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  1. Olivia Hutson

    HunterRider11: It was a bounce between one and two, one stride between two and three and a bounce betwen three and four. Well done expert Village!

  2. softballqtxxoo

    if the horse takes the canter stride never stop them
    the impulsion is good
    next time just hold them a bit more so they learn not to canter

  3. Lily Goldsmith

    to hunter rider 11 that comment is a bit wrong cause u can jump fences like that it obviously is called gymnastics as its in the title of this vid and i think its called bounce pony too im not sure about that

  4. 9yrhunterjumper

    she shouldnt canter right befor ethe jump and her back should be arched and her hands more soft on the mouth when jumping

  5. heartsxandxkisses

    somtimes horses start cantering up to a jump by themselves though…and if they want to go more forward like canter then you should let them beuase it means they want to do the jump. As long as you know the horses stride then the balance will come naturally.

  6. gwenybear7

    She has a great position. She isn't slumped over in the least. I would make sure you know what you are looking at before commenting. Additionally, she doesn't slam back on the horse at all. She is a lovely rider.

  7. snicklefritzgun

    The people who complain about this person's position and style should (1) learn how to spell and (2) get a life. People who use the internet as a way to boost their fragile egos should instead spend the time improving themselves.

  8. Sonroa Lazar

    you release with you elbows but not with your hands causing you to catch the horse in the mouth. Just get your hands up and follow with your hands. And when your doing grids you land in the ball of you foot not so much in your heels so that you are still up and ready for the next jump and then you won't get left behind.

  9. Michelle Coutois

    I've "tried" to like this, but it's not set right (striding wise) and that might just be THE laziest, heaviest horse in the world to jump. Personally, I would just stick with great physical conditioning & get him fit first with proper flat work, getting him in front of my leg, responsive and WAKE UP BRO!! I watched her set the course – was odd. NOT the way I'd set it. Know what? Let's get them both an endorsement deal with RED BULL! Wake them both up. MONOTONE is a turn off. #expert? no comment

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