Kayley Woollacott EP2: Starting out over fences

I suppose, going into this season, I had a lot of points that I wanted to prove. We were starting out on our own and this wasn’t picking up any pieces from anybody else. Sometimes, I think you have got to be brave. We’d always believed that he could be a top-class horse and, overnight, it just changed. I’d said to my mum and Steph that we needed to look at designing a new logo. I said I wanted something really bright, colourful and positive, and that’s what my mum drew. It’s really nice that Mary, my step-daughter, and my mum did it together. It makes it a bit more personal. It’s just what we were looking for. When I started my business, I started from nothing. There were people that helped me when they may well have been backing a loser. So I appreciated their help, and I know that she’s appreciated my help. Understandably, I think, people sit on the fence. Leading into this season, Can she train? Can she not train? Was she just the wife at home? Whether that was true or not, that’s how I felt. I knew I’d put a team together to help me do it. Just for them, for me and everybody, I wanted to be able to show what we could do. The Racing Post Arkle Trophy Trial Novices’ Chase. I contemplated driving up on my own, because I was not in great form. I was very nervous. We went into the owners’ and trainers’ to watch the race. Her brother came with us and, as they turned down the hill, Stuart, her brother, said to me: ‘Where’s Kayley gone?’ I am terrible, once they start running, I cannot stand still. I had to get out, I saw cameras down at the bottom, so I got out and went down into the crowd. He just absolutely winged three out and came back on the bridle. I don’t know that I watched the second-last and the last. I was just hoping. I was absolutely screaming. There was awful footage on ITV of me going crazy. It was just unreal, really. And Lalor is storming away from, in second place, Dynamite Dollars, and Claimantakinforgan. A poignant success up the Cheltenham Hill. As Lalor is a ready winner here, pulling clear. A pat down the neck from Richard Johnson. You just don’t really think that it’s going to all come together. For him to win in that fashion, it was even surprising for us. No matter how confident you are with how well the horse is going, I couldn’t have guessed that he was going to do it that emphatically. ‘He pissed up’. That’s what I said! When I embraced her, I had no idea there was a camera. As I pulled back, I tried to pull myself together a bit, because it was very emotional. It was wonderful. The two continue to pull away from the field at this stage. Cornering in third will be Dynamite Dollars and Highway One O One. A further six lengths back to Lalor, who will now be 15-20 lengths behind the leader, Ornua. Sandown was a difficult one, and possibly one that I didn’t get quite right. We’d had a lot of rain, and it was just one of those things that didn’t work out. He didn’t enjoy the ground. He didn’t travel like he did at Cheltenham. Ornua, Dynamite Dollars still just about a length or so down as they take the final obstacle. Lalor’s beaten back in third. I was not disappointed. It was a bit more education for him. I moved home in January, as any sister would, so that I was committed to being here. I get up in the morning, feed the horses, then ride out a couple, or more, depending on what day it is, and then I’ll go in the office. It’s mind-blowing how much she can do. But, more than that, how good a trainer she is. She knows what she’s doing. I always remind her, trust yourself. She’s very much the boss. But, come the evening, when I go over for dinner, she’s not, she’s my sister. At dinner time, we are just friends. I’ve got every faith that nobody else can do any better. You can only get him 100 per cent fit, and I’ve got every faith that she’ll do that. He’s run very well on the back of a break twice so we won’t be worried about time, he’ll go straight to Cheltenham. What we’re here to do is set him up for the spring.

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  1. Hesteyri Horses

    This honestly brought a tear to our eyes. We are two sisters and just love that comment of ‘I moved home, as any sister would.’ And about the friendship between them. Amazing video.

  2. Firefox, the browsing dog

    Disgusting. Just like a manipulative and selfish women. Your husband killed himself after discovering you were having an affair and, after saying you would end it and try again, you continued to cheat on him. Your are a disgusting lady and deserve no pity. Shame on you for asking for pity while playing the role of the victim. Your actions are responsible, no one else's. I would say remember that but you've clearly forgotten because it doesn't matter to you in the way it would a normal person!

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