King Cobra Official Trailer 1 (2016) – James Franco Movie

How old are you? 18 Take off some of those clothes Show the Cobra fans what they really want to see They are gonna love you This is just the beginning for you I can pay you so much more If you’re willing to go all the way Introducing: Brent Corrigan It’s fun to play with who we are, don’t you think? OK *Inspired by the insane true story* You heard of this guy, Brent Corrigan? His videos are selling like hotcakes Just wait till I make you a star David, it’s Joe. Viper Boys Who? Listen, we’re big fans and we’re going to use Brent in a little thing so uh… Nobody works with Brent, he’s mine Hello?! Motherf… You gotta spend money to make money I am willing to give you $25,000 for one video I’m not losing you to anybody! You can’t stop me from using my name I trademarked it I’m the one who calls the shots around here You’re Brent Corrigan You have to do this video Steven is the only one standing in your way Then we’ll take care of it We make the movie and be rich You’re gonna be a good boy right? No little bitches! No little bitches! Oh my god! You’re doing porn! Maybe I like it “Movies don’t get much juicier, creepier, funnier or smarter” -The Wrap Maybe you pissed off the wrong person Give it your best shot you little sh… He’s a kid You got me into this No little bitches! No, don’t! I’ve never done this before I’ll show you how It’s exactly what you wanted Might as well get paid for it How was I? You’re gonna be a big star

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