KmOcd S2E07 – Future state (Keybounce’s Minecraft Overkill Construction Disorder)

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to a
long overdue episode of Keybounce’s Overkill: Construction Disorder. This episode will be
a talkie, while I finish building the minecart elevator. First, I want to apologize for the long gap.
I will do my best to make sure this does not happen again. Second, I can now state that I understand
the issues of running a multiplayer server as compared to running a single player world.
I’ve also come to understand that a multiplayer world does not mean that you cannot play solo. Looking back, one of the biggest changes in
my world was the decision to switch to multiplayer so I could play with a friend, Alex Zang.
Many things have come out of that. Overall, I think it was the right decision, but I also
think that I need to treat this more as a single player world that has other people
playing in it at times — like an “Open to LAN” world, rather than as an “only play with
friends” world. So, where am I at this point, and what’s happening
now? Back in episode 203, in version 125, the big thing was that the new base had been
built by Anon Firefly and Alex Zang, and the central staircase needed to be replaced with
a high speed elevator. I tested a variety of up and down systems; the one thing I did
not test on the down, that probably would work perfectly, was vines; unlike ladders,
they have no collision box, so you cannot hit them and die, and they slow you down.
But vines cannot support the minecarts that are needed to go up. That episode ended in
132. In the process of building, the iron supply got used up. Episode 204 was some mining
in the caves; then, 205 was the start of a trip to Twilight Forest, to rob a hollow hill
of iron to resume the building. 4 sessions later — the first two produced and uploaded,
the third lost, and the 4th to be uploaded, from version 132 to 145, twilight forest versions
11 through 13.2, and now there is enough iron to finish — and, as you can see, I’m working
on that now. And, I’m trying to schedule a 4 or 5 person session (well, at least three)
to finish off the silverfish infestation that still exists in the hill. So what happens next? Our forest has a number
of issues with being developed over several different revisions of the mod — it is now
at 15.1 — and I’ll attempt to wipe all the chunks that are not in this hollow hills base;
if I can’t get that to work, the whole forest will be wiped. And, the next thing to deal
with is Mystcraft, and Custom Ore Generation. Many of you will know about Vanilla Minecraft’s
ore behavior — no matter where you dig, you find stuff, and there’s no reason to go searching.
Digging down lower is always better than digging higher. Digging at 10 and 11, dodging lava,
in a straight line is the best you can do. I hate that. Custom Ore Generation gives a
choice of Veins, or Clouds, and veins are at different height levels, and works much
better. I have been thinking about this, and while I want to have us building stuff in
the overworld, there needs to be a reason to go elsewhere — so I will probably set
up the configs to give more ores in Mystcraft ages, using them for mining, as well as clouds
in the Twilight Forest — just so that there is a difference between the various worlds
that we can mine in. And this is a point to consider — do we set
up the overworld to use veins, which will give us many extra tunnels when dug out, or
clouds, that will give us a few large rooms? A quick look over the config seems to indicate
that about 4% of chunks will be the center of emerald clouds in the extreme hills, and
the base is pretty much in landscape dominated by extreme hills — so that would mean one,
perhaps two cloud rooms in the area of the base — assuming I find them. Very likely,
yes; guaranteed, no. And while there’s a lot of ocean chunks around, lapis has drastically
lower generation. So clouds in the overworld would pretty much force us to use ages or
the forest for mining, while veins would give us some overworld resources. I plan on giving
clouds a try, and if we wind up being totally frustrated, going back to veins. Note that
this really hurts iron — clouds of iron are only found in cold biomes, and there are NONE
within reasonable distance of our base. As I said, if we are totally frustrated — and
there are both Twlight Forest hollow hills and clouds, and Mystcraft ages — we can go
back to veins. I have two old construction episodes to produce
and upload. One is our overkill wheat farm, and the other is the half overkill doorbell.
The wheat farm works; it only depends on water flow. In fact, with — was it 132, or 142
— a bug where the water flowing down would destroy objects was finally fixed, and that
actually made it perform better. I want to convert the top of it to a completely overdone
mushroom farm. Every lets play series needs an overdone pointless project, whether it’s
a boat to planks sawmill, or something else. The doorbell, however, depends on redstone,
and doesn’t work properly. More on that in a moment. I took a look at Direwolf’s current season.
