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  1. Samantha Lee

    This is basically a comment for "TheEmmaMarything". One of the first things you should learn when riding, is that it is very rare that you know as much as you think you do. Your position is not better than this riders, the grid and the height of it are indeed correct. Perhaps the lesson you should take away is that you need to think before you criticise other riders…..kk?

  2. Morgan McCoy

    Umm.. I had to check your videos out to see if you were actually good, and you couldn't even get the right number of strides down a two foot line, you were constantly ahead of the motion, and you werent wearing a helmet. someone needs an ego check hun

  3. Morgan McCoy

    you actually have an ok position, but her horse is obviously hot and she is rather solid. So to everyone telling her to get better eq and crap just shut it, hers is fine, it might not win the maclay but its solid.

  4. horsechik

    to trackjunky: i don't get your point… you said that your coach said to trot the first jump and canter the rest.. that is exactly what she did…

  5. retta2587

    lay 2 ground rails in front of a jump, kinda like a chute to keep your horse straight…i've seen it help green horses a lot.

  6. blackmagik720

    This is actally what 2 point is SUPOSE to look like…Staying up and with the horse, not laying on their necks, or cought up behind the motion landing on their backs and ripping their mouths off.

  7. Buhbing

    haha yep, when they're too scared to say it in real life, they say it in the comments. I like constructive comments, but honestly, the head coach for the Hampshire College equestrian team is not going to listen to these comments on youtube anyways.

  8. Sarahsum1

    Haha yes i don't think so either! It's just very odd that some people are so bitchy to one another! I read somewhere that even the top showjumpers etc don't say they are great riders coz there is always something else to learn. Yet a bit of support from fellow riders surely wouldn't be to much to ask!!! ah well such is life 🙂

  9. ThatsAFunnyName

    the horse i ride is young so he's not very straight either. My instructor tells me after a jump to stop straight instead of to keep going around the corners or something…hope that helps a bit!

  10. Henry Pankotsch

    the line looks very nice. On the long sides riding to the line the horse is always hollow to the outside and not carrying weight on his inside hind leg but rather balancing himself against the insight shoulder …..

  11. laurenoc101

    ya i agree, you are a good rider but like jumpergirl9494 said, you are forward in the jumps, i would sit back in your butt a little more but still be able to lean forward enough to be able to have a comfordable 2-point position. other than that- Good Rider! 🙂

  12. Katy White

    its called a gymnastic line and its used to build the horses strength and flexibility. 7 fences is not too many for an experienced horse or rider; but definitely too many for a horse that is green or out of shape. this video was made by Mara-Keith Hunter; shes the head coach for the Hampshire College equestrian team….i have a feeling she knows what shes doing.

  13. Katy White

    haha, it so funny how ppl criticize the riders position and release: 1. this is an e-how video, so shes not gonna see your advice! lol 2. her position is fine. shes not exagerating it because shes experienced and doesnt need to 3. i saw the release, it was subtle, with quite hands (more like an uberstreichen for you dressage buffs), which is how it should be for an experienced rider. 4. this video is by Mara Keith-Hunter…………"she dont need yo help" lol!

  14. INDIAmonty

    dont get me wrong but im sure you lot are good riders and stuff but she doesnt look bad and if she is what the others are saying she is (which i am sure she is) then trust me your advise will totally be flushed down the toilet altogether o next time dont be so rude and hurtful if your nto going to say anything nice dont say anything at all 🙂 !

  15. HeyyBrey

    she is NOT popping him in the mouth. she has a perfect release. you shouldn't throw your hands up the horses neck. especially when doing a gymnastic line. its really dangerous if you do so, because your allowing the horse to drop on forehand or dive out to the side in front of the next jump. i have learned from many trainers to always have light contact ALL the way over the jump just like this rider in this video.

