Judge blocks California tax return law targeting Trump

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  1. Chris Boone

    Democrat politicians fail to realize 'we the people' elect them, 'we the people' pay their salaries. when 'we the people' go unheard in our government, it is the sign that we have to dethrone these liberal socialists and regain the government our forefathers gave 'we the people' to elect people that WORK FOR US. Time for us to be heard. They want to temper tantrum because in 2016 WE SPOKE OUT and showed a non politician could get elected and fix problems morons couldn't fix for over 15 – 20 years…..Find where these Pelosi/Nadler/Schiff Clinton buffoons live and RISE UP against the tyrants. These evil $72/hr elite evil rich are NOT for the poor. Don't be slave pawns for the liberal socialist machine – Don't let these people degrade the meaning of 'racist' and divide people by races and religions baking our minds with Liberal news media hatred. We are all equal and together, power to the people, all as one, we can sever the beast and continue to pursue our rising progress.

  2. msjoanofthearc

    Gov. of California should address the homeless, housing, environmental, energy issues before wasting all of our time on this unconstitutional action!

  3. Thompson & Mackenzie

    Trumpie Traitors will spout any idiotic nonsense to support Trump's treasonous acts. Their hatred of American values, and of America itself, stands exposed.

  4. Sebastian Cobb

    Hey Trumpists, remember when he promised to release his tax returns?

    Now he's going to court to keep you from seeing his shady financial dealings.

    Buying into corruption to own the libs?

  5. Robert. Clarence Hardin

    Last time I checked California was still part of the U.S..A. even though they don't act like it .. these people are messed up ..crooked corrupt politicians. Out west

  6. Shadow Banned

    Its going to be a sad day when the fascists in America get their way and shred the constitution its going to happen because they pretty much control the narrative being fed to the children of America in the education system from kindy to university its going to happen.

  7. shannon washburn

    I'll never stop promoting our dear President!💙💛He's what's MAKING OUR COUNTRY GREAT, and all be gets for his troubles is a bunch of Baltimore Santiago!💩

  8. shannon washburn

    Hallelujah, I get to vote the primary, in person, and for The Only Man that has Earned the Right to Call Himself The President of the United States! And I'm re registering as A Republican, to do so. Yikes! The Rhinos better decide where their loyalties lie, before their actions decide for them. in other words, GET WITH THE PROGRAM, OR GET OUT! I'd love to be the one to escort them to the door, with the glimmering EXIT, over it.

  9. Mark's

    So what I get from this is if Trump would not of said something he would of been in violation of the treaties. So Trump did nothing wrong period.

  10. kb3mzw

    If Trump's tax returns are required for future presidential eligibility, then Obama should've been disqualified for not providing the birth certificate

  11. entertainment-knone

    I've been saying since the first day that California passed this insane law that it would never EVER survive a constitutional challenge and that the federal courts would overturn it. Look what happened. The federal courts overturned it. LMAO. Democrats had to know that it wouldn't survive and so they wasted taxpayer dollars passing the law. Talk about an over-reach.

  12. Dennis Fournier

    The Constitution says only a natural born citizen can become president yet dems refuse to demand a birth certificate. Constitution says nothing about verification of income yet dems want to make a law requiring personal tax information. Talk about corrupt.

  13. K Kates

    If California is going force the tax return law, then all the Electoral Votes from California should automatically go to President Trump!

  14. M Ppp

    Leave it to Californian dirty politicians to try and block Trump from our primary. We really need to send the National Guard in and seize the state legislature and return California to the Union.

  15. smokeythehobo

    California just ignores A$$HOLE trump and his demands. IGNORE the President is the RIGHT thing to do!! HOORAY Californians!!!! Lets ALL Give trump the Middle Finger Salute he deserves!!!!!

  16. CanesFan65

    The Attack of the US Constitution has been and always will be the MAIN target of the LUNATIC LIBERAL LEFT. They constantly CITE the Constitution when they want to use it to their advantage but in the end their #1 goal is to eliminate it in it's entirety. When will people wake up and realize this???!!!!

  17. hector heck

    As if it wasn't a ridiculous thought from the beginning. Think about it, CA doesn't give any EC votes to Republicans anyway, so what was the point other than virtue signaling? They've got 100k+ homeless dying in the streets and this is what they spend their money on? Why would anyone vote Democrat? It's unconscionable.