I had heard that he was using Mystcraft, and wanted to see what he was doing with it. Instead,
I see him building 9×9 rooms with automation and tech mods as the primary focus, and magic
mods as a secondary focus. I won’t do 9 by 9 rooms. I’ll just say no.
I like to build stuff with the landscape, not against the landscape. I build in caves,
in mineshafts, etc, because for me, part of the challenge is to work with the existing
landscape, and fit into it. The south wall of our hill has plenty of places for me to
work. Many places in the old island are cramped; several places in the landscape were altered
by Alex during his early days of “I’m just going to do this”, and I did just make those
bigger. And while I’ve managed to get him out of this behavior, I’m looking forward
to working down in the mineshaft and hillside without major alterations like that. This does not mean I won’t build rooms or
cavities. Depending on what happens with the mineshaft, I may not need to. As I said, “Part
of the challenge”. For some things that I want to do, such as that wheat farm, I need
a smooth canvas of solid blocks to dig into; the almost complete lack of caves in the base’s
hill is why we chose that hill in the first place. I’m not yet decided on using a nether
hub for linking books and portals, or if I should carve a “launch room” in the base.
Some things will need tall rooms, more than the 4 or 5 meters that I can find in naturally
occurring caves; more than the one or two emerald and silverfish clouds turned rooms
I expect to find while mining. Other things can be above ground. The sheep farm that Alex
built underground did not behave any better than the above ground one, and is seriously
short on grass. Now that sheep don’t have significant leaks, I’m going to actually make
one work; I’ll probably fix up the old one on the island, and leave Alex’s for him to
play with. Equally, I’ll probably put cows and chickens on the island, just to have them
out of the way. And, I still need a few large cavities for “statues” and other decorations
— and there’s one good looking one under the ocean that needs to be lit up. Regarding redstone and automation: I’m looking
forward to 1.5. I’m looking forward to redstone devices and circuits actually working properly
in multiplayer. You’ve probably seen my doorbell; it worked perfectly in 125 single player,
and nothing later. The whole problems with circuits and loops in 1.3 pretty much made
me give up on non-trivial redstone. While 1.4 works better, it still is not nearly good
enough. Fixing the doorbell into the original planned overkill — using instant wire to
send the door signal deep into the caves and mines so I would know when to head home, is
probably pointless if I do move to the new base. So, it’s probably going to stay half
finished, although I will finish the off-timer to force it to reset. Beyond that? For 1.5,
I will be using redstone, hoppers, and droppers; I will be doing something with inventory cleanup
and furnaces, something with automatic sorting. I don’t know what can be done in vanilla yet. If you don’t know, I dislike automation. It’s
not that I can’t do it. I could put in computer turtles and program them to play the game
for me. I could design grinders, or gravity falls, or anything of the kind — but then,
I may as well just fetch stacks of supplies out of TMI (Too Many Items) or NEI (Not Enough
Items). I’ll use those to recover from game bugs and game problems, but I am going to
play this game. The only thing I cannot get in reasonable quantities without a grinder
up til now has been gunpowder, and with the new witch huts, and attacking witches, suddenly
there is what looks to be a reasonably workable source of gunpowder. And there really isn’t
any other need for a grinder. Of course, that means finding brand new swamp chunks, or getting
McEdit to unload existing swamp chunks. Or ages. Probably Mystcraft ages. I don’t like the behavior of villages, villagers,
and trading. I’m really hoping that 1.5 sees some sort of fix to that behavior; if not,
I will make something to exploit it. There really is no reason to try to do fair trading
with villagers right now. I’m not sure if I’ll be using it for emerald blocks, or what. Now for another topic: Donations. I am going
to ask for donations, but that does not necessarily mean money donations. What I’m going to request
is stuff to help my channel out. What is being offered to donors is either dedication plaques
in the tree farm — and yes, this means getting Lost Relto set up in this world — or mining
veins. I won’t be offering tunnels in the branch mine, because we’re not going to be
doing that. COG makes it pointless. There will be actual veins in ages, and the overworld
if we get too frustrated with clouds; there will be cloud sections in twilight forest
and overworld. And, on the topic of ages, I’m also going
to let donors write books. Yes, I said, let donors write books. Until the symbol learning
overhaul comes out, we work with creative mode notebooks. And the question of what’s
a decent world to make is a serious question. So, I’m going to let the people who help the
channel out with their time decide what to put into the books that we will play with.