  16. ToriSilverson

    will u guys stop criticising her riding! i bet if u looked at ur own riding in the same way u wud find lots of mistakes!

    before picking the spec of dust out of ur brothers eye, check the plank of wood in ur own

  17. ToriSilverson

    @pianomusic1000 umm loads of horses carry their head high…my horse being 1 of them…she isnt tense…if she was the horse wud react 2 the tension by side stepping etc not jump as neatly as it does here…unless u r mistaking her good position as tense…
    sori 4 rant jus cant stand people nit picking at some1s riding

  18. Randi Miller

    lol i agree wish gsukrq06 and my take on releases are you should only release as much as the horse needs, as long as you don't his him in the moth on the landing then its not to small but if your throwing your reins you will have to work harder on the landing to get your contact back and get him on the bit and for him to be responsive to your aids lol but yea thats just me, I like the way she rides, very quiet but assertive 🙂

  19. 03firefly

    @fireballarabian I've heard it both ways. I've been taught sitting back in position between the two jumps and staying in two point between them. Honestly, I think it's what you feel comfortable with and what you believe works with your horse, as long as you continue to release and go up when necessary. A good rider should be able to approach that line in two point and go through the whole thing still in two point without problems.

  20. 03firefly

    @fireballarabian Yeah. I, personally, am a fan of staying a little out of the saddle between jumps in a line like this because you're less likely to get behind – especially with the bounce jumps.

  21. Jeri332

    yeah and besides her release is subtle and hardly there. in a combination u r meant to keep a good contact and they are small jumps, u dont need a huge release anyway.

  22. Katie McKinstry

    ok so my trainer has been offered to go to the olympics and i know what the release is spose to look like and trust me this rider knows what she is doing mkay people~!

  23. Erin D.

    @hugo12707 generally four regular human steps equals one medium sized horse stride… in a gymkhana you can seperate them by nine feet which would be a bounce jump.

  24. Holy Woodsman

    @fireballarabian When jumping, half seat makes jumping a lot easier and she's not stay in two point, she's simply going into half seat, jumping the next fence and doing the same. The bounce jumps aren't easy and staying in half seat makes riding them a lot easier.

  25. Erin D.

    @fireballarabian I was taught half seat and two point were the same thing… one point is sitting in the saddle, two point is jumping position and 'three' point was standing straight up in your saddle… and half seat was jumping position. I dont really know but thats what my trainer taught me and she was titled a champion hunter jumper in several different shows. Not disagreeing, just confused.

  26. horseisbeauty

    Better than I do……. Very nice!! = ) Let's not slag on people right? We're all in training for the same purpose. To ride better… she's not some hill-jack jumping shit with no trainer on some junk in the back yard, she's actively learning. (and better than me I might add) again.)

  27. hidenseeker424

    If you would watch me jump, I appear to have very little release or jumping position/two-point between jumps. Why? Because if you know your horse and have a lot of jumping experience, you know how to just follow your horse's movement and adjust your own position accordingly. If your horse takes a long spot, give a bigger release and get out of the saddle. All of these techniques are basically just to get out of your horse's way while he jumps. Don't criticize unless your horse is this good!

  28. Rachel Tarantino

    Hey Cubetacular4cake, you have no idea what your talking about… hahahha a Gymnastic Line like this only has one stride in between therefore you cant trot it.. She looked flawlesss.

  29. musiquefrique

    @simpleshoes2009 allow your hips to follow the trajectory created by the horses hips – that is forwards and up at a 45 degree (ish) angle depending on the horse- will allow you to have a soft following post that should feel natural and not like work 🙂

  30. obaid al shamsi

    @LizzsLizards she claims to be an expert and wants to give advice .. so she should accept critiques and applauses its how life is.
    people target experts on the slightest mistakes they find and as i see it her ridding is normal (good enough) and she knows how to deal with the horse but she isnt an expert she has some flaws in her riding as people here pointed out

  31. lilacwinteraire

    Okay, I usually hate the riding in these expertvillage videos, but I honestly think this girl is a good rider. She has a solid lower leg, stays over her horse but doesn't lean on his neck, and doesn't ever sit down hard on his back. Yes, a lot of you want her to fold more and be more forward, but if you have a horse who likes to rush, it's a death sentence to perch on their neck like that. Yes, she could have had a bit more of a release, but it's really overall not bad.

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