Kicking & Screaming (4/10) Movie CLIP – Backyard Camping (2005) HD

Phil, it’s freezing out here. lt’s not Phil.
It’s Coach Weston. And it’s not
freezing out here. Then why did you
build a fire? Because fire is
the stuff of warriors. And that’s what we are,
right? Warriors? The Hopi Indians
called fire… [speaking gibberish] Coach, what are we
doing out here, anyway? We’re bonding.
We’re becoming a team. Surviving the elements,
here in the backyard. Coach, did you order
the pizzas yet? ln due time, Connor.
In due time. However,
l want all of you to know if the pizzas don’t arrive, l’ve already
made the decision that we will eat Byong Sun. All right.
We’re not gonna eat him. But he does look delicious,
you have to admit, right, if we had to eat someone? Dad, you’re
getting a little creepy. l know,
Iet’s all bay at the moon. What? You know, howl like a wolf. [howling] (woman)
Shut up out there! You shut up in there! Come on, everyone.
Bay at the moon. [howling] [all howling] [barking] [all screaming] [dogs barking]

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Reader Comments

  1. Κυανός Αστέρας

    HE LIES!!! In 0:25 he is wrong. I made a search and learned that the Hopi Indians were calling the fire "qööhi" and "uuwingw".

  2. Michelle O

    "Alright we're not gonna eat him. But he does look delicious you have to admit right?"
     "YOU SHUT UP IN THERE!" lmfao fav scene <333

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