So if you want to see us playing in highly unstable ages, you can. Or, if you think we
need to work with something else that isn’t unstable but has some other point of interest,
let us know. I suspect that viewer written ages will be one of the more popular aspects
moving forward. And, it’s something I’m looking forward to. I sort of imagine “An Idiot Abroad”
type of “Ok, go here to this place, and do such-and-such” type of things. So what am I looking for for donations? I’m
looking for people to transcribe episodes, for captions. I’m looking for people to provide
helpful and useful advice for building and exploration, or editing. I’m looking for people
willing to play “Find the base”, and download our world map — and locate the hidden new
base whose coordinates we have not revealed. If you help publicize my channel — just get
three people to subscribe — that counts. And, if you want to send me money, you can.
I’m really very flexible here — my primary goal is to drive the channel. Help with the
series, and you can get a plaque in the tree farm, a mining zone, your name on an age,
or perhaps you have a better idea. On the subject of videos, I have two new techniques
to try, to try to make them come out faster and with less editing work. The first is a
mod that gives in-game recording support, that in initial testing manages to maintain
about 20 fps at short, to short plus 32 render distance. If this does work, that’s sufficient
to film caving and building — let me know if you think this episode is sufficient, for
example. The second approach is a better way to mix my voice audio with the game, to speed
up my editing. Sadly, it will distort colors a little — reds, such as the nether, go grayer,
and greens, such as grass, go darker. I did find an editor that will do this without distorting
colors, but it wants to make a 90 thousand Kbps temporary copy using an Animation codec
— and 90-plus gigs of temp space for a 48 minute source recording is really hard for
me to work with, especially considering that I’m usually working with 2 to 3 hours of source
recordings. To put this in perspective, Quicktime Player normally records at about 24 thousand
kbps for motion jpeg, and even apple’s intermediate codec is around that same level. 90 is overkill
even for me. I normally find that 6,800 kpbs lets me have near-perfect playback quality
of a minecraft recording during editing, with no loss of quality. One more, low priority item that I’d like
feedback on. There are a number of very interesting survival or construction challenge maps that
I have considered bringing in as ages. Doing so would be done in a non-damaging manner;
a “disarm” book into that world, so I don’t bring anything unearned into the challenge,
with a normal linking book back home. If and when I am able to (eventually) make a normal
linking book back into that challenge world, then I can and would bring normal supplies
in. This would permit playing those challenges, without having to rebuild everything from
scratch. I hate having to rebuild pointlessly. Note that I cannot do this for any challenge
map that uses a nether, or special custom rules, without some serious work — there’s
a nice one, zombie island, that is supposed to be played with mob griefing off, for example;
and there’s the new ocean block that has a custom nether. On the other hand, there’s
at least two good-looking “Continental Discovery” maps for my next Overkill concept. Finally, and now something that is important:
Mod blocks in the overworld. Up until now, I have had a 100% pure vanilla overworld for
blocks in the world. Items from mods, yes; blocks no. If a mod does not update, and we
move forward, we want things to continue to work. That was the original idea. For example,
shelfs, worked in 125 single player, and has died since. Since then, there is something
kinda important: I want to build with the colored wood and redrock from EXBL. Seems
simple, right? Not only do things like fences, gates, etc. require depending on Custom Stuff
2, Scott Killen has confirmed that EBXL 4 has a very good chance of no backwards compatibility
at all. While that may not be until August, that means that in 6 or 7 months everything
I build will become full of holes. So … do I risk being forced to say “Start over”? Do
I put construction with EBXL or twilight forest blocks in ages? Should I stick them in pocket
dimensions? — that’s a nice new mod, by the way; small finite dimensions basically big
enough for one construction project each. Do you viewers have any recommendations? Well, that’s the current status of the world.
I will be regarding it as 75% my personal world, 25% our shared world, at least until
summer. That means more solo play, that means simpler, and faster but less editable voice
recordings. And, as I said, let me know if this is good enough video quality, especially
those of you that watch 480p on youtube — I normally view YouTube at 360p, and can only
tell that the source looks worse this way, with no clue about the final result. Alright, thank you for watching, thank you
for listening, and please leave your comments and feedback. My goal here is to entertain,
and your responses help. Have a good night. Thank you. Bye bye.

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