without coaxing it can I trap it let’s see oh ok it’s walking away
never mind ok well I have my first pen up and I am
waiting for the wheat to grow so I can convince the animals to go in the pen
whilst waiting for the wheat to grow I think it is time to remodel the house How is our wheat doing? oh oh no I I stepped
on the wheat no that was not good all that progress lost no dang it okay I did
not mean to do that I my bad I should not have I should have just left well
enough alone I am taking a lunch break to try and-AH Oh what is hitting me no
no no no no no no no no I don’t like this what is hitting me what is hitting
me I don’t see anything but there’s a fish I’m going back in okay yes I got the fish
and I want more fish Get some paper oh cool did I get hearts from that or did I take
its hearts come to me fishies I’m not scared of you, you squid yes okay I think we’ve got enough
fish now oh there’s some coal Is the sun – oh I better get back hurry
hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry
Get out of the water Ah! No! Ah Ah ah okay do not panic do not panic
do not panic I’m almost home I’m almost home I’m almost home
yes okay we’re gonna cook some fish fish fish fish cook all the fish I will eat
the fish now and now launch time is over it is back to remodeling the house okay
so here is the revamp so far it is a lot bigger and I have added more chests for
storage and also organized them a lot better and now
I am going to make glass so that I can have windows where do I want to put
these windows feeling like right here that way I can watch the sunset now I
can look out at night sweet! a nice lovely view oh oh oh oh skeletons ah
skeleton skeletons okay I’m gonna go to sleep oh oh oh no
I’m just going to hide over here please don’t break my glass this was not a good
idea just I’m gonna grab my bed and bring it over here haha yes are they
gone that’s what you get for or trying to come in and and pillage and stuff Oh Oh
I think I just saw an Enderman don’t look into their eyes and there’s a
creeper over there too okay I take it back having windows was a
good decision just as long as I don’t stand in front of them at night this is
nice I like being able to see outside my window safely oh cool I haven’t seen it
really from the outside I’ve been busy working on it from the inside but that’s
pretty nice it looks like the wheat has finally–no?–oh
okay cool I have wheat yes this is very exciting
for me. Come on moo oh no no love me no That was the wrong thing to do that was the
wrong button I was trying to feed it yes I am sorry. Come follow me come follow
me Moo! Come this way. Come on cow. good cow.
It did a spin! come on come on cow good cow good cow
good sheep good sheep let’s focus on what I want to do here
which is I want to remove this stuff let’s put some dirt here now I will want it to
connect to over here though that way the grass has time to expand and move over 20 minutes later So I’ve gone ahead
and built a deck out here and what I think I’m actually going to do is pull
this dirt up take this stone out I know that’s more work but I think that will
give a better deck effect I might even lower it even more hmm hmm
do I want to do that do I just want to go all the way down here I could I
could do that. Why not So yeah I think what I will do is go
ahead and make everything level with this, the pond, the little pond
well first things first actually I think I need to harvest these so I can get
more animals. There was a sheep over here I’m going to befriend it with this wheat
Come be my friend yes Oh, it answered me!Iit wants to be friends!
Stay in the pen. Where’d it go? did I lo- Where’d it go? it’s up there Silly sheep.
hello sheep sheep sheep, yes, follow me follow me. I think it’s so funny when
they do the spins come on sheep good sheep good sheep
I meant to feed you not kick you or punch you I mean I am sorry for that
yeah! they had it baby! yeah no no don’t don’t stay in the pen
no stay in the pen bad come back in here I have I have wheat
Come get your Wheaties. Look at the baby sheep!– no I did not mean to do that yeah that was an
accidental button push oops I’m sorry for kicking your child your kid I did
not mean to do that now that that’s all done and I’ve got some
sheep I’m going to pull all this up that should be fun and not take a very long
time at all I am almost halfway done I think except the Sun is setting now so I
must go inside what a beautiful sunset tomorrow I still have quite a lot of
stone to get out of here but I’ve made a pretty decent dent with everything I had
to do here okay I am just minding my business and there is I don’t know if
that’s a witch or an, are they called illageers? or what is that I I don’t like–
get inside get inside I’m terrified it’s just this angry grunting this is terrifying I was not prepared
for this huh can I kill him I’m gonna put all of my material in here he is
just grunting it’s kind of funny it’s both really funny and disturbing at the
same time “HUH” to you too buddy okay I will get both of my swords out I
guess I have no choice but to face him okay this might be the first time I die
where are you where are you I showed that monster who’s
boss and now I gotta run back inside I gotta run back inside
that was very intense adrenaline that I was not prepared for
oh this banner what what does the little thing in the corner mean I’m so confused
what is it — i I don’t know what this is but okay
I guess whatever happened I did it and I killed the scary monster guy that was
grunting- oh that’s, is that another one okay well I guess I’m just going to fight
them now I guess that’s that’s it I guess this is happening
I just wanted to peacefully make stuff but no okay dude you’re going down there’s
two okay I’m just gonna run because I’m almost out of hearts and and I don’t
want to lose my streak of living I have really made them angry yeah they’re
just very much grunting where is that guy Yep, there he is. He’s waiting for me. Ya know, I just gotta
do it carpe diem Ain’t no one come on my land! Get off my lawn!
there yeah I am a winner I am NOT chicken dinner. Are there going to be
any others? Are those illagers? is that what they are? I know the game has Illagers, I
have just never personally encountered an illager is this it can I go back to
mining I mean I kind of feel like I have to be on my guard now you know what I
have plenty of fence I should make a border to protect oh wait
cool I have a crossbow I got to protec there that is. It actually doesn’t look
too bad with putting it up quickly in a haste the thingy in the corner still
hasn’t gone away like I don’t know if that’s a good thing if it’s a bad thing
like is it a badge for me saying that I killed their captain monster guy
or is it a thing saying I killed their captain monster guys so I’m under attack
by them at war with them like I don’t know what this means there was no
explanation I don’t understand
oh okay this is how you move it. Kill a raid
captain maybe consider staying away from villages for the time being I guess that
means I can’t go to villages now is it because there is villagers pillaging the
village that all rhymes maybe that’s what the
little thing on the top of the screen means is that I can go to villages when
that’s gone. That was eventful to say the least at least for me I mean
I have never experienced that before but now I have. Anyway I am just going to go
back to the mundane-ness of clearing all of these stones out and hopefully no
more illagers come to attack me with with their crossbows and grumpy grunty
attitudes. And we are done! BAM I’d like to really quick make some
steps for the porch okay there we go we’ve got some steps. Oh, I did wrong, I will fix that Oopsie daisy. I think I know what I will do
here to make it more aesthetic I’m going to put the fences here I like that that
looks so nice I like it I am so happy I am way too excited about how that looks.
Some railings. I think I want some trees on the side too. let’s go plant a tree! okay
I need more windows in here this is just gorgeous I love that sky. beautiful I
know what I can do next beautiful dirt path a beautiful dirt
path to the crops now I’m going to harvest all of these oh cool I have a
new recipe unlocked! hay bale and I need to eat food my goodness oh wait I think
I can make bread I made bread
I did it! yes I ate the bread it is gardening time! I’m gonna pants all these
wheat seeds and I am going to have so much wheat yes I need to put the
composter here okay well I think that this is a good place to leave this
episode I have gone from having literally
nothing in this world to a house and some farm animals and a wheat field not
quite a wheat field but I’m growing wheat so yeah so yes thank
you for watching and I guess we will close with watching the sunset so yes
tune in next time and have a good evening
if it is evening where you are yes I will stop talking now goodbye

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