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Good. Here we go.
Over the top. Take your time, Tim.
That’s good. Come on. [ G ra nt ]
Find your footing.
Find your footing. Ellie, you can’t
throw the main switch
by hand. You’ve got to pump up
the primer handle
in order to get the charge. lt’s large,
flat and gray. All right,
here l go. Okay ? One, two,
three, four. Okay. Charged. Under the words
”contact position”… there’s a round, green button
which says, ”push to close.” ”Push to close.”
Okay. Push it. [Alarm Ringing ] -Ah !
– [Alarm Continues ] [ Grunting ] Now, Ellie,
the red buttons turn on
the individual park systems. Switch ’em on. Timmy ! You’re
gonna have tojump ! You crazy ?
l’m not gonna jump. Do what Dr. Grant says ! two, three ! Control room.
Tour. l’m coming up.
l’m coming up to get you.
Lex, l’ve gotta get Tim. Okay. l’m gonna
count to three. One, two–
[ Fence Buzzes ] Timmy !
Timmy ! He’s not breathing. Mr. Hammond, l think
we’re back in business ! [ Screaming ]
Oh, my God ! Goddamn ! Oh, Mr. Arnold. [ Gasping ] [ Growling ] [ Panting, Grunting ] [ Panting, Grunting
Continues ]

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Reader Comments

  1. Donald Fleming

    What I never undestood was why the kids didn't just climb through the openings in the fence grid. There was enough space between the wires for them to slip through.

  2. لا اله لا الله محمد رسول الله

    انا لوحدي هنا لي بكتب ب العربي بس الفلم ده روعه اوي وتحفه برافو بجد 👏👏

  3. Neylz90

    Sad, that never Mr.Arnolds severed leg
    didnt make it in the final cut of the movie. Also his own death scene, what was also prepared for the movie. JurassicCollectables look for him here on youtube.

  4. Killer Queen

    Just finished watching the movie for the first time in over eight years. And I was just crying over how adorable Joe Mazzello was. And now, wow. John Richard Deacon.

  5. Foebane72

    The problem with this scene is that once the perimeter fence was activated, Tim would NOT have flown off of it. He would've remained there as his muscles contracted with the electrical contact and he would have FRIED. My father pointed this out to me, and he's a Doctor of Science.

  6. Dennis Maron

    Is it just me or Does the noises at 1:50 Sound like dino screeches :/?! I have never been able to hear it as humanoid sounds

  7. Aniket Biswas

    When you get electric shock by holding a wire like that after getting shocked you'd hold it even more tightly and burn to death.

  8. Ekjmd R

    He should have died to the way his hands were. Due to the shock they would have clamped shut on the fence preventing him from letting go

  9. Andy Smith

    Not a single frame of CGI in this entire sequence, yet more effective than almost every scene in the newer Jurassic world movies.

  10. Adam Zimmerman

    I just realized this is the first time we actually SEE one of the raptors in the movie. Before this they were only heard

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