Kingdoms II – Ep. 6: The Apothecary

Hey guys Welsknight here and welcome back to another episode of kingdoms. I hope you guys are having an awesome day I am having a great day, and in today’s episode I want to add another structure to our little village here Which so far is unnamed now as you guys probably know if you’ve been watching this series so far I’ve been back logging a bit because I left this last weekend for a trip to Wisconsin This is the last video that’s gonna be backlogged after this I should actually be home by the time this video goes up But I don’t want to rely on myself after like a 9 or 10 hour drive to be able to record videos because I will probably be dog tired by the time I get done with that drive so By the time you see this, I should be home safe and sound and probably back to recording videos again But what I want to do in today’s episode is I would really like to make Actually before we do that well, No no we should be fine What I would really like to do in today’s episode is I’d like to make an apothecary I’d like to add an apothecary to the village and It’s going to double as a potion brewing center thing okay, so it’s going to be where we go to brew potions, and we have a Decent amount of the stuff that we need to brew potions we have some of the ingredients we have Soul sand we do not have any nether work That there’s a ghost block here somewhere there. It is stupid ghost blocks. I hate them. I hate them so much Anyway, so let me get a little bit of the soul sand here since that’s you know on the agenda for today I’ll just grab a bit and basically the the big reason I’m doing this is because I want to have the ability to Brew fire resistance potion specifically, that’s the big one you know if I can brew other things too great but fire resistance potions are the the one that I need more than anything else just so that if I mining or if I’m in the or something like that I can keep one of those in my hotbar and be Relatively sure that I’m not going to die and lava because you can drink the potion before The lava damage hits you, and then you’re basically good to go now. I know there’s another fortress We’ve been to this nether fortress. We know it’s here, and we know that there is Blaze though that there are blaze spawner x’ and stuff like that inside so that’ll take care of our blaze problem the other thing too that I should probably mention is that we are wanting to get to the end at some point in the relatively near future And in order to do that I’m going to need eyes of ender And I think I have one blaze powder right now back in our stockpiles So we probably want to deal with that as well. I am gonna grab a little bit of this glowstone and a Reminder if you’re wondering why glowstone looks funny. I do use a texture pack in this Series, there is a link to it in the description below But glowstone is one of the textures that I changed it’s basically just the sea lantern texture except yellow instead of like that teal color And I think it looks much nicer than vanilla glowstone. I think vanilla glowstone is actually kind of ugly, but anyway to the nether fortress let’s take a peek and Just see If we can find ourselves some nether world we should be relatively safe now And I have looting three on my sword this time around last time. We were here. I did not have looting three Oh, I’m gonna have to kill gas to get because we’re gonna have to respawn the dragon at some point as well But I don’t have a boat with me Oh Would you be so kind as to drop a wither skeleton skull? No, no, I didn’t think so. I was gonna be pretty surprised if he did but nonetheless Let’s kind of peek around here a little bit. I know it’s fairly dark, so I don’t want to spend too much time here, but I do want to just look around a little bit. You know we’ll see if we can maybe find something exceptionally useful Specifically nether wart would be great and let’s uh, let’s do one of those as well just to get that lava up out of the Way, let’s see Any Staircases leading down or anything like this is a huge fortress This is actually it would take some doing it would take some clearing and stuff, but this actually could be a pretty good Wither skeleton farm because we got crossroads here Another crossroads here. That’s two Like this could work Relatively well potentially Although it’s not over that was a mistake and mistakes were made okay Let me get a little bit more. I’m trying to make this safe But It looks like no matter what you’re gonna have to jump up over Unless I go up there and block that whole thing off and that just seems not really worth it for Something we can just walk around Very surprised we have not yet. Oh, okay. Okay? There’s more to this fortress this fortress is a lot bigger than I thought it was Let’s just see Cross road, there’s blazes are there no staircases in this fortress like did they not exist Alright guys. I am back And I am 99% sure that this fortress does not actually have any staircases Whatsoever which means no weather another word however? There’s another