Jump Rope Beginner Basics: Hand Placement + Arm Extension

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  1. Jump Rope Dudes

    Jump Rope Beginner Basics: Hand Placement + Arm Extension (7 Day Jump Rope Challenge Video 2)

    WATCH NEXT: Jump Rope Beginner Basics (Video 3): https://youtu.be/uY1cCQrOofY

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  2. Skipping Rope Changes your life

    Hey zen dude im 12 and i used to weigh 149 pounds now i weigh 116. One day i decided to start skipping rope and came across of one of your vids and it motivated me I saw your transformation and i kept on going and i got amazing results. Thanks Zen Dudes You Motivated Me 👌

  3. Antriksh Dhiman

    Hey zdf can i use crossrope bolt 3 oz jumprope instead of agility rope ?
    Will it make any difference in my workout and calorie burn cause their is only 1 oz difference between both the ropes ?
    Btw im not a total beginner
    Please reply………

  4. Robin Carnes

    Thanks for the real beginner tutorials! I've been skipping for about 2 months but my bad form gave me horrible shin splints! its back to basics for me! my foam roller is on its way thankfully! I can't wait for the app! please make it Android friendly! I subbed and can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  5. Linus Andersson

    Just started jumping rope, always wanted to do it, but i move my arms too much, hopefully it will become better. You are my guiding light in this journey Zen dudes!

  6. Rachael Coan

    Hey I just started watching your videos today. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I always end up tripping over the rope. After you did the arm video on how you should hold the rope I am doing much better but after about 5 jumps I always trip. Will the tripping stop after some practice? Any tips?

  7. Millie

    when u r doing this before bed so don't have a sports bra on, so you have to fake skip with one hand and the other hand is holding your boobs lolllll tmi(?)

  8. Tarun kumar

    hey, i have started jumping rope but i m not able to get my rythm and i can't understand how can i lift the rope whenever i try to get a round the rope hit the round also my hand position is not still plzz help me and tell me how can i come over these problems
    plzz help me😇

  9. Gandham sony Sony

    I want to jump higher than you Bro is there any problem and also one douit about my side now I am 20 gained some weight all are disappointed me you are heigh looking like 12 years girl I am worried about my height and weight please give me tips for hight and weight control myself. ..

  10. Mike Coffman

    I find that if I concentrate on the rotation with my wrists, my elbows start to flare out from my side a little bit. Is there something I can do to keep the focus on wrist rotation while also keeping my elbows in? Thanks for the videos – they’re very helpful!

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