  18. Josephine LB


  19. Kathy Borthwick

    Thank You and I know many in California- Black and Hispanic as well as Asians that are sick sick sick of the left and are becoming independent! Perhaps in time these folks will consider becoming Conservative! All I know is they will be voting for President Trump!🕊❤️🕊💚🕊💙🕊 Trump 2020🔥

  20. JRW Selberg

    I can't believe Mr. Sekulow was able to get though his entire spiel without being interrupted by Mr. Hannity! But I'm very glad he was able to. Mr. Hannity, you're a nice man, and I appreciate your diligence; I just wish you didn't interrupt your guests so much.

  21. brooklynnlou4

    So I agree with this RULING But why in the world are we celebrating COVERING UP the presidents tax returns? Think I remember him saying that he would release them? Suppose he really didn't mean that and was not telling the truth to the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  22. Darwins Monkey

    Can the American People file a class action lawsuit against the Anti-American Socialist Democrats for wasting tax payer dollars for frivolous lawsuits?

  23. Kasthoorie Pollmeier

    They want to change the Constitution/They will HAVE to to go down the SOCIALISM PATH/The Founding Fathers knew this – Hence the Drawing up of the Constitution blocking this ACTION/AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE – A 3 POINTER US NOT AS GOOD AS A SLAM DUNK!!! GO POTUS!!!!!

  24. Michel Francois

    The left and their "everyone get's a trophy" mentality, raised a generation that has delusions of entitlement, they became the radical party and they are now eating their dem parents

  25. Akindele Bankole

    Having a legal treaties with another country does not mean politicians in those countries cannot do qui pro quo illegally.


  26. Jonathan Hughes

    How can people want money, when Jesus called it an idol? How can people call taxes good, when Jesus called tax collectors, sinners. How can people call Christs, sweet teachings, bitter when he taught, ask, and receive?

  27. John O'Neill

    michael straughn

    Trump is unarguably a documented Con-Artist from the '80's, and don't attempt to dispute this (* just do some simple research)…The sad truth is a Con-Artist will NEVER CHANGE! !!

    Unfortunately, a sizable enough portion of American citizens do not comprehend this.

    The position of POTUS is a position of high honor and trustworthiness at the very least.

    Therefore,It would seem to be unwise to trust a person who has been chosen, even by default, to make decisions about your future or the future of this country, when that person who is a documented Con-Artist, has numerous business bankruptcies, seeks to keep his or her personal business private while even serving as a public servant, and habitually fails to pay his or her debts to others.

    That person is DONALD J. TRUMP…and in his three years in office he has proven that a Con-Artist will never change and should NEVER BE TRUSTED.

    Even as President, Trump has failed to pay his debt to cities, some three years ago, where he held election conventions in…Why???, because , "A CON-ARTIST WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jonathan Hughes

    Being arrested, for not having insurance, would not happen, with ask and receive, seek and find, that Jesus spoke of. People sought, and found manna, when in the wilderness. People survived on that, for years., That was a perfect food. Everyone wants to find, the perfect food.

  29. Roberto Ibarra

    It’s sad that our country as great as it is we are so divided. I hope our next president who ever it is will unite us all. Put this hate behind us and see we are all Americans. Not dems or Republicans.

  30. lance wolf

    "i'd release my returns but their under audit"…what a lying scumbag conman trump is… now, he is going to the supreme court to hide more of his crimes from the american people..

  31. Sebastian Xavier

    Boy did I catch onto this ruling late. I am not a Trump fan in the slightest. However, I do agree with the ruling of the California Justices. I don't think that is a decision for a state to make about a candidate residing in another state. If there was a legitimate reason to subpoena the taxes because of a criminal case, that would be a different matter. I do feel that Federal laws should be created requiring transparency in tax returns. A problem certainly exists when Trump has put this much effort into hiding what he promised to release. It is further evident that those heavily supporting Trump want to avoid the tax truth as he represents their agenda.

  32. Jeannette Johnson

    It's the same thing the republicans have been doing for years. It's called Gerrymandering. The republicans also just signed a bill revoking voting rights. If Trump wins again there will be no more elections. 700,ooo

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