fortress right over here So if we can make our way over there we may be able to find what we’re looking for Hopefully this fortress Actually has the things we need So here’s what we’re gonna want to do because I want this to be This this lava flow right here. I would really like for this to go away so let’s just kind of do something like that and then we’ll go boop-boop and That should end The lava flow right yes, good, okay, and then we’ll kind of work our way around now the other downside is I’m not exactly sure where we are I’ve Went around the nether so much that I think I’ve kind of lost my orientation, and I’m not sure at this point Exactly where the portal is in relation to us, but I should be able to figure it out. Just by basically finding the Overworld coordinates, although actually come to think of it I know that in a previous episode when I first came into the nether I showed my coordinates So if I really had to I could go back and I could look at that footage and try to figure it out that way Okay, here we go now. We’re getting to some stuff so Here we have obsidian a flint and steel in gold Diamond horse armor and diamonds. That’s pretty good zombie pigmen Don’t really care about him more Chest though I’m feeling a lot better about this fork a hold more diamonds and a saddle, okay They didn’t get a horse for set hello Go away wither skeleton there was another one I saw over here. I saw him through the thing There we go still no wither skeletons skulls though But I am feeling a lot better about this fortress in fact. Here’s a staircase right here. That’s what we need There we go, okay, let’s get our nether wart. We’ve got our soul sand I Think we’re in good shape. I don’t think there’s really anything else I want here at the moment so now that we have what we need We’ve got a little bit another war to get us started. I think it’s time to get out of here all right guys I’m back, and I have been doing a bit of work. I’ve laid out the structure So let’s kind of go over what we have here right so we got a little bit of a front deck or a front porch You’ll come up on this side main entrance is right here. We’re gonna. Have a window on all of these spots that we have mark doubt and then the inside will have Probably some nether wart and brewing stands and all that kind of stuff so that’s kind of the plan So at this point, I think let’s say let’s go ahead and start getting some of the Windows and stuff in place um I’m trying to think here because we I do want to bring Hmm Maybe we’ll just go across Like so they don’t necessarily have to be too high windows Like we could get by with one high windows and that might be just fine I’m just trying to think a little bit here thinking thinking aloud welcome to the world of YouTube, but this is what we do okay So there we go something like that should be good And then I’m thinking instead of bringing logs across Partly so we can save on logs and partly because I think this will look a little bit better. Let’s do some slabs Okay, so we’ll go slabs across up here Like so I think that’ll be good, and then we could Potentially then I think that’s fine. I think that’s good. Oh, there’s actually supposed to be a log right there there we go So we’ll bring these out. We’ll do the same over here and Come back you and right There okay, so that should be good. I need to fill That back in because I left it unfilled before and it looks like it’s about to be nighttime, so let’s sleep It can we not sleep is that a yeah, I’m losing my mind here The chicken the problem is so the dispenser this this chicken farm is Connected to a daylight sensor so like right now when it’s becoming night That’s when it fires over and over and over and over and over again Because every time the light level changes it fires and that’s that’s what’s causing it to be kind of annoying anyway, I digress so let’s Next step, let’s grab some cobblestone. Let’s grab some cobblestone stairs Specifically, and then I probably want a little bit in the way of cobblestone slabs as well And I may actually need more cobblestone yes We’ll see I do have a crafting bench with me so if I do need more than it’s fine Okay, and the nice thing about having this built kind of into the hill like this is that we can just kind of sneak up Here like so alright now We want to go cobblestone cobblestone Okay, and then we’re gonna do a simple Triangular roof Like so is this our center point it looks like it. I will put a slab here and Then right here We’re gonna do basically the same thing throw down a log and go cobblestone cobblestone and Back and forth until we get up to the top there we go alright then Let’s go ahead and do the other side Over here same kind of a deal. Yeah, we definitely are going to need more cobblestone Stairs, this is not gonna be enough although. That’s fine. That’s fine. We’re just outlining the roof basically And I think yep, that’s our top point right there so again over cobblestone cobblestone And then back and forth Until we reach the Top there we go so we framed that part of the