Kansas Fencing Inc. Video – The Best Fence Provider in Kansas and Missouri

I feel in order to be the industry
leader, you got to have good people and you got to have good products. My name is Dirk Henderson, and I’m the
president of Kansas Fencing Incorporated. My wife and I started in the fence
business in 1998. We had to learn a lot along the way. What
I learned early on is that we’ve got supply the customer with the very best
quality materials, and we’ve got to have the best quality people. I would describe Kansas fencing as… a family owned business. We’ve grown the
business to one of the larger fence contractors in the state. Our Better Business Bureau rating
is an A+ rating. We’ve been accredited with the BBB
for over 10 years! We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. I think peace of mind that people can
have when we do build a fence for them is that we’re going to build the fence
correctly. So, you’re going to find a… consistent product that’ll perform well
over a long period of time. Many of the products that we sell are maintenance
free. Our big seller is ornamental aluminum fencing. We’re actually the number one
distributor and seller of AlumaGuard Ornamental Fencing inside the state of Kansas. So, a lot
of people like to go with a vinyl fence, which is a maintenance-free product. There’s
also chain-link fencing which many people don’t think of chain-link
fencing as maintenance free, but it is! We have a simulated stone fence,
called SimTek Fence. it looks like a stone wall, it’s maintenance-free.
We also have some composite fences. So there’s a lot of maintenance-free products.
We do still offer wood products. But that’s kind of a summary of the different
products that we’d offer to a residential consumer. We do warranty every fence we put in. I
think you’ll find that our two-year warranty is longer
than our competitors’. We hire installers with high potential and we train them the way
we want the fence installed. Some of our installers have over 20
years experience installing fences. Kansas Fencing currently has
somewhere between 20 and 25 employees. One other things that differentiates us
from our competitors is a level of consistency you’ll get with us. When you buy a fence today, it’s going to be
straight; the posts are going plumb and in line; the fence is going to roll with the
ground (as it should). If you buy a fence next year, it’s gonna be
the same look because we train the guys “from the ground up” to build fences the
way we want them built. I do know that last year we sent out
over 2,600 invoices. We’re sending out about 10 invoices per day! So, we do build a substantial amount fence.
I would say our core values are all summed up with Integrity.
We try to provide a quality product at a competitive price. What we’ve done with Kansas Fencing is a
good job of building a business from the inside out. From the
beginning I started with trying to hire the best-qualified people that I can afford
and providing the highest quality materials that I can find.
And when put those two together, you end up with a good product.

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