roof out, and then I want to go ahead and right away We’ll frame out this top line as well with cobblestone slabs so There we go That looks lovely okay now This is where we’re gonna get a little bit tricky with it because we need we we have this here And we want it to have a certain look and feel, but I also don’t want to just keep it real flat right here because that’s gonna look kind of boring so I want to add some dormers and to do that we’re gonna need oh Okay, I have a whole nother stack. I was very concerned for a minute. That’s like what happened to all that cobblestone It’s in my inventory. I’m a genius Anyway, let’s get back up there and we’ll go over here. I think we want to Let’s see yeah, I’m thinking Like right You’re maybe even will start bringing this. Oh real quick. Let’s let’s put down some Some blocks like so okay, and then I think we’re gonna go here and Then up up and to here and A thing right and then we’re gonna bring that Back Down Until we get to Here No, no that’s gonna be too high okay? That’s that’s what I was thinking because I want two of them on the front and that is absolutely gonna be too high so let’s go and Do this instead in fact the smart way to do this would be to go here and Start going up right like right here Except you are facing the wrong direction We actually need this guy to turn this is what we need I Suppose we could do Something like this Is that? One two three four yeah, okay, so this does actually need to come out one more, then we go here, then we go up Okay, and that’s gonna give us a really small dormer But it will give us a dormer Just a little one Hmm Hmm, I don’t know Let’s do the other one and see if we like it we might not I might I may change I feel like it needs to be taller in order for it to give me a The effect that I want it to give I suppose the other option Would be this right we’ll get rid of these and we’ll start turning it right here Like that and then Where’s our doorway right here so we would go here and Then it would go like this And that should give us one – I’m just looking right. This is this is three in the middle. Yeah, okay there. We go, so I think that’s a little better That seems better So we’ll put this guy here and then this and this would just go away. They would just be broken right so it would come like that Although maybe we would go with a slab and a slab Like so and probably turn you into an upside down stair Yeah, yeah yeah, that’s much better. That’s much more in line with what I was thinking, okay, so We’ll do something like that and then here once again bring it up bring it over and Just outline this roof shape Like so there we go now. We’re talking now. We’re things things are happening We’re making progress and we can go ahead and get rid of this because this we don’t need it. Okay. What we do need is to mark out the back of this with Something so that we still have this effect right here Because we still want to maintain that spruce sort of effect Like so this spruce outline right we still want that feel to be there we want that to exist and We’ll probably go with a spruce slab right there That should do the trick for us And then okay good I do have more spruce wood, so we’ll swing over here and basically do The same thing just like so and then down here once again Get rid of these although that one will stay So that should take care of it, I think and then behind we go back to the oak Right select right here. That’ll calm come up right there, and you will come up like so Yeah That’s not bad That’s not bad I Dislike how this looks so maybe we’ll add a couple of stairs in the corners Still not a fan so maybe we’ll go With slabs. I know I tore those out earlier, but it looks a little weird having slabs at different levels I’m not really a huge fan of that either mm-hmm Why don’t we do this then we’ll do this this little easy fix easy fix okay there there and then we’ll put a slab here and A slab there, that should do it Yeah Yeah, that’ll have to do that’ll have to do it’s a little it’s a little different or sure But I think it works. I think it works out pretty well, and then I Think on this chunk. I mean the other alternative would be to take oak like this right and we could just kind of do it on this side cuz we’re not gonna have dormers on this front base part right here and They’d do something like that Let’s see how that looks Uh it. Looks okay, it doesn’t look that bad. Actually. That’s not bad We could we could work with that like that would be fine, too The question is do I prefer that And There’s only one way to find out so let me do some more work on this and figure out what I want to do I’ll be back with you in a minute Alright guys. I am back and the outer structure of the house is almost done we still need to get a windows in and stuff like that but Structurally, I think it is good to go let’s go ahead and make ourselves some glass panes there we go and let’s Get these windows all filled in so we’re gonna go one two three Four and you know what it’s probably easier to do this from the inside now you’ll notice I put some stairs above the windows on the inside normally normally, I do that on the outside, but in this case because we have This spruce kind of lip if you will it wouldn’t look very good if we’re to do it on the outside so I decided to leave it like this and Actually, give us a little bit for interior decoration instead now let’s go ahead and Speaking of decoration let’s start decorating this place because I’ve got some pretty interesting ideas that I think are gonna be kind of cool so first of all let’s I need That there we go Let’s make a spruce door throw that guy out then Let’s make a whole mess of trapdoors 16 mighty enough we’ll see and we’re gonna go 1 2 3 4 and we’re going to bring all of those up, and we’ll do that over here as well Like that okay And then of some of you probably see where this is going you guys are very clever I applaud you if you know what I’m about to do and actually while we’re at it. Let’s grab that brewing stand Right away as well or not brewing stand but Blaze rod needed for said brewing stand is what I meant to say it will go like that there we go And I’m Tempted to put cauldrons in there. I know cauldrons would look good. I Don’t a lot of iron. You know what let’s do it. We’ll make two cauldrons there. We go put those in here as well Excellent so here is the plan also do I have? Any more bookshelves, I don’t think so that’s fine. That’s fine. I don’t necessarily need them, okay So here’s what we’re gonna do we’re going to take soul sand and we’re gonna go like this and then we’ll put nether wart in there like so so we’ll be growing nether wart in these like barrels or Planter boxes or whatever you want to call them right in front of the house Which I think it’s gonna look super cool and then in here let’s put down a crafting table there, we’ll put the brewing stand on top and A coloring on either side okay, and then once again We need a whole mess of Trapdoors and these ones we’re gonna go Like so And we’re gonna have an area right here Or growing or nether wart inside the house Like that okay and one two three one two three There we go so that looks pretty good that looks pretty good. I like it. I like it okay now There’s still some space here that we could fill I don’t know that we necessarily need to worry about it too much I could put on a smaller nether wart thing right here, but I don’t think I want to We do however need to figure out some way to get some lighting in here. That’s gonna be very important obviously so what I’m thinking is Mmm This would actually be like the perfect spot or some ends for some end and rod lighting That could be kind of cool So we have enough space for a chandelier probably not well yeah, kind of I Need to sorta not really Uh. What do we try some glowstone maybe? Glowstone could work, I know we have some over here Let’s just grab a little bit of that And let’s just see if maybe this is the answer that we’re seeking this is gonna look great by the way when the glowstone when the Band rods are actually liked Or earned to end rods when the nether wart the nether wart is what I meant to say when the nether word is fully grown It’s gonna look super good Will give us a nice splash of color in the village which I think is gonna be very cool so what if we were to go like here and Put a glow stone up there Now the question is is that going to give us? enough lighting and the answer to that is I Don’t know, but we’ll find out Let’s grab these resources back. That’ll definitely give us enough lighting up here or sure in the attic which is basically just To cover up the ugliness of the roof but if I stand right here Now seven on the block, okay, so that’s not enough lighting right there, that’s unfortunate. I was really hoping um Okay So how else Other question is there enough lighting when I stand right here Yes 9 there, so it’s basically just the corners that are gonna. Give us some issues so For the moment, let’s just put some torches up here and once we have more wool Will probably turn a lot of this into like a carpeted Area, and then we can hide lighting underneath carpets Yeah, yeah, I think that’s a Pretty good solution. What about right? Here? Is this yeah that still lit up enough So this should be good this should do the trick right and there’s definitely enough lighting out here Cuz we got lighting on the deck, right? So that should be good. We also probably want to put some lighting on Some of these fences Right just kind of randomly. I don’t want to like pick I don’t want to go too crazy with it But just a little bit here and there just to kind of light up this area as well That seems pretty good, okay, let’s sleep there we go Beautiful, and then we do need some chests actually that would be another option as well because I’m pretty sure mobs cannot spawn on top of chests So if we put Hmmm If we put some chests in there in the corners right like this That would prevent mobs from being able to spawn in here Now I don’t know if that’s necessarily the best place to you What chests in fact? I really don’t think it is. I think it’s kind of ugly But it would be an option So where do we want to put chests I mean I suppose we could put a couple here, but I don’t like that either Tell you what let’s get rid of one cauldron and put a chest there instead Yeah that seems good so we have a chest here we’ll store Water bottles in there and then over here this will be good Okay, awesome, so we have this nice little apothecary. I’m quite happy with it Let me get all my stuff put away, and I’ll be back with you in just a sec Alright guys. I am back. I’m done putting away my stuff I went ahead and I added the pathway I did the pathway here leading up to the the apothecary So I think it’s all good or the potion brewing house. I don’t know what we want to call it I’m gonna go with apothecary. I think the idea being you can come here and buy If an apothecary was like a place where you could go and buy medicine But either way I’ll think of something Whatever the title of the video is that’s what I decided to call it. Let’s put it that way, but I Extended the path up to the deck over here. I think that was a good plan and You know you can see now some of the nether words starting to grow and you get that really nice Rich red color, which is just gonna pop out like You will get this nice pop of color as you’re wandering through here. I think that’ll be really good So I think it’s time to jump into the comment or question of the day And this one is from sports fan one, and he asks or maybe she asks either way they ask are you ever going to? Do a minecraft modded survival that you will never end the world like this one so in other words am I ever going to do a modded survival series that will never end and the answer to that is no and the reason for that is because Modded works, this is not where I put books mod. It works a little bit differently Unlike vanilla where when a new version of Minecraft comes out you can update and you can keep the same world because of the way that modded minecraft works it’s almost impossible to keep the same world when you go between versions of Minecraft, it’s Maybe it’s possible, but I have never found a way to do it consistently especially not with any sort of mod pack That’s a little bit larger Furthermore mods are not necessarily supported forever someone who makes a mod could You know decide they don’t want to make mods anymore, and then they have a mod that just never gets updated again And there’s still bugs and all that kind of stuff So you can’t rely on on a mod for ever and ever and ever and ever to continuously receive updates There’s just too many things that With modded do not lend themselves to an infinite series I mean even even just though the world itself I have ever managed to play in a modded world that didn’t lag eventually I Mean if you put enough time into any modded world at least with the way that I played modded minecraft with a lot of technical mods and stuff like that No matter, what eventually you’re gonna hit a point where the world just can’t handle it anymore You know you run into some serious lag spikes and or or to the point where the game is basically just unplayable if you spend enough time Or you can run into issues where there’s like chunk corruption the list goes on and on and on there’s just too many things that Could potentially go wrong in a modded minecraft world Not to mention we would be stuck in one version of Minecraft forever I mean, can you imagine if I started a modded series in like Minecraft 1.3? and I was still playing it now like I Can’t I couldn’t do it some people some people do I know like tin foil chef for example on hermit craft He enjoys older versions of Minecraft I don’t I like being on the latest and the greatest that’s why we always play in snapshots and all this other kind of stuff so I Will never do a modded world that lasts forever? Let’s put it that way now with that said I will have modded worlds. I will probably Be running some sort of modded minecraft series on my channel at all times or almost at all times And there are certain mod packs that if it’s my own body pack that I created I will Remake it essentially for later versions like for example. We did There was a mod pack. I made called design tech, and I did a season 1 on that and then I eventually Updated and remade that pack and we did a season 2, maybe like a year later or so so something like that may happen But I had to start a new world because there was a bunch of new mods, and the old world wouldn’t have been compatible That’s just the nature of modded minecraft, and it is what it is And I’m totally ok with that but in answer to the question No, I will never have a modded world that lasts forever because it just wouldn’t work so There you go that is gonna. Do it for today’s episode though guys We are out of time for this one so my friends if you enjoyed the video You know what to do links in the description below, so check that out as well Otherwise my friends. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. ShiningLeopard27

    Hey people, I recently got this channel recommended to me, so I'm kinda new here, if any1 could sort of explain things for me, thanks in advance😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  2. General Smith

    Dear Mr. Wels Knight, I would like to Suggest A theme for your separation of the Kingdom Groups, as well as some lore. you should make names for the kingdom groups (Nations). Nations can have various kingdoms, like how countries can have individual cultures. Your two Nations can have a Canada-America Relationship, and you can build off that for future seasons. Sincerely, General Smith

  3. Sixty Watt Sunburn

    Wels, what if you did a system relating to your story that the other kingdoms are on a different continent in which you go and "conquer" those other lands. The conquering idea would be that you could go and capture the lands for your present kingdoms and finish them and add on to them, but you wouldn't actually change the main essence of the kingdoms.

  4. Caroline Pelfrey

    Wels instead of having to get resources every episode just have a fan do it. I'm sure anyone of them would love to help you including me. BTW I saw this comment from someone else it was not my idea. Ilysm wels biggest 12 yr old fan and ur my biggest inspiration

  5. Gianna Hogen

    In the future, I think you should convert/combine one or both of the nether fortresses, and make a kingdom in the Nether – that would be really cool

  6. Sol Zen

    Have you thought about adding Custom NPC, to your world. It doesn't change world, and even if you update and it's gone, it wouldn't mean the end of your world since it's just adding NPCs. Custom NPC would work well with the whole kingdom thing.

  7. Gamer Z

    Hmm this texture pack looks oddly familiar cough bdubs cough but honestly tho it really looks like it and if its the same with some edits (water and glowstone) you should mention if its his or not

  8. Caleb Mc

    Welsknight I am a huge fan I have watched every episode since altum was started and I want you to build some sort of magic kingdom that has all wizard things and magic

  9. kristin bruce

    I've watched ur survival series kingdoms for a while now and I've never seen you do a nether based kingdom with nether terrain you always say how each kingdom has to tell a story so what if it was that they were the bad kingdom

  10. rashkavar

    So an apothecary is essentially a pharmacy, though it often applied more to someone (or their business) that supplied a doctor with supplies, rather than a medicine dispensary for the patient directly. The key difference is that an old style apothecary expected you to know what you were buying. A pharmacist assumes you don't. (That said, there are modern businesses called apothecaries that are actually pharmacists and just using the name because it sounds cooler.)

    They also suffer from the same sort of reputation issues as herbalists and pawn shops. A few apothecaries didn't just specialize in medicines, but also poisons. Not just the kind where a dose puts you to sleep, 3 doses means you don't wake up – stuff that had no medical application and was just meant for poisoning. Most of them were upstanding businesses intending to heal, but a few bad apples got them a bad reputation for selling dangerous goods. (Much like the few herbalists who were actually doing witchy things like poisoning people and/or conducting pagan/satanist rituals ruined the reputation of many good, upstanding Christian herbalists who even medieval Europe should have been totally OK with, and how the odd modern pawn shop that fences stolen goods has ruined the reputation for the entire business of second hand goods.)

  11. Helbereth

    As a chronic world restarter, I'm really enjoying this series. It never occurred to me that I could pick up and move to another corner of the same world and essentially start over from scratch with just a few amenities. The next time I think of restarting, I might just try what you're doing instead; if nothing else it'll keep my list of world files from becoming exponentially larger…

  12. VOID 14

    i will just tell you i think you could change the gold to gold bar stacks
    the armor to be more historically accurate
    the iron blocks to be a white brick
    and the glazed terracotta to be logos for the kingdoms

  13. Wild Goat

    Thank you so much for showing some roof building! I really struggle with roofs. I hope by watching this I can try new things with my buildings now. Yay!

  14. SuperSpatman

    Is there a difference in Ghast spawn rates between pc and ps4? I play on ps4 and i can't move 5 blocks without another ghast spawning near me. Whenever I watch the Hermits play, hardly any ghasts ?!

  15. S350bluetec _

    I wish I watched this series when it was going on because he could’ve put slabs in the corners. Mobs can’t spawn on slabs.

  16. Avery Ring

    tbh as much as i dont like vanilla glowstone, yours is kinda… dull? idk maybe its just cause i dont like yellow but it doesnt really gel with